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6 Ways To View Old Tweets

Posted on: October 13th, 2011 by Carrie Drisko No Comments

Do you a remarkable tweet last six months about how to get twitter followers? Or a memorable tweet for your special someone perhaps? Do you want to read them at this moment? In user are not allowed to view tweets older than ten days, unless you are a creative tweeter. Good to know that there are other sites that not just provide how to get twitter followers tips but also way how to view old tweets. In fact, you can even download their services to search beyond twitter history.

Here are some of them:

1.       TwimeMachine

This is one of the simpler ways to read your old tweets once you are signed in on twitter, TwimeMachine will pull your old tweets in a single page. The tweets are arranged in a revers chronological order, meaning from the most recent to the older entries. More than this, TwimeMachine can’t do anything; in fact, it is only allowed displaying 3,200 tweets.

2.       Snap Bird

Snap bird is considered as a powerful tool to search tweet history. With snap bird, it is possible for you to view your older tweets since from the day you start using twitter. To view old tweets, you only have to enter your twitter username and leave the search term blank to get Snap Bird to pull up all the tweets. At first, you will get 200 tweets, and you can continue 200 more at a time.

Snap bird not just tracked old tweets, but it is also capable in searching people favorites, your friend’s tweets, the tweets that you mention, the messages you sent and received.

3.       Tweet Scan

Tweet scan is capable of tracking your tweets back in December 2007. You can also choose to view just your old tweets or include @replies, friend’s tweets, your follower’s tweets, direct messages and your favorite tweets.

4.       BackTweets

If you want to search tweets with links on how to get more followers on twitter BackTweets can do it for you. For free account, you don’t need to register. You can search tweets with links even back in two years.

5.       FriendFeed

Lots of people synced their tweets to FriendFeed so it is possible to search and find some old tweets. With FriendFeed, you can use an advanced search to specify the search terms; however you are not given an authority to filter the results by Twitter.

6.       Topsy

Using Topsy you can search tweets back in two years. Using the advanced research you can search tweets in a particular time, with or without keywords. You can also filter them by hour, past day, past 5 days etc. Topsy is also capable in searching tweets with links, photos, and any items that mention your tweets.

Aside from these services, the most accessible place to search old items is the search engine like Google, Yahoo and Bing, provided that you know a certain and the most specific keyword about your tweets months ago for a more specific results.

Top 10 Twitter Etiquette You Should Practice

Posted on: September 26th, 2011 by Carrie Drisko No Comments

What’s good about twitter is it is an open nature. Anyone can join and express feelings. However, some are not using it properly like spammers and other form of annoying twitter users.  Some people are using twitter for promote themselves excessively, which is not favorable to other twitter users.

It is always important to practice online etiquette to avoid annoying twitter followers attract interesting twitter followers. Here below are 10 twitter etiquette users like you should remember.

1. Keep personal conversations private

Indeed, you can post personal tweets and reply on post but remember to use your better judgment. In case you want to stress something personal just send it privately to prevent the crowd from seeing it.

2. Do not talk too much about yourself.

Twitter is definitely a good place for self-promotion but too much is not good anymore. Make sure that your tweets include both self-promotion, information and invite conversation. If you talk too much about yourself, people will think that don’t care about them, and you are not interesting in building relationship.

3. Give credit to your source

Don’t take credit for merely an opinion. Always acknowledge the source. Use the @reply feature to give credit.

4. Use a URL shortener

Take some seconds to use a URL shortener. Super long links are annoying to look at.

5. Avoid automated services

Automated services can be viewed as ‘spammy’ as much as possible try to avoid this idea if you want to build an intimate relationship among your followers.

6. Be watchful with your language

Think twice before you post on twitter, remember anyone can see it. Maintain a good image online by posting relevant and informative thoughts on twitter. Be careful with your words, this is the best way how to get followers twitter. People on twitter will appreciate your thoughts and will follow you to know you more.

