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Social Media Face-Off: Check Out The Hottest Showdown Online

Posted on: September 6th, 2011 by Carrie Drisko No Comments

Social media continue to grow in a very fast rate around the world. All social media platforms are competing from the total number of users, features and more. Recently, Shanghai Web Designers produce an infographic of the world’s top social networking sites.

Do you want to know who’s in and who’s not? Well, here is the list of the top 10 Social Networking Sites for the year of 2011.

1.  Facebook

Users – 750 + million

Estimated Monthly Visit Rate – 550 million

Market Share – 64.69 %

Facebook was launched in February 2004, Founded by Mark Zuckerberg, Eduardo Saverin, Dustin Moskovitz and Chris Hughes.

2. Twitter

Users – 200 million +

Estimated Monthly Visit Rate – 95.8 million

Market Share -1.11%

It was launched in July 2006, Jack Dorsey along with Noah Glass, Evan Williams and Biz Stone are the people responsible in making the said network. People on twitter get more followers by simply following one another. Making the community grow rapidly.

3. Bebo

Users – 117 million +

Estimated Monthly Visit Rate – 7 million

Market share – . 37%

Bebo was launched by Michael Birch and Xochi Birch in July 2005.

4. Myspace

Users – 100 million +

Estimated Monthly Visit Rate – 80.5 million

Market Share – 1.10%

Myspace was launched in 2003 by Thomas Anderson and the team.

5. LinkedIn

Users – 100 million +

Estimated Monthly Visit Rate – 50 million

Market Share – 0.40 %

LinkedIn was launched in May 2003. Founded by Reid G. Hoffman, Allen Blue, Konstantin Guericke, Eric Ly and Jean-Luc Vaillant

6. Tagged

Users – 100 million+

Estimated Monthly Visit Rate – 30 million

Market Share – 0.79%

Tagged was founded by Greg Yuchang Tseng along with Johann Schleier-Smith and was launched in October 2004.

7. Hi5

Users – 80 million +

Estimated Monthly Visit Rate – 27 million

Market Share – 0.46%

Hi5 was launched in June 2003 and founded by Ramu Yalamanchi.

8. MyLife

Users -62 million+

Estimated Monthly Visit Rate – 6 million

Market Share – 0. 37%

This social network was launched in February 2009 and founded by Jeffrey Tinsley.

9. MyYearBook

Users – 20 million+

Estimated Monthly Visit Rate – 12 million

Market Share –0.43%

MyYearBook was launched in April 2005. It was founded by Geoff Cook, David Cook and Catherine Cook.

10. Meetup

Users – 7.2 million+

Estimated Monthly Visit Rate – 8 million

Market Share – 0.39%

Meetup was launched just this year last January; Scott Heiferman is the Co-founder of the said social networking site.

The infographic shows only the number of registered users, visitors and market share. It is been said that 70% of internet users are active in social networking. Even marketers do the same, study shows that 9 out of 10 marketers promote their business by suing social media.

Recently, the search engine giant launched its social network Google+, which is now the hottest topic online. Google+ includes several features that earn positive comments from the community. With the presence of this new social network, it is expected that there will be another social media showdown that will rock the world wide web.










False Gunning Reports on Twitter, Is Social Media Reliable?

Posted on: September 5th, 2011 by Carrie Drisko No Comments

Twitter seems to be the fastest information sharing social network with its 140 character limit. Making it the most ideal venue for short posts that can be links, personal information and news. In fact, the use of #hashtags is prevalent in being utilized as breaking news search tags.

Last August 26, it was reported that 26 road accidents and panicked parents surged toward schools on the South-Eastern City of Veracruz due to false reports of gunmen attacking several schools and kidnapping children.

It was a certain private school teacher, Gilberto Martinez Vera, who tweeted, “Mу sister-іn-law јυѕt called mе аll upset, thеу јυѕt kidnapped five children frοm thе school.” This was retweeted by a radio presenter, Maria de Jesus Bravo Pagola. However, Pagola defended that she just retweeted Martinez. In fact in her statement she protested, “How can they possibly do this to me, for re-tweeting a message? I mean, it’s 140 characters. It’s not logical.”

