Twitter Marketing Bloopers That Must Be Avoided

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When it comes to Twitter marketing¸ brands have been making effort to reach out to more consumers.  Some of them even opt to buy followers, just to gain the competitive advantage.  However, their marketing strategy has hindered them from achieving the full potential of Twitter for their marketing because of several mistakes in their approaches.

Here are some of the bloopers that must be avoided in Twitter marketing:

1.  Spams and more spams

Brands with unsolicited bulk advertisements is something that Twitter followers will surely want to avoid.  Though there are times that in Twitter marketing you need to tweet a particular post a couple of times since people are of different time zones. Still, brands can limit the number of times they are posted.  Another way of doing it is to rephrase the tweet to make it appear different even when they have the same message.

2. Absolute advertisement and no socialization

Twitter is a social media and not an advertising media.  Therefore, tweeting messages that are obviously in a hard selling approach are often avoided.  Not only will it drive away potential followers but also it can also cause you to lose your existing followers.  After all, some of these marketing tweets may be considered spam. To prevent this, you might as well focus on more interaction with consumers hence, making subtle marketing approaches that will make them feel that you are there to help them find solutions to problems and not sound like you are merely selling products.

3. Too many messages that everyone can see

Some twitter followers are not aware that there are private messages.  Failure to make one will make all messages directed to everyone.  And as the conversation goes deeper, it will end up making too many messages for everyone to see.  Therefore, it is important that if you want to talk about stuff in private, send it through private messages or direct messages as it is called in Twitter.

4. Wrong Timing for Tweeting

One of the failures that brands make is when they make their tweets on times that there are no audiences.  Though some followers may still find them if they dig dipper form the past messages, the bottom line is that you tweets are wasted because they are less likely visible to them.Unless you buy followers, you won’t gain any new followers if you make this mistake.

5. Not maximizing Twitter’s full potential

Even if you buy followers, one’s success in Twitter marketing won’t be realize unless you have done the right marketing strategies necessary for growing your business.  Find better ways of engaging with followers that will prod them to respond to your brand.

By avoiding these mistakes, you can maximize one’s presence on Twitter especially when you avail of the option to buy followers.If you commit these mistakes several times in the future, you won’t be able to maximize these followers for your Twitter marketing.

6 Benefits To Maximize When Brands Have More Followers

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When it comes to online social, Twitter has become one of the most preferred social networking sites that people are using.  The factor of gaining more audience is one of the main reasons why brands are taking measures in gaining more followers.  The increase followers Twitter can encourage engagement that is necessary for their social media marketing.

more followers

Here are some ways that can help brands increase followers Twitter and to maximize their Twitter marketing campaign:

1.  A great tool to gain information

In spite of being a micro blog, Twitter can still be a powerful source of information especially news.  With this, brands can post links of informative websites, blogs and news.  Through these links, a brand can gain more followers especially if they can provide well the necessary information that most users are looking for.

2.  Enhance personal brand awareness

Brands can utilize the social network of Twitter to establish their presence in this media.  Furthermore, being found in such social media will help the users be more aware of the brand’s existence thus they can get information on what brands can offer that can be of use to them.  In addition, brands who engage well with their consumers in a subtle marketing approach are likely to increase followers Twitter.

3.  Get input from consumers

Since this is a social media and social interaction is the priority activity of brands, this can be the best platform for brands to get feedback from consumers.  If they can address the necessary concerns as well as answering all the inquiries of consumers, they can be able to develop ways to improve their products and services to can benefit both brand and consumers.  In addition, brand will most likely get more followers this way.

4.  Tool for hiring human resources

Aside from interacting with consumers, brands can also use Twitter as a way to get the right people to be part of their company.  By tweeting about certain positions that are in need of human resources, followers who are in need of job can surely find opportunity through Twitter.  Also, brands can increase followers Twitter from these job hunters who could be interested in joining their company.

5.  Social media marketing

Of course, establishing a brand’s presence is not all of what Twitter can offer.  Though never in a hard selling approach, brands can use Twitter to promote their products, services as well as special promotions and offers to their followers.

6.  Attract more traffic to website

Tweets about blogs, special offers, contests and other valuable information that are ultimately directed to a brand’s website can greatly help in drawing more traffic to their website.

With these benefits of using Twitter, brands can surely take measures that can promote engagement with consumers.  Furthermore, the benefits can be maximized once they get more followers.

5 Reasons WhyBuy Twitter followers

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For brands as well as for certain individuals, having a lot of followers is very essential in building a strong online presence on Twitter.  With this need, certain methods are being implemented in order to achieve this goal.  However, it is a fact that in order to get more followersit has to go through a long process and may take a lot of time before the desired number of followers is achieved.  Therefore, this is the reason for brands or individual why buy Twitter followers.

Buying Twitter followers is one of the best alternatives to achieve a lot of new leads for brands.To further understand the question why buy Twitter followers; here are the things that will happen if such option to get more followers is undertaken.

1. Effort to find followers is reduced

There are many means of getting more followers.  However, it has to go through a series of process.  Furthermore, these processes need a lot of work as well as time for monitoring its progress.  Also, several methods may not work well with your methods hence; it may undergo a lot of adjustments before the desired results are achieved.  This is the reason for brands why buy Twitter followers.

2. Higher number of followers increases credibility

For most Twitter users, the number of followers plays a crucial role to determine if a person or brand is worth following.  After all, with a large number of followers, one can say that they have established the credibility to be worth followed by a lot of users.