7. Do not start the fire.

Debates are good when they are done in a healthy matter. Avoid arguments and indecent conversations, if you meet some escape as early as possible. Keep these kinds of thoughts out of your feeds.

8. Block spam followers

Once you notice that someone is following you illegally, do not wait for a long time to make action. Block spam followers, they are not worthy in your world. Make twitter a better place for you and for the rest of your worthy followers.

9. Don’t tweet too much.

Over-tweeting is not good. Only tweet those useful information you have. It is a great addition to your credibility.

10. Promote other people

Twitter is not all about you, the best way to build good relationship on twitter is to promote other people. Retweet interesting post and also share interesting links and articles.

Social networking is totally fun and exciting. The best way to enjoy this type of network is to consider not only yourself but also the people around you. Do not be self-centered, it won’t help you.

How To Handle When You Send Message By Mistake On Twitter?

Posted on: September 21st, 2011 by Carrie Drisko No Comments

As social networking is getting popular, most people almost spend their whole life facing their computer. On twitter the most common activities people are doing are posting updates, commenting on tweets, following people, marketing and even seeking for ideas how to get twitter followers to have more.

As human, we are prone to make mistakes. Most probably, you are fun of sending messages on Twitter openly or direct, and maybe you‘ve been so clumsy lately that you send a message to a wrong person or you’ve been a wrong recipient perhaps. Actually, you can take control of such an awkward moment by deleting incoming and outgoing messages as fast as enough before it will be scattered into the network.

Our inbox is truly a sacred place for us, yet it is also a place where we get frustrated because of flooding spam messages, massive marketing details and other things we are not sometimes interested in. If this happens to you, here’s the best way to do:

1. Log in to Twitter

2. Click on Messages

3. Select on Conversation

4. Lastly, choose the message/s you want to choose.

By doing this command outgoing messages and incoming messages will be permanently deleted.

There are really times that we are carried away by our emotions that we tend to send the message to the wrong person. This is very embarrassing, especially when you are talking about some personal things, and you accidentally send it to your business partner or worst to your boss.

Why deleting them is important?

Simply, to save you from embarrassment, if you don’t want to be the topping of every story online or in your workplace that will possibly ruin your reputation or worst you can be the cause of trouble delete the message as fast as you could. Whatever you do online, there is always a possibility that some people will see and take it seriously or retweet on it even though you didn’t mean it to happen. Deleting wrong messages is very important, especially when you send it openly on Twitter.

What to do when you send the message to the wrong recipient?

The moment you realize that he or she is not the right person to receive the message make a move right away before it will be scattered like wildfire in the network particularly if it is an open message, in the case you are sending a wrong direct message or private message good for you because once you delete it there is always a chance that other people won’t see it, specifically when you act fast enough.  Once you delete the outgoing message in the conversation section of your account it will automatically be deleted from the recipient inbox.

How to avoid such an awkward moment?

It is truly inevitable to make a mistake, for you to avoid such an awkward moment just make sure you are not emotional high or low when you are sending messages. Sometimes our emotions can truly drive our mind, and we tend to be unconscious sometimes of what we are doing. Do not forget that once you are online, lots of eyes are watching on you. Just be conscious all the time, it will help you maintain your online reputation.


Infographic: How Human Live In The Digital World?

Posted on: September 19th, 2011 by Carrie Drisko No Comments

The world is getting digital every day, and everything we do it has something to do with technology. Today, it looks like social media is what makes the world goes round Do you want a proof? Here’s an infographic that shows how social networks become a part of every human’s life from the sun rise to sunset:

1. 35% of Smartphone users boot up apps before getting out of bed.

2. 10% of people get news updates in the morning from their computer than newspapers.

3. 51% of working people do research online as part of their job.

Research is very common, especially online marketers and people who work on the field where it truly requires researching. The internet plays a great role in several industries nowadays. Not just working people are making online research but as well as typical people. If you frequently asking yourself how do you get twitter followers, for instance, the internet is the best place to locate your answer.

4. 3 out of 4 people are talking on the phone while on the road driving and 64% are texting on car.

