Celebrities On Twitter: Reasons Why Celebrities Use Twitter

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celebrities on twitterAs people are now more connected online through social media, celebrities are also making their presence felt.  This is the reason why Twitter has become one of the most popular communication medium for actors, musicians, athletes and other celebrities to keep in touch with their fans.  After all, twitter gives them a way to tell their fans what they are up to with just simple tweets.  Hence, celebrities on Twitter take the opportunity that this social networking site gives them.

Here are some of the reasons why celebrities on twitter use the social media:

1. Connect with fans

It is a fact that without fans, there won’t be any celebrities.  Therefore, celebrities on Twitter will use this social medium to interact with their fans.  This is also one of the ways that they can tell their fans that they are real people.  In this way, they can share a connection with their fans and let them feel how important they are to them.

2. Publicity

Creating a buzz is one thing that celebrities on Twitter can use to be talked about.  As people talk about them, their names can be known by fans and haters alike.  It doesn’t matter if it is positive or negative.  What matters is that more and more people will get to know them and this can make them even more popular.

3. Update

Celebrities can use Twitter as a way to update their fans.  They could Tweet about certain projects like guest appearances as well as upcoming movies or concerts that they are working on.  As fans get such updates, they are most likely to look forward to it.

4. Promotion and Advertisement

With the network of fans that they can acquire on Twitter, they can use this social media as a way to promote whatever they want.  Celebrity athletes can promote their upcoming games that they will compete on.  Actors can use this to promote their upcoming shows or movies.  Musicians can also promote their concerts, albums and singles. Furthermore, these celebrities on Twitter can also advertise the products that they are endorsing.

5. Charity

One productive activity for celebrities is to use their popularity to support do some charity works.  Whenever there are certain calamities, celebrities can use Twitter as a way to knock into the hearts of their fans to show their support to their cause and help them help people.

There is no doubt that celebrities on Twitter can really take advantage of what social media has to offer.  The only thing they need to make sure is to have their Twitter accounts verified by Twitter to be authenticated as official accounts.  Hence, fans can find their real account apart from the fake ones and ensure that they will be followed.

How To Start Off And Maximize Twitter For Business

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At present, online marketing is never complete without utilizing social media. This is because social media can be used as a powerful marketing tool not only to reach out to a network of consumers and convert sales but also to establish an image for your brand.  To do so, you must create account on leading social networking sites such as Twitter.  Hence it is best that you must capitalize the opportunity to market you brand and use Twitter for business.

If you’ve just started using Twitter for marketing campaign, it is important to take the first step carefully.  This may be the toughest part of starting out because you are yet to establish the presence of your brand to the users of Twitter.  Here are some helpful tips that can start off in utilizing Twitter for business:

1. Build up your first 100 Followers

Followers are very essential in marketing on Twitter because they will be your main audience for your marketing.  So the first thing you need to do is to find your first 100 followers.  If you have a personal Twitter account, take advantage of your personal network and give recommendations to follow your brand’s Twitter account.  Once you have your first 100 followers, take advantage of your new found network to social with them through non-commercial Tweets.

2. Synchronize the function of your blog and Twitter account

Whenever you have a new blog about your brand, let your follower know about it through your Tweets.  Make sure to add catchy world to draw interest in clicking the link to your blogs or to your main website.  Let your Tweets be the bait while your blogs will do the business matters.  Hence it is a subtle way of using Twitter for business.

3. Exchange of follows must be avoided

As you interact with other Twitter users, there will be fellow online marketers that will offer you to trade Twitter follows. Though it can increase your followers, you might fall into a trap and won’t have productive results.  This could give way for them to flood your with their marketing Tweets that could divert the attention of your market to them.  So to avoid this from happening, stick only with genuine followers who are really after your Tweets.

With these tips, you can now start off your online marketing campaign as you use Twitter for business.  Bear in mind that the road to gaining more followers will go through a process and will take time to harvest the results.

5 Enhancing Benefits Of Customized Twitter Backgrounds

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People may take it for granted but having a personalized Twitter profile can be one of the factors of establishing your presence and identity on Twitter.  You can upload your profile picture and fill out your important details to help identify who you are.  Apart from the usual customization options, one may not realize that uploading personalized Twitter backgrounds are one of the factors that can help you attract more followers.

Having a personalized Twitter backgrounds design is one of the subtle yet effective way to presenting yourself on Twitter.  To elaborate more of what it can do, here are the benefits:

1. Improves branding

Most of the Twitter users have no idea of how Twitter background can establish one’s brand.  If the Twitter account belongs to a company, you can have a background that has the same color scheme as the company as well as the logo.  You can also include the company motto or taglines as well as images that people can recognize from which brand your profile is from.

2. Coherence

If you have existing online presence from your website, blogs and other social networking sites, it is important that the design of your Twitter backgrounds should be coherent to them.  Establishing consistency will help you be identified for your brand hence; it could attract existing followers to follow you on Twitter.

3. Identifier for your other online branding

If backgrounds can help you being identified for your brand while on Twitter, it also functions as an identifier to non-Twitter sites that is affiliated to your brand.  Also you can use the background design to show other important details and URLs of your website, blogs, social network profiles and other non-Twitter pages.

