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Hollywood Celebrities Who Hates Twitter Your Idol Might Be One

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We all know that Twitter is the home of famous and aspiring celebrities. Perhaps you read lots of articles that showcase celebrities’ tweets and the number of followers they get. Now, here’s the new one, the list of famous celebrities who hate the social-networking site, in fact, some of them didn’t even create an account.

Unfortunately, not all celebrity Twitter accounts are real; most of these accounts are made by some obsessed fans. Although, this site is made for good but there are lots of people who abusively used it. Privacy is the common reasons why celebrities hate to be present online.

Here are some of Hollywood celebrities who find Twitter very annoying:

1. Drew Barrymore

If you remember Drew was also on the list of Facebook boycotters and now she is present in Twitter boycotters again. Drew Barrymore even told the public live that she doesn’t care to know what Twitter is. She preferred to advocate the old-school technology than embracing the latest trend that cut off her privacy.

2. Kanye West

The person who can’t shut his mouth off is also devastated about Twitter. He shows his distaste by tweeting in caps lock together of colorful curse words.

3. Jennifer Aniston

Aniston is also on the list; her procrastination with Twitter has something to do with her relationship with John Mayer. Mayer spends great time on Twitter that makes him too busy not to get in touch with Aniston. Jennifer Aniston got fed up with John because of his tweeting priorities that made her decide to quit.

4. Matthew McConaughey

Next in the line to Drew Barrymore is Matthew McConaughey, he also stated that “Man, that Twitter deal, that’s pretty bad, right? “ McConaughey has some privacy issue. For him, being on Twitter feels like announcing the whole what you are doing even it has something to do with your personal life.

5. Rachel McAdams

Just like any other stars who don’t care about Twitter, Rachel McAdams really don’t care that much about Twitter, in fact, she just knows it recently. Though, many times the public saw her with her laptop, maybe she just loves the gadget not the network. However, there’s a lot to do aside from social networking.

6. Zac Efron

Maybe you are sick and tired of searching for the heartthrob’s Zac Efron Twitter account. Well, he don’t have any, Efron even said that “I don’t have a Twitter, MySpace, or a Facebook or anything like that. I kind of value in people not knowing where I am or what I’m doing’.-Efron statement implies about privacy which he really treasured.

Most people on Twitter used photos of famous celebrities and even pretend to be the real-one to get a lot of followers on twitter which is very unfavorable to fans who’s dreaming to keep in touch with their idols. In spite of the fact that Twitter is considered as a home of famous personalities it’s inevitable to know that there are boycotters too. Well, after all it is their decision, and they meant to be respected.

Twitter: The Real Story Behind 140 Characters

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Recent infographic shows that twitter is the fastest growing-social network. Recently, Jack Dorsey announced that twitter users reach already up to 100 million and counting. Most of twitter users are finding for the most effective way how to get a lot of followers on twitter to become sensational online. Twitter is not just an ordinary micro-blogging website it is also used for marketing and a good source of news.

Twitter had been through several challenges before they reach the ground where the company is standing right now. You probably know twitter just by now but don’t have any idea how it started. Below here are sneak peeks about how twitter was founded and the things it has been through before it becomes an internet sensation.

Here is the real history:

- An ex-Googler Evan Williams startup called Odeo- this is going to be a podcasting platform. Evan asked his ex-Googler name Biz Stone, to join him. During the launching of iTunes podcasting by Apple, which made Odeo podcasting platform irrelevant. Evan and Biz and Jack Dorsey decided to make something called twitter instead. Upon knowing this, Odeo’s investors didn’t like the proposal but Evan make it to the point to get their vote by buying back all the stock. Twitter was really implemented through an entrepreneur named Noah Glass and the history begun six years ago.

- Noah owned a product where a person can call a phone number, and it would turn into a SMS. Evan Williams is a former Google employee who was more involved with Odeo; in fact Odeo was moved from Noah’s apartment to Williams.  Williams able to acquire a new house and decided to make his apartment for good use. They started hiring employees who are Web designer names Jack Dorsey, Blaine Cook an Engineer. Evan Williams was the Odeo’s CEO that timed.