3. The faster way of increasing the number of followers

Similar to the amount of effort given, the duration to attain the desired results is the reason why buy Twitter followers.  This means that a Twitter can increase its number of followers in just a few days after the purchase.  Furthermore, it bypasses a lot of the long and tedious processes and you get more followers faster.

4. Cost way lesser than advertising

Advertising can play a role in increasing the number of Twitter followers but the cost for it could be the downside.  Whatever media used whether on print, TV, radio or even on the internet, depending on one’s budget if they can afford to avail advertisements to let people know that they are on Twitter.Purchasing followers on Twitter gets you the desired number of follower as well as additional benefits.

5. Increases once popularity

By common sense, it is understandable that when you have a lot of followers, a lot of people have come to know you.  This means that you have gain the necessary popularity to be worthy of being followed.  Purchasing followers can achieve this impression hence luring more people to follow you.

When you think about it, the purchasing of followers has become the best alternative to get more followers faster, lesser effort and increase the scope of your social media market.  Furthermore, this shortcut methods works well even for new individuals or brands to kick start their Twitter experience.

Twitter Applications To Use to Increase Followers On Twitter

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Ever wondered the amount of time people invests in the quest for the best Twitter apps that they want their repertoire? The time is enormous. That is why there is a need to enlighten everyone with the best and the most useful Twitter applications doing the rounds. These are briefly explained below, including how you can use them to get more followers or increase followers on Twitter.

A gentle reminder about the perceptive nature of these recommendations and reviews of the applications listed below. These reviews can wary from person to person but this has been an effort to provide the best possible list of applications.

1. PicoBuzz—this one is a really funky application and as the name suggests, it collects the data of tweets being tweeted and provide this list to its user.

2. Twi8r—this application comes in handy when you are in a need to translate shorthand or a stenographic text to English and performs the same function the other way round as well.

twitter applications

3. Madtwitter—this is a sort of notification alert provider. It is very useful as it would suddenly pop up from the bottom right of your desktop when there is a tweet being posted. It also has an option of opening the box for you to write a tweet.

4. Tweetwhatyoueat—another innovative and pretty helpful application. It is a virtual food itinerary and a food guide. This will remind you what to eat and helps you tweet about your meals.

5. Flotzam—is a multi-functional, multipurpose and multi-dimensional application designed to create a balance between all your latest updates and notifications on various platforms such as Twitter, Facebook, Flickr, Digg, blogs, etc. It will help you get more followers from various sites.

6. @trackthis—this application is one of the most valuable to increase followers on Twitter. It actually tells you the exact location of the sender that has to reach you from somewhere. It can track and then tweet back to you with the desired results.

7. Twitthis—this one is surely up for grabs as this is the best way to advertise a web page. There is an option of using this application on a webpage of yours, an application known as the Tinyurl will convert the http content of your site into a smaller and a descriptive address. This smaller URL can then be distributed to friends and friends of friends through tweets made on Twitter.

8. Twiiterholic—Enables you to rate the Twitter user through its pre-defined algorithms and is a famous application among the users.

9. Twiends—another one of those handy applications that helps you find friends on Twitter that share same interests with you and live in the same country as you do.

10.  Twitpic—an important application to have. This one helps you to share and upload pictures of your likings and creation onto the Twitter website.

These applications can surely help you get more followers. To increase followers on Twitter, you just need to know how to utilize these apps for your best interest.

Why Brands On Twitter Fail In Social Media Marketing

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Social media marketing is the way for brands to harness the potential of taking the advantage of the social network for their business.  However, some brands on Twitter sometimes fail to see some important aspects of how it is really done in such environment.

Here are some reasons why the effort for social media marketing campaign of brands on Twitter has failed and measures to avoid them:


1.  Less or no socialization at all

Social media is all about socializing.  Though marketing can be made in Twitter, socializing is still one of the most important activities that brands must do on Twitter.  To gain the popularity and earn the interest of consumers, they need to interact, discuss, create a buzz and have fun with Twitter users in order to gain more followers.

2.  Product promotion is all they can tweet

Of course, product promotion may be one of the reasons why brands on Twitter want to market themselves on Twitter.  However, having only promotional tweets could drive away existing follower as well as potential followers.  Such kind of tweets will only give the impression that you are only there to sell product and not interact with them.

3.  Ignoring inquiries from consumers

Twitter is an outlet for consumers to keep in touch with brands hence, brands on Twitter must take this opportunity to use Twitter for customer service.

4.  Refusal to accept mistakes

If ever there are mistakes done, it is better to accept it especially when they are legitimate.  Furthermore, acceptance can help bridge consumers together because it will give the impression that brands do listen to them and want only what’s best for them and gain their trust.

5.  Not giving value to followers

Brands must see to it that they their followers feel that they are important and valued.  Giving out special discounts and perks as rewards to loyal followers will help improve the consumer and brand relationship.  If followers are not given importance, they may unfollow you and lose any potential sales from them.

6.   Aiming for only personal gain

If you only aim to only gain sales while being on Twitter, you won’t be able to harness the social aspect of being in this social media.  Instead, you should take effort and time to make consumers feel that you are there for them for their needs.

7.  Products are worthless

If your products don’t even have the quality to be marketed on Twitter or any social media, then you might as well forget about marketing.  Brands must also understand that consumers want what is best for them and if your products or services won’t benefit them, and then it is a waste of time.

Knowing the right way for brands on Twitter to properly utilize the social media is very essential if they want to succeed in this media.  Therefore,