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Get Twitter Followers For Online Marketing

Posted on: December 27th, 2011 by Carrie Drisko No Comments

Twitter has become a very popular micro-blogging website. Many are joining the site everyday for its simplicity and ease of use. Even celebrities use Twitter to convey messages to fans. It is also used for business and marketing purposes. Different companies and organizations use Twitter to spread the good news about their products or services. In relation to this, it is but imperative to get Twitter followers and we’ll show you how to do so rapidly.

Online Marketing through Twitter

This is the age of marketing. If no publicity of your product is initiated, there is no guarantee that your business will succeed. Publicity and marketing will attract more consumers to buy your product, especially with online shopping becoming more popular day by day. There are people who prefer to stay at home purchase products through Internet.

Online marketing through social networking and bookmarking sites will definitely help your business. And among such sites, Twitter is one of the most popular. Millions of updates are posted on Twitter. If you already have an account, try pausing at the homepage for a few seconds and you will see how rapidly the updates change.

How to Get Twitter Followers Rapidly

To be successful with your online marketing quest through Twitter, you will need a huge follower base. It will in turn increase the number of viewers who will see your tweets and eventually drag them to your website or product. As promised, here are several ways to get Twitter followers rapidly.

1. Post unique topics around 3-4 times daily.

2. Post funny and off topic tweets occasionally.

3. Place comments on other people’s tweets.

4. Follow everyone interested in your product or service and they will most likely follow you back.

5. When someone follows you, give a welcome message and follow back.

6. Reply to inquiries of others.

7. Take part in regular chats.

8. Try to initiate a chat with other successful persons.

9. Use an attractive avatar photo on your profile.

10. Keep your Twitter profile always updated.

11. Spend quality time on the site, look for interesting posts and re-tweet that for others.

12. Post topics and make them look interesting enough for your followers to re-tweet them.

13.  Learn local time differences. Know when it’s time to be online. It’s best to be active when most followers are logged on.

If there are steps which you must follow get Twitter followers, there are also those which you shouldn’t. Here are some:

1. Avoid using bots or software for automated responses which don’t make sense most of the time.

2. Do not hesitate to retweet your follower’s tweets, they will appreciate it.

3. Never post annoying nor offensive tweets.

4. Do not worry about people who are not yet following you. Rather, devote yourself and post quality tweets for those who are already following you.

As with any other endeavor, you should spend quality time to get Twitter followers too. Following the do’s and don’ts listed here, you are sure to gain more followers rapidly for your business’ online marketing campaign.

Common Factors Why People Don’t Get Twitter Followers

Posted on: December 21st, 2011 by Carrie Drisko No Comments

In Twitter, having followers is very important.  After all, they are the primary audience of your tweets.  Furthermore, they are the people whom you interact in this social platform. But for some Twitter accounts, owners might notice that they barely have any followers.  And for people who utilize Twitter for their online marketing, this is no doubt one of the failing scenarios that need to be avoided. If this happens, it is advisable to have a thorough assessment on possible reasons why you failed to get Twitter followers.

Unfortunately, there are Twitter users who are not really aware of the correct ways of using Twitter as well as how to attract others follow their account.  To give a clear idea of the potential reason why one can’t get Twitter followers, here are the common mistakes that might contribute to this lapse.

1. Profile Picture Bloopers

To better establish an identity, it is important that you should have a profile pictures.  Failing to upload an appropriate profile picture will give an impression that your account is a dummy.

2. Blank or Inappropriate biography

In spite of just having 160 characters for this information, this is very essential because this will be the location where you can introduce yourself to your potential followers.

3. No Website

Not having a link to a website outside Twitter is a contributing factor that drives away potential followers for perceiving yours as a dummy account.

4. Followings are greater than followers

Indeed following the accounts of your desired followers could be one of the ways to get Twitter followers.  But if they don’t follow back after several days, then it is best to unfollow them before it gives a wrong impression to your potential followers.

5. Too much broadcast messages

Indeed Twitter is a good place to tell people about your blog and other news but not to a point that these are your only Tweets.  You also need to do other forms of interaction hence enticing more interest not just to your tweets but also to your blogs and news.

6. No Interaction with other Twitter users

If your usage for Twitter is similar to a bot and not have any form of interaction with your followers and other Twitter users, then this will definitely lose your potential and existing followers.

7. Excessive Sales Tweets

Of course, you can use Twitter to market your products and services.  But if your Tweets start to become an all-out sales pitch or an advertisement with no creativity to make it subtle, then you are likely to lose any potential followers.

8. Imbalanced Updates

The frequency of tweets should not be excessive if not too few.  Having a moderate frequency of tweets will sure attract followers.

Now that you know the common reasons why you don’t get Twitter followers, avoiding these will really help you.  But if you want to have more follower in a very short span of time, then you might as well buy Twitter Followers.

Tips To Lure And Get Twitter Followers Made Easy!

Posted on: December 8th, 2011 by Carrie Drisko No Comments

Most people who want to get Twitter followers have rather one idea in mind and that is to lure in their targeted market. But I know that get targeted followers isn’t that easy so better grow a random following first before you build your own Twitter niche-focused community.

But the question is, will it be really that easy getting twitter followers, even random ones? There are so many tips concentrating on how to target this and that but often these tips opt out the general requirement in getting twitter followers.

Here are some made easy general tips worth which may be your ticket to get twitter followers.