Now these two, are facing 30 years in prison terms for using twitter in spreading false reports and inciting fear and panic.

This is not a new scenario as Twitter has been used for nefarious reasons such as the Riot in Manchester last month, which was incited by Jordan Blackshaw and Perry Sutcliffe, who were both sentenced a prison term of four years.

Is Social Media Reliable Source of Information?

My original concept of Twitter is, it is a social media platform where people share information, get more followers on twitter for marketing or popularity and basically get friendly, maybe get involved in a harmless argument or two. It has never crossed my mind that using social media like Twitter can cause all this chaos and can be used to mislead people.

With all these disturbing scenarious, questions arose like,is Twitter and other social networking sites reliable source of information? Should they be trusted or doubted?

Because of people’s dependence on these social sites, they are a fair target to scams, hoax, false and misleading informations and other dangerous ways people can think of to create trouble on the internet.

In which case, it is a matter of being scrutinizing on the primary source of the information. Don’t immediately believe what you see in social networking sites. Always verify with websites that have authority over legitimate news. Check on these people and find out where they got the news and ask for a link. Or if it is a breaking news on your local, ask what TV or radio station it was aired.

These are the drawbacks of social media, especially something like twitter, where information is passed on so fast and news are typical content. It pays to be wary and cautious of people, especially those you don’t personally know.

In addition, if you happen to want to get more followers on twitter, make sure that you chose people who are reputable. Who knows what information they might feed you. It is the same thing with following, select those who you think are a reliable and useful source of information. This would steer you away from circumstances such as mentioned above.

How Effective Twitter Marketing to Business – Get More Followers Twitter

Posted on: September 2nd, 2011 by Carrie Drisko No Comments

In the world of business today, the most common strategy they use is by using social media network. They use it as a tool for promoting and advertising their products. The best thing that twitter has is that, within the update box, there are only 140 characters you can use to send status updates. This may seem impossible to think, that few words can make your business successful, but I tell you, there are lots of business people have turned into prudent individual in business industries.

One of the most important things to achieve the success in Twitter marketing is to get more followers Twitter. I’ve listed the reasons why business people choose twitter to market their niche.

  • Direct contact with prospective customers

Once you obtained a lot of twitter followers, you may start to know them via @mention and/or direct messages to earn friendship with them. Later on, you can turn them into your potential customers and treat them as if they are V.I.P.

When you’ve already earned their trust, you may now introduce your products and services to them. If they have issues, it will be easier for you to contact them and talk about it. Isn’t it convenient and hassle-free?

  • Promote products and services

Twitter is the most powerful tool to promote your products and services because most of the people are using twitter and active on it. Interact with other twitter users to get more followers twitter and begin the real business.

The best thing in Twitter is that, the advertising of products is for free yet very effective in increasing your market sales.

  • Get information about customer’s issues

If your buyers have issues with the products you are selling or services that you offer, then it will be easy for you to entertain their issues and resolve right after you get the tweet containing customer’s concerns.

  • Can announce updates about products and services easily

The sending and receiving of message in Twitter is very much convenient that is why if you have something to say regarding your niche, then it will be easy for you to do that and effectively get response and attention.

We all know that having a business is a bet whether it will achieve success or not. But finding ways is the best thing to do to gain the triumph that everybody wants for their corporate. Don’t stop searching for best strategies that could take you to the top and surpass your competitors.

Buy followers from Twitter suppliers

  • The reason why most of the entrepreneurs choose this method is that, in every thousands of twitter followers they bought, they only pay less but the benefits are unbelievably more than the price worth.
  • You will no longer search for people that will be interested with your niche because the providers will be the one to deliver it to you without sweating your forehead.

*** The main thing that you need to do before you buy twitter followers is to make sure that the company you choose is trustworthy, reputable and reliable. That’s a wise choice from a astute business man like you.


Be Active In Twitter Trending TopicsAnd Get More Followers Twitter

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Updates about celebrities, sports, disasters, TV shows and etc. are all can be found in Twitter. One of the hottest topics this month is about Soccer/Football. If you are one of those people who joined the red-hot trending topics in twitter, you may get the latest real-time updates about it and obtain a huge number of following specially those who are active on that particular topic.