5. 70% of students are using computers as class notes.

Laptops are very common to students nowadays, instead of bringing notebooks and pens in school. However, using gadgets as class notes are also the source of distraction, because instead of listening to the discussion some are updating their status and commenting on photos.

6. About, 56% of workers watch online videos during work hours, including news clips, viral videos, sports news, movies and pornography.

7. 40 % of people are using their phones even in the bathroom.

This is not new and probably you are one of this 40% who can’t get their phones out of their hands even in the toilet. Updating status, tweeting and blog commenting are the common things people are doing.

8. 50% of American people prefer to communicate digitally rather than face to face conversation.

This infographic is like telling that soon people will not talk anymore and just let a gadget do all the things, quite weird but not impossible to happen.

9. 60% of people watch TV at the same time they are using the computer.

It sounds very power consuming, though the computer is very popular, TV is still a great place to watch several stuff, making it people to do turn the computer and TV at the same time.

10. Keeping ourselves in touch with our online friends and countless things online doesn’t stop even when the sun set. Study shows that 83% of young people sleep with their cell phones next to them.

The internet, social network like Facebook and Twitter is somewhat what makes our life complete. In fact, there are lots of people who feel upset every time they can’t access their online accounts; missing any notification is truly a crime for them.

Too much obsession is not good, especially when it comes to the point that you can’t breathe without the internet. In life, moderation is always important.

Top Twitter Fashion Accounts You Shouldn’t Miss

Posted on: September 16th, 2011 by Carrie Drisko No Comments

This week on Twitter is all about fashion. Lots of twitter users are very obsessed on what is the latest trend in fashion, especially women. For those you don’t have any idea what twitter account to follow that is updated about fashion, here are most followed fashion accounts on twitter you shouldn’t miss.

1. @manrepeller

Read us [Mahn-Ree-Peller] – when it comes to what’s hot and new in fashion this account is the place to be. “Outfitting oneself in a sartorially offensive way that will result in repelling members of the opposite sex. Such garments include but are not limited to harem pants, boyfriend jeans, overalls (see: human repelling), shoulder pads, full-length jumpsuits, jewelry that resembles violent weaponry and clogs”- is the account definition.

2. @iwantigot

Anita Clarke is the founder and editor, of “I want, I Got” fashion blog. She is one of the most prominent fashion writers in Toronto. The “I want, I got” blog talks about a thing simply about things she wants and things she got. Clarke was names as Toronto Mille Femmes in 2008. Her exceptional concept about fashion made her known in the field she’s in.

3. @KarenBritChick

Karen describes herself as “an Englishman in New York as the lovely sting would put it.” She grows up in London, yet trying to find herself. She moved to NY where best places where to shop. Karen twitter account is updated about fashion with big and nice background pictures that shoppers will really love to visit. A dreamer from London finds her heart in NY.

4. @FinalFashion

The Danielle Meder final fashion account is all about the fashion trend theory and creative path for smart people. Meder creates illustrations for designers, art directors and private clients. She worked with Canadian department “The Hudson’s Bay Company and Canadian National publications such as “The Globe and Mail” and “National Post.”

5. @tavitulle

Probably, she is the youngest fashion icon on twitter. She is only 15 but already have 33,784. Tavi Gevinson owned a blog “Style Rookie” which she started making in 2008 the blog looks sophisticated. Tavi has been featured in New York, Pop magazine; French Vogue and Teen Vogue all are fashion magazine. Even in her young age her fashion style is remarkable, if you will follow her, you will surely know.

Twitter not just helps people to connect with each other and to keep updating about the latest issue in politics but also a home for creative people in the world. Through twitter, it will be for people to showcase their talent and let the whole world know about their existence.

If you are wondering how do you get followers on twitter, the only way to do is make yourself simply exceptional online.

Twitter increases its traffic by 32% in 2011, no wonder why lots of advertisers are encouraged to promote their products and services online. Twitter makes the world smaller to reach potential customers.