- When Apple release iTunes which happened also to be a podcasting platform, Odeo’s future becomes unclear. During that time, there were only 14 people working full-time in Odeo. Williams being the CEO told his employees to start coming up with new ideas for Odeo’s new direction because they believe that podcasting is not for them. The companies broke into a group and start making ideas.

- Jack Dorsey is considered as one of the stars of the company. His idea about messaging becomes the root of twitter.  He is known as the creator of Twitter. Dorsey’s idea was simply a system where someone can send text one number and would be broadcasted of all of his friends. During that time Evans doubted about the Twitter’s potential, and he just let Noah Glass to work the project. Noah and Jack were very excited about twitter but Evan and Biz don’t feel the same way too.

- By March 2006, Odeo had already a working prototype of Twitter and in July fortunately TechChurch covered twitter for the first time. Since then, Odeo’s employees started to get obsessed of twitter and since then twitter users started to grow.

It is quite funny to know how twitter evolved into a micro-blogging site and a famous social-networking site in our time.

Twitter Fake Accounts: Are You Sure You Are Following The Real One?

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We all know that Twitter is the dwelling place of most celebrities. In fact, this is the common place of refuge for obsessed fans to connect with their idols and be updated about their lives. Twitter has now 100 million users and this includes well-known people from government, celebrities and common individuals and people with great thoughts.

Inevitably, there are several fake twitter accounts yet they earn several followers. Some consider them good while others feel bad for them. Here is some best fake twitter accounts you shouldn’t miss and their best tweet.

1. @darthvader

“Saw X-Men: First Class. Meh. Can’t stand prequels that retcon perfectly good plot lines”

Don’t be intimidated, he is not the real deal, especially when you are loyal to the official Star Wars Twitter Account , of Darth Vader, but this account is considered as best on twitter.

2. @Queen_UK

“Just once, can’t they play some Queen?”


After the royal wedding, there is sprouting number of fake royal twitter accounts and this account is one that amuses the public. In fact, there is another fake royal account which is William_HRH. Yes, it is through the Queen Elizabeth has a social network account, but with total restriction with it comes to accessing.

3. @falseSteveJobs

“I may not be following you on Twitter, but if you have an iPhone…

Don’t worry he is not the real Apple guy. His former name was @ceoSteveJobs. The FalseSteveJobs account always provides satirical commentary on the latest Apple news.

4. @BronxZoosCobra

“Of course! I’ll just use the Jedi mind trick to escape. “I am not the snake you’re looking for.” # maythe4thbewithyou

When this account gets available on twitter the public becomes very eager on its tweets.

5. @FakeAPStylebook

“Thorough research is the key to quality reporting. Read the ENTIRE Wikipedia article before writing your story.”

For all grammar nerds and word buffs out there you will surely appreciate FakeAPStylebook twitter account.

6. @Lord_Voldemort7

“#BigMistake Killing Cedric Diggory. If I only knew he’d be resurrected as Edward Cullen”

A quote from fake Voldemort, of course the Harry Potter Dark Lord doesn’t exist physically.  He is just a fictional creation on J.K. Rowling book series Happy Potter. Don’t get scared with this account he won’t give you a spell.

7. @God_Damn _Batman

“Second best part of having a broken TV is that Robin couldn’t see the American Idol finale. Best part? The look on his face when I broke it.”

A tweet from the fake Dark Knight superstar. Guys do not change your perspective on Batman after all this is not him.

It is funny to know that most people only used famous stars names as a trick how to get lot of twitter followers. However, they succeed. This type of practice is made for several reasons some made it for fun yet some made it to damage once reputation. Now, that you know that there are lots of fake twitter accounts, be careful in searching for people you want to follow.

How To Earn Money On Twitter? –Find Out The Answers!

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There’s no person in the world that doesn’t want to earn money. That is the reason why people use the internet because easy money now can be searched online. People who are good at writing articles can earn money from articles, and people who are hooked in Facebook can earn money from it too. Even videos in Youtube, and everything in the net that you love to do may give you benefits. How about Twitter, can we make money from it?

We all know that Twitter is one of the most popular social media today. It is a tool where people can connect with other individuals in different part of the world. But how could we really earn money from it? Together let’s find out.