4. Personalize

When you personalize your Twitter backgrounds, you can help build up your profile to stand out from the rest.  Since you will have a customized design that is similar to your established brand, people can easily tell who you are from our profile.

5. Emphasize specialization

Having a custom background design can also be your opportunity to tell your target audience what you can offer them.  From the design of the background image, you can add up certain catchy designs that are related to what you represent or what your specialization is.  When you incorporate it to your background design, it can give them the impression of what they expect from you.

Having to establish your identity on Twitter through your Twitter backgrounds can really help build your presence.  With the benefits stated, you will are most likely to attract more followers based on how you present yourself through your profile design.

5 Ways To Be Followed Back And Get More Followers On Twitter

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If you are new and you want to get more followers on Twitter, then you might as well first know who your target audiences are. Once you are done with this, the next thing to do is to follow people who belong to a category of those people you want to be followed.  But the biggest question now, is how to get these people to follow you back?

To be followed means you have gained their trust or perhaps you have something in common that is worth connecting. Therefore, if you want to be followed back, here are the things that you can do during interaction that could help establish trust and confidence that will lead to get more followers on Twitter:

1.       Use Hash tags (#) to your Tweets

Basically, the use of event hash tags can help you get more followers on Twitter.  Words that have hash tags are usually the core keywords of the tweet.  So whenever people search for their desired Tweets of their interest, they will most likely find tweets of users that have hash tags with the words they provided on the search box.  Therefore, if you hash tag the core keywords within your tweet, people will definitely find them hence they may follow you.

2.       Retweet other people’s tweet

It is one way of expressing compliment to a fellow Twitter user for their valuable Tweets.  Indeed this can help build a connection. However, this must not be overdone to prevent the impression that it is a spam and lose its credibility.

3.       Add humor to your tweets

Once in a while, it is best to give people a good laugh on the Tweets that you make.  If they find it really funny and original, people may want to retweet them hence, adding more exposure.

4.       Be a resource person

People who are really in to twitter find the site more resourceful than searching on search engines for the information that they want to have.  If you have certain specialization that you want to share, you might want to use this resource to your advantage and tweet about them. One way or another, people who are searching for answers related to your specialization may want to know more of what you can share.  In this way, you can get more followers on Twitter.

5.       Never user tweets for selling

Twitter is created to be a social network and not a marketplace.  Hence, it is highly discourage to post tweets that sound like you are doing hard selling.  Once people find tweets like that, they may even lose interest and unfollow you.  It will really be hard for people who use twitter as a marketing tool.  But it is even better to use Twitter as a means to reach out to one’s potential market through customer service and get to keep in touch with them in a personalized manner.  Hence, they can still do marketing but in a subtle way.

Try these tips out. This might be your ticket to get more followers on Twitter and achieve the goals you have on this advertising platform.

Get Twitter Followers For Online Marketing

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Twitter has become a very popular micro-blogging website. Many are joining the site everyday for its simplicity and ease of use. Even celebrities use Twitter to convey messages to fans. It is also used for business and marketing purposes. Different companies and organizations use Twitter to spread the good news about their products or services. In relation to this, it is but imperative to get Twitter followers and we’ll show you how to do so rapidly.

Online Marketing through Twitter

This is the age of marketing. If no publicity of your product is initiated, there is no guarantee that your business will succeed. Publicity and marketing will attract more consumers to buy your product, especially with online shopping becoming more popular day by day. There are people who prefer to stay at home purchase products through Internet.

Online marketing through social networking and bookmarking sites will definitely help your business. And among such sites, Twitter is one of the most popular. Millions of updates are posted on Twitter. If you already have an account, try pausing at the homepage for a few seconds and you will see how rapidly the updates change.

How to Get Twitter Followers Rapidly

To be successful with your online marketing quest through Twitter, you will need a huge follower base. It will in turn increase the number of viewers who will see your tweets and eventually drag them to your website or product. As promised, here are several ways to get Twitter followers rapidly.

1. Post unique topics around 3-4 times daily.

2. Post funny and off topic tweets occasionally.

3. Place comments on other people’s tweets.

4. Follow everyone interested in your product or service and they will most likely follow you back.

5. When someone follows you, give a welcome message and follow back.

6. Reply to inquiries of others.

7. Take part in regular chats.

8. Try to initiate a chat with other successful persons.

9. Use an attractive avatar photo on your profile.

10. Keep your Twitter profile always updated.

11. Spend quality time on the site, look for interesting posts and re-tweet that for others.

12. Post topics and make them look interesting enough for your followers to re-tweet them.

13.  Learn local time differences. Know when it’s time to be online. It’s best to be active when most followers are logged on.

If there are steps which you must follow get Twitter followers, there are also those which you shouldn’t. Here are some:

1. Avoid using bots or software for automated responses which don’t make sense most of the time.

2. Do not hesitate to retweet your follower’s tweets, they will appreciate it.

3. Never post annoying nor offensive tweets.

4. Do not worry about people who are not yet following you. Rather, devote yourself and post quality tweets for those who are already following you.

As with any other endeavor, you should spend quality time to get Twitter followers too. Following the do’s and don’ts listed here, you are sure to gain more followers rapidly for your business’ online marketing campaign.