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Cardinal Rules To Remember In Twitter Marketing

Posted on: December 5th, 2011 by Carrie Drisko No Comments

Marketing is a business activity that deals with finding out customer’s needs and wants and converts these into sales.  Thus, marketing professionals are busy finding ways to create a connection between customer needs and their products.  Internet has provided an additional avenue for companies to push their wares online through websites and social networks.  Twitter is one of the biggest of such networking channels online.  Other than spamming, Twitter marketing is the ‘in’ thing to do today.

Promoting products, ideas, and services through various social networks involves creativity, sincerity, and courtesy.  It may sound very easy as it will only take 140 characters to broadcast your marketing intentions.  However, it is more than that.  There are several rules to consider with Twitter marketing.  Here are guidelines to help you become effective in marketing with Twitter.

1. Be open.

The Twitter population is following because of familiarity and interest.  It is important that you get rid of fears about being exposed to negative consequences when you reveal important details about yourself.  People are most likely to follow you and your products if they can see that you are real.  Marketing is about truth and openness and is not like what Fox News tweeted about McDonalds’ burger being only 15% beef and the rest are pure extenders.

2. Develop and maintain different strategies for your customers.

There are different ways to sell that will appeal to different customer segments.  Thus, in Twitter there are also different followers based on different interest such as freebies, discounts, and bundles.  There are several online services which can help you find followers and eventually customers based on their Interest.  Trending right now are tweets about the 2012 Grammy nominations. What a better way to reward a number of your followers who are also followers of the Grammies, with a trip on the awards night.

3. Analyze your tweets and their tweets. 

Twitter marketing is more than sending and following.  Find ways to analyze your followers so you can develop different marketing strategies for them.  It is important to identify the who, what, when, where, why, and how from your followers.  Tweets are just basically numbers when you do not develop qualitative information from them.

4. Do not forget to interact with your followers and customers.

As mentioned earlier, tweeting is more than messages.  You have to involve your followers.  There are ways to do this aside from offering rewards and incentives.  Twitter can be used as a tool for online focus group discussions, market surveys, and cross promotions.  CNN reported that high winds have caused the L.A. International Airport to cancel several flights.  This topic can be helpful when you want to engage followers to discuss what business opportunities cancelled flights can bring to different establishments around L.A.

Achieving your target number of Twitter followers to promote your company products and services is just one part of the battle.  The real war is on how to maintain them and prevent them from clicking the ‘unfollow button’, that is what Twitter marketing is all about.

Twitter News: Durex Joke Promoting Violence

Posted on: December 2nd, 2011 by Carrie Drisko No Comments

We are living in an age of modern technology, where almost the better part of our lives is spent online. Today, social networking websites like Facebook, Twitter, and the like have grown tremendously both in terms of number and popularity. They provide a platform for people from all over the world to come together and exchange ideas, information and what not through Twitter news or Facebook updates.

Twitter is known to be the SMS of the Internet and allows everything that happens anywhere around the world to reach you within seconds. You can interact, communicate and share the latest news with millions of other people around the world on a lightning-speed basis. Twitter news has made it easier for millions of twitter users all over the globe to learn about the freshest and the newest happenings with the most talked about showing under the ‘Trending Now’ section.

A very interesting yet serious controversy issue that sprang up recently on Twitter news and was immediately hyped about was the bad joke tweeted by the company Durex through their Twitter account. It is the public responsibility of the company to post in jokes with credibility. However, a huge controversy arose when Durex tweeted an offensive joke that caused a stir amongst active feminist groups in the social media world and was seen as the company’s promotion of rape and sex amongst the masses.

Responsible Representation on Twitter

Personally representing yourself over social media sites or through a PR agency, in case of companies, organizations or celebrities, you need to know the weight of responsibility you are carrying or putting onto the shoulders of your managers to represent you in front of the public. A single offensive word can damage the entire reputation that might have taken years to build. The simple offensive joke slip from the Durex Company and their delayed apology caused the credibility of the company to drop drastically and their image became one of those who promoted violence against women and rape.