It is a site where you can join and earn money every completed opportunity. The more followers you have in your twitter account, the more opportunity you can get. So before joining, earn at least a thousand of twitter followers then sign up Sponsoredtweets.

John Chow, one of the most followed blogger, has $117.65 price for having 46,629 Twitter followers. But that was year 2009. How much more when the number of his followers on Twitter will increase? How much income would he get per tweet?


Unlike sponsoredtweets, Revtwt will get paid per click. But there are other options to get paid. You will also get paid by CPT or Cost per Thousand followers ads into your Twitter timeline. In CPT, you need to have minimum number of specific fans on Twitter so that you may post the particular ad tweet.


It is a network where advertisers and twitterers join for their advantages. Advertisers will join the site, add a campaign and select twitterers to tweet about their campaign. The twitterers are those who tweet magpie tweets from advertisers. It’s an opportunity not only for twitterers but also for advertisers, so whether you’re a marketer or just a plain twitter user, join this site now and make the most out of it.

Paid Review

This is a method that can help you earn money. It’s like a direct advertising system. You’ll get paid for tweeting about products, services or even people’s talent or skills. The fee for every tweet depends on the deal you agreed upon.

Sponsored Contest

There are some advertisers that host a contest to get feedback from millions of users on Twitter. So if you got hundreds of thousands of followers, these advertisers might pick you to run the contest for them. For example, the advertise sells deodorant named “Flowlessly”, advertiser will instruct the chosen twitter user to tweet, “How do you define “Flowlessly” deodorant and why you like it? The best answer will get the price.” Sounds good, eh? Before you tweet the contest, the advertiser will pay you first.

There are actually lots of ways to earn money online especially on Twitter. Since advertisers pick a twitter that has a lot of twitter followers, before you join the 3 sites that I mentioned above, you must learn how get more followers on twitter to obtain a lot of income.

Free Tips on “How Do You Get More Followers on Twitter?”

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The majority of website owners and bloggers were using twitter as their tool to connect with the twitter users to spread out the message about their site and content to all the users of twitter. Twitter is a powerful system which people can use to associate with people, get great information and share your thoughts.

Recently, Twitter added some features that users become more interested in using twitter. Live activity stream can now be seen in twitter. You will now know who your followers are following. Just this week, @Mention was replaced by @username. @Replies can still be seen here and some activities like someone is following or retweeted your tweets will also be shown here. In the new “Activity” page in Twitter, you and your follower’s activity will appear here in more detailed than the @username page.

Now that active users in Twitter have obviously grown, Twitter thanked all the users that supported them and helped them grow. Non-users of twitter and newbies were inspired in using Twitter and they asked, “How do you get more followers on twitter?” to get numerous of twitter users to connect with.

  • Use Third-party application

There are tools in Twitter that can help you find people you want to follow. By following lots of people in twitter, there’ll be a high possibility that the people you followed will follow you back especially if those people have same interest with you.

  • Ask bloggers to blog about your twitter profile

Bloggers and numerous site owners have twitter because they use it to integrate their blogs/sites with twitter. Bloggers use twitter buttons, widgets and other tools on twitter to get connected and to share their content with their followers and to get more followers.

  • Advertise

Advertising is one most effective way, the solution to, “how do you get more followers on twitter?” because once you’re featured in Google, millions of people in the entire world can see your twitter profile and if they find your twitter interesting then they’ll follow you directly.

  • Make use of your twitter friends

If you obtain quite a lot of friends on twitter, ask them to share with them your twitter profile to get following and vice versa. Joining forces with your followers is a great way on getting more twitter followers because other followers and theirs will follow each other’s profile and get a huge number of following.

  • Socialize with people from other social media sites

Having accounts from other sites like Facebook, Google +, Tagged and other popular social media sites is more advantage than those who doesn’t have because with these accounts, you have the power to share with your friends there your twitter profile. I’m sure those people have twitter. If they all do, then they will absolutely follow you to connect with you on twitter.

Twitter will soon become a gigantic and most popular social media. I am very positive for that because even now, they’ve grown very fast. Soon, they will rule the social media and you’ll be required to have more than a lot of followers on twitter to become a famous twitterer.