Post ads about your products but be subtle about it. People look at straightforward “buy this” advertising as unpleasant. If you want to get followers on twitter then make a strategy in your tweets. You can schedule the content and type of your tweets, so you won’t appear predictable and boring.

Write blog posts about your site

Write blog posts through other guest posting sites and talk about your product. Then tweet about it with the link. If the blog site that you wrote your guest posts in is reputable then people will look at you the same and then you will get twitter followers quite easily.

Join groups

This is somewhat a very good method of getting exposures in bulks. Come to think of it, if you can manage to get included in groups then you have more avenues of getting twitter followers for naturally each member of the group has followers that you can lure in. The good part about groups is that they would not mind.


Strategic planning will get Twitter followers to fall into your lap effortlessly. Give discounts on your merchandize. A reasonable discount will do enough to make the prospective buyers take the plunge and make a buying decision.  Example is a gimmick that goes like this, “Buy two, get one free!”  That is hitting two birds with one stone. You get to increase your twitter followers as well as your sales. But the crucial part is the balance between profits and loss (discounts). You would not give discounts if you know you will not get any profits from it.

These tips are simple but very effective. You can get Twitter followers utilizing these tips. Whichever decision you make at the end, it’s all up to you. Remember your goal before you opt for any strategy of getting twitter followers. You might be losing your grip on what is important if you don’t keep a clear mind to your target.

Twitter Arrests: Watch Your Racist Tweets

Posted on: November 10th, 2011 by Carrie Drisko No Comments

Some people just never learn.  By now everyone knows that social media is a good way to get yourself into embarrassing situations and even legal troubles.  Yet people continue to display the most intimate details of their lives and memorialize them forever with no regard to the consequences.  You are what you tweet people.  Now your tweets can get you arrested if they are racial in nature.  One slur and you are in the slammer.  Do you want to know how to get twitter followers fast? Just retweet a racial tweet.

Two teens were arrested in Britain six days ago for making racial slurs on Twitter.  They had some undesirable colorful words exchanged and in case anyone has yet to figure it out, racial slurs are not considered free speech.  It is not clear if this case will go any further, but naturally Twitter closed the offenders account once it was reported.

Did this really result in arrests?  Yes two police officers arrested two teens in Northumbria for “suspicion of malicious communication.”  Since they are teenagers, their names have not been disclosed.  If they had been a bit older, the lynch mob of the internet would have destroyed their lives by now. Racist words are not included under free speech? No. Not in Britain obviously.  Apparently, words of this nature are “hate speech” and are considered a crime.

The racial tweet was directed at a Newcastle United football player after he uploaded a pic of his black shoes.  The offender tweeted “Your hand is nearly the same colour #n****r.”   Not cool, however who knew such a tweet could get you arrested?  The football player retweeted the message and apparently was able to get twitter followers fast to report the incident.  As well, the football player’s school administration reported the incident to the police which resulted in an arrest.

The involved teens clearly exhibited hate and racist speech and had the nerve to broadcast it to the whole world.  Hate speech is one of those gray areas in the law and making it out as an offense varies in every jurisdiction in America, and definitely in other countries.  The same applies to racial slurs. Many racial words are used as slang that can be found all over Twitter. However, they must be within the proper context which has to be clear as day, if there are such things in racism. I don’t think there is, since it is in the Twitter ToS (Terms of Service) that tweets containing racist sentiments must have their account closed if reported.

So better, watch what you tweet!  People get into trouble all the time with the use of their innocent words.  Those 140 characters are very powerful and can cost you a job, a relationship, and can even get you arrested.  It is easy just to spot off something and forget about it, but always remember, once it is on the internet it can never be truly removed even when it is deleted.

Optimize Your Twitter Content For SEO – 5 Ways You Must Learn!

Posted on: September 7th, 2011 by Carrie Drisko No Comments

Several people are talking about how one’s Twitter page can be seen on Google search engines, like web pages are? The reason why people are very eager to know, is because, Google will give higher value to your blog links if you know how to optimize it. Now, is it possible that your content on your Twitter will be indexed if you optimize it? I bet it’s possible. Try to read the content below and learn how to improve your content on Twitter.

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Tip #1 – Catchy Headers

One part of the content that your readers will notice is the title. If you create content and you want it to be noted immediately, then make sure the title you provide on your content will grab the attention of your followers.

Tip #2 – Quality Content

No Question to this. The higher quality content, the more people will read your article. Having an interesting title is a great plus to attract readers but the quality of your content is more important than anything else because even if you got a unique title but your write-up is unlikable to read, then it will all be useless. And the worst, your twitter will be ignored or blocked.

Tip #3 – Striking Images

A picture can express more than words can do. Try to pick an image that will awaken the interest of your readers and that will speak itself about the entire post. But if you don’t want to post a photo on your content then it’s OK as long you write up the best article you can ever have for your site.

Tip #4 – URL Shortener Services

301 redirect. It is an efficient way for webpage redirection. If you want to share your links that redirects to your site, use URL shortener services for the reason that it passes keyword link extract to your site when you shared something. Examples of URL Shorteners are and

Tip #5 – Keywords

One of the reasons why some contents appear more on the first page of Google search results is because of the Keyword. When you link a keyword, make sure that you are redirecting to a topic or page that is relevant to what you are writing so give your audience more insight.

It’s not really hard to optimize your content for Twitter SEO. In fact, following these steps will be a great help to change (if misguided) your way of optimizing your content.

The tips above will also help you on how to get more followers twitter so learn more about it and apply it on your content for twitter and obtain thousands of followers on twitter.