This might not have been the intention of the company and just a menial slip by the PR agency managing their Twitter account but it did result in huge losses for the company. The company’s delayed apology showing up in Twitter news was too late. Their image was simply regarded as one having a lighthearted stance towards rape, which was unacceptable to a number of people. Even though nobody over the web knows you are a dog, but the way you represent yourself intentionally or unintentionally might just be enough to label you as one. Therefore, it is extremely necessary to see where you step and where your step will land you over the Internet, most specially in social network sites.

Cries of Protest: Heard Over Social Media

Posted on: December 1st, 2011 by Carrie Drisko No Comments

  We are in protest! That is the message that student protesters dresses as zombies were trying to deliver when videos of anti-government movement were aired on Twitter. In fact, owners of such evident protests increased their Twitter followers ten-folds as people poured their sympathies on the genuine quest for change. This advocacy would have been impossible to be made known were it not for social media that gave them the leverage to fight.

However, we have to question. Are the cries of protest from these people being heard? Or were they still ignored like puppies lost in the streets? Literally, these people fighting for social cause are on the streets carrying banners and placards. With social media backing them up, it is to be hoped that they will see a progress in achieving their goal.

Few years back, street protesters were brushed off as mere nuisance by the government and the corporate world.  But with the aid of people having knowledge of their plight through the wide reach of social media, these apathetic groups of people are now threatened. Perhaps Tumblr and Twitter followers even Face book fans have the power to help these people even when they are from different parts of the world.

Listed below are the following ways people, excluding Twitter followers, are protesting against some influential factions that are perceived to be oppressing or abusing the people.

1.    Running Naked on the Streets

As bizarre as this tactic may seem, it does have its own merit in proving a point and getting the higher ups to pay attention. In fact, PETA (People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals) is well known of this type of protest! Twitter followers had a fiesta with all the photos that came up, for sure!

2.     Hunger Strike

It is also categorized as a silent protest. Mahatma Gandhi made history with the hunger strike he performed while he was imprisoned. He wanted the British Government to be embarrassed by his death, if he should die of hunger in prison. There are some instances where people go into hunger strike just to let those people know that they are willing to sacrifice for the cause and that they seriously mean it.

3.     Boycott

Prohibits oneself of using or buying or getting connected to a place or an item, it means total abstinence from all the abovementioned categories. West Bank products by settlers were boycotted in totality. This brought havoc to the Israeli people and the West Bank settlers! This one is the type where Twitter followers can actually help. They can boycott particular products concerned.

4.     Noise Barrage

Creating as much noise as possible, trying to wake up the corporate world from a long time of slumber and apathy. This type of protest were being conducted with honking of cars horns, metallic objects banging. As have the Drivers and Operators in the Philippines of transport groups performed, to get the attention of the government because of oil price hikes.

5.     Petition

Often applicable for individuals to be petitioned to step down from power or a certain concern or ideal that wants to be heard or acknowledged. The Global Warming Protest that was initiated by Al Gore, to take action of crisis before it’s too late.

There are a lot more kinds of protest to date that are worth mentioning, but let us settle on this for now. So in case you have a unique way of getting your grievances heard, as Twitter followers would like to hear them as well, feel free to give it a run!

Touching Scene on Twitter, Can It Pass The Celebrity Radar?

Posted on: November 30th, 2011 by Carrie Drisko No Comments

 When we speak about celebrities on Twitter, what comes to mind are Britney Spears, Lindsay Lohan or Charlie Sheen. However, can an ordinary girl who appears hairless in a picture be considered as one? These past days twitter has been swamped with retweets coming from one single twitter user urging every one of his followers and non-followers to retweet a photo of a girl, presumably with cancer drawing hair on her in the mirror. The tweet goes like this, “if you look at this picture and not retweet you are heartless.”