Every day or every week, we can see the changes of the top trending topics on twitter. It is the proof that the topics on twitter will change from time to time depending on how many twitter users interact on the certain topic. Here are the facts that may give you an idea how to get more followers twitter via intermingling in #trending topics on Twitter.

Fact #1 – Make friends with Twitter users who have similar interests as you

Those tweets in the Trending topic is made by real people so it is very much possible for you to contact them via @mention and talk about the topic you and him/her are involved. This way, you can do a little conversation which may lead to friendship and that’s a good start to capture them and earn their trusts.

Fact #2 – Get More Followers Twitter

Because some people of that same topic became your friends, they will start to follow you and expect a follow back from you. Of course you should follow them back and welcome them in your zone to make them feel comfortable to stay. By doing that frequently, you may gain a lot more followers on twitter which is a great benefit for you.

Fact #3 – Increase Sales for Businesses

If you own a business and you are always involved in the hottest topic on twitter, your visibility will increase, acquire a lot of visitors and followings and slowly but surely, introduce them the brand you are marketing and increase your businesses revenue.

Fact #4 – Increase web traffic

If some visitors from the Trending topic you are involved will visit you, they’ll go to look at your profile. If you are lucky to not forget to put the link of your website on your profile, then it will be clicked by your visitors and it will lead to increasing of your blog or website traffic.

This is also the reason why bloggers and website owners create an account on twitter because they want to get a good ranking on google.

When you are planning to get more followers twitter, make sure that you take the advantage of using @mention, direct message, trending topics and other tools for your advantage to obtain new followers on twitter. I know it may sound difficult but it is just sounds like that, try to join the most talked topics on Twitter and you’ll surely get the number of followers you wish to have.

Give your best shot to achieve your goals on Twitter and other social media sites. Think of the best strategies to get more followers twitter and don’t stop on researching. Don’t give up and be one of the firmest.

5 Ways to Get More Twitter Followers Swiftly and Increase Market Sales

Posted on: August 31st, 2011 by Carrie Drisko No Comments

Twitter is a network where-in business people and customers connect in real-time. Customers can choose what businesses to follow and find out about the products they manufacture and the services they offer.

Because of the intensive growth of Twitter in social media, people are starting to find a way to get more twitter followers fast. Regular users and business people have different reasons why they want to have a lot of followers but they only have one aim, to share their tweets to their followers.

For those who want to know how to get more twitter followers the speediest way, read the tips below which can help you in growing you twitter followers as well as your businesses.

1. Order followers from Twitter providers

There are lots of twitter follower suppliers now where you can order various twitter follower packages. Each package contains thousand/s of twitter followers in exchange for a little amount of your money. The very first thing you need to do before ordering is to find the best twitter supplier that are trustworthy and then you purchase the desired numbers of twitter followers for your account.

2. Socialize with other social networking sites

Google plus, Facebook, LinkedIn, and Youtube are part of social media sites and if you have the accounts of these sites, you can take advantage of the friends of those particular sites to get more twitter followers on your twitter account.

3. Ask non-followers to follow you and convince them that you are worth to be followed

I bet there are still lots of non-followers who are not yet following you. You can browse the followers of your existing followers and ask them to follow you and tell them about you and what you’re up to in Twitter community so that they may understand your purpose on Twitter.

4. Update twitter account regularly

Twitterers won’t follow you if you don’t update your twitter regularly so to convince them that you are worth to be followed, you must tweet frequently and make sure that your tweets are related to the products you are marketing and/or related to the twitter theme.

5. Follow people with the same interests

One of the most efficient ways on getting more followers on twitter is to search for people with similar interests as you then follow them. Later on, you’ll notice that your followers are growing every day. Be persistent in doing the method and you will surely achieve the number of twitter followers you aim for you twitter account.

If you are eager to get more twitter followers in a very short period of time, why waste for other methods if buying of twitter followers is the most effective way? There are lots of entrepreneurs have grown already and there are lots of people became famous because of that very technique. If you want to be like them then don’t think twice in using that procedure and become 1 of the millionaires.