The twitter username @HeyItsRemi is reportedly a California woman with 9,300 followers. However, after this heartwarming move from here her followers bludgeoned to 383 more. Maybe because her simple act of kindness in bringing attention to people afflicted with Cancer has people place her in a good light. Let us hope though, that her attempt at sympathy doesn’t have a grain of ill and hidden intention such as for the sake of getting more twitter followers. Like celebrities on twitter, we will never really know the full score on controversies around their twitter wars. Were they for real or publicity stunt for some gig that will be coming soon? We are left to contemplate that the tweeted picture is for a good cause and not for some petty reasons.

No one can really resist a little girl suffering from a grave disease hoping for her hair to grow back as evident by her drawing an imaginary hair in a mirror. That is why people were compelled to retweet the photo especially with the urgings of the tweet that will brand anyone on twitter heartless if they fail to retweet it. No one wants to be labeled as such.

The picture was retweeted for who knows how many times that it was even featured in Mashable as top two most retweeted photos of the week and came after Justin Bieber and (his) family. Talk about passing the celebrity radar on twitter, the girl even though unnamed is in line with one of the most celebrated celebrities on Twitter.

Does that mean that Twitter like YouTube has become a platform for an overnight stardom? Or is this just a rare case of outpouring sympathy to a young girl who is hopeful? We all know that twitter is not the place to seek that kind of human attribute since the site is so often associated with racist tweets and personal attacks from strangers. Hopefully, this will be the first of many to come. It does pay to bring awareness to such reality and perhaps proceed further to help the cause.

7 Conspiracy Theories That Will Increase Twitter Followers

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Each one of us has different theories about the things that matters to us.  You might not believe in conspiracy theories but tweeting about some of these might increase twitter followers for you.   Conspiracy theories are very popular that the word itself was made into a movie which stars Mel Gibson and Julia Roberts. 

Here are seven popular conspiracy theories that you can tweet to increase followers:

1.Announce to the world that the Bible is not the holy book we perceived it to be but is actually only a guide book.  A number of books have dealt with this subject and has become hugely popular like The Da Vinci Code.  Tweeting about the Bible may not save your soul but it can probably save your Twitter account.

 2.You can tweet in order to increase Twitter followers that the royals of England are a whole bunch of shape shifters.  They have the ability to turn into reptiles. Some people will think that you are not serious but definitely the thought is a curious matter to fans of conspiracy theories.

3.Insist in your tweet that Area 51 does exist and ET did not phone home, instead the alien is languishing inside one of the high tech laboratories being dissected. During its entire theatrical run, the movie ET grossed more than $300 million.  You can just imagine potential numbers of followers you can get from those who have seen the movie.

4.How about declaring that you have evidence that Princess Diana was actually pregnant with Dodi Al Fayed’s child?  The former Princess of Wales still has lots of supporters.  You can target them when you want to increase twitter followers to your account.

5.It happened in 1969, forty years after, there are still people who believed that the Apollo 11 momentous event was actually an epic cinematic event.  Conspiracy theorists dubbed it as the most expensive movie ever made.

6.JFK was one of the most charismatic U.S. presidents ever.  You might tap those people who believe that he was not killed by a lone assassin but rather there was a conspiracy to eliminate him.  His assassination is one of the most celebrated cases in history of US politics.  Several books on this topic landed on bestseller lists, your tweet on this can increase your Twitter followers.

7.Elvis is dead, Elvis is not dead might be the magic tweet you need to increase twitter followers.  Since his death in the seventies, thousands of presumed Elvis sightings were recorded in tabloid and junk magazines.  The King of Rock and Roll is still revered even by younger generations.

If you are not convinced with the conspiracy ideas listed above, there is no law that prevents you from creating one.  One of the basic elements needed to increase Twitter followers is to have interesting and thought provoking messages.  Conspiracy theories are perfect in delivering the punches that everyone needs.