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Twitter Launches New Site About How 140 Letters Changed Lives

Posted on: November 8th, 2011 by Carrie Drisko No Comments

The famous little micro-blogging site has launched another mini site that shares tweets portraying life changing events.  It’s the so-called twitter stories and to be honest, it’s really lame.  There are only around 12 Twitter stories and only two of them really mean anything.  The first tweet from space was cool, and the guy that tweeted he needed a kidney restored my faith in humanity for 12 seconds, but only people that wants to get followers on Twitter or are fans of Oprah will be interested in this.  In other words, a tweet about how a sandwich fed a trillion ants is not that profound.  Anyway, this new site allows for anyone to send in their past life-altering tweets. If Twitter feels it deserves recognition, they will publish them.

On Twitter’s blog they say that this is the first of a “series” of Twitter stories.  That implies, it will not be around for that long because a series has to end at some point.  But on the other hand, it may continue because they are still making “National Lampoon” movies.

 They launched the page 8 days ago and followers have to wait a whole month before they update 12 more 140 character “stories” before series 2 comes out.  If we do the math, Twitter will take 720 hours before they can publish another 1,680 letters on their new page.  That is only 2.3 letters per day!  To be fair, I’m sure they will have millions of tweets that were able to change the lives of people.

It is easy to send in your epic tweet.  All you have to do is @twitterstories and make sure you have some sort of illustration to go along with it.  It can be a photo, video, or just a finger painting.  Do not be surprised if you do not hear back though.  Twitter only updates their own status on an average of once a week and last month only twice.  In Facebook time that’s like two epoch’s and three extinctions.  Also @twitter is only following 7 people and all of them work there.  Not to compare it to Facebook again, but once you sign up on Facebook, Zuckerberg puts himself on your friendslist. It is pretty cool to have a billionaire barely out of puberty on your friendslist.

To conclude this review, launching a site to publish past tweets just seems a bit lazy.  The site likely only took 20 minutes to develop and they didn’t even have to go around finding content, it came to them. If twitter wants to do something really amazing, they need to think outside of their basements.

@twitter Why don’t you launch a site where only 50 characters can be published?  At least it will get followers on Twitter unlike this Lifetime Channel you came up with.

3 Easy Ways To Get Money On Twitter

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Absolutely, there is nothing wrong in promoting your product or business on twitter; in fact, currently there are lots of twitter users who are using the network on their advantage. On twitter, there are lots of marketers that are making lots of strategies how to get followers on twitter for the sake of promotion. If you want to earn money in twitter as much as possible you should avoid some common drawbacks that marketers get stuck in.

Consider these incredible tips in making money on twitter from

1. Affiliate marketing

If you use affiliate marketing to make money, you can absolutely turn to twitter to assistant. Do not just simply think twitter as your only sales platform, if possible that you can make other social media network to reach potential customers aside from twitter then do it. The idea here it, working with other social media sites will totally help you to elevate your brand. Knowing that, not all people are fond of using twitter.

2. Search out potential users

Twitter is a web of people who have a different interest, needs and wants. Most probably, there are thousands of twitter users who want to know about your business but don’t have any idea about its existence. The best thing you can do to find these people is to use the capability of people to search these individuals. If you are a kind of an advanced user, you may also try a social media management platform like HootSuite. Using this platform it will be easy for you to find leads and generate sales on twitter. Search for keywords that most likely used by the typical customer, it will may take some time, but if you’re able to get three to ten keywords for sure the gold is yours.

3. Get creative

Do not just focus on one side of communication, connect with twitter users in a something creative manner. On twitter, you can have one, two and more way communications.  You may run a campaign asking for some creative input from your customers. Let your customers involved in everything you do in your business, these will elevate their interest and curiosity.

More tips:

In marketing using this network, your aim is to get followers on twitter many as possible. But first, take things easy; remember that you are also building your company name online. Here are some other tricks to earn money on twitter while maintaining your online reputation.

- Don’t overuse twitter – do not treat twitter merely as a money maker. Build a community and engage with your followers. Do not just focus on your product, because people will think that you are not interesting in creating a relationship.

- Avoid hard-sells- People on twitter are looking for real and valuable information not sales grounds.

- It’s not all about followers- when it comes to twitter marketing quality counts. Don’t worry if you have a low follower count what matter is they are all interesting about your brand. However, you make money by having a high conversion rate.

Top Twitter Updates You Shouldn’t Miss

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Most people on twitter are obsessed of following lots of people even though it has nothing to do with them.  Most twitter users especially the new ones usually do mass following to get followers on twitter because they believe that once they follow people will follow them back. However, this reason works but not all the time.

Why people do mass follow?

Most people believe that mass following the easiest and effective way to get followers on twitter, simply because they believe the idea of “whenever you follow someone, he will follow you back.” This is the general thought of most twitter users. Those people who do mass follow are very confident those people they follo1w will follow them back and increase their followers count.

Why mass follow is not advisable?

Despite the intangible promise of reciprocals follows, mass following is usually a bad tactic. Why?

First, there is no such rule of “reciprocal follows” however; there is still a great percentage that people follow back.  One of the disadvantages of doing mass following is, your feeds will be filled with thousands of updates from random accounts with random topics that you don’t really care all that much.

Second, when you receive several updates from random accounts that you actually don’t care, you will likely lose interest in Twitter.

The thing is people won’t follow you, unless they will see some value in your account. When you follow thousands of twitter users and only a few who follow you back, it is a good sign that you either a bot or a spam account or simply people find you not interesting.

What to do?

Instead of doing mass following, the best thing you can do is to make yourself interesting to others and let them be the one to follow you. Post interesting tweets and make yourself visible. Market yourself in a better way to get more followers instead of thousands of accounts and receiving nothing from all of them.  Search interesting topics and tweet it on the right time.

Which City has the most twitter users?

Twitter is born in San Francisco, but this place is not considered as the home of twitter users. New York City tops the spot as the city with most twitter users. Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey himself said the New York City had the highest concentration of Twitter users than any other city in the world. Because of this fact, the company unveils its new office in the heart of Manhattan after opening its international office in Dublin.

These are just among the latest breakthrough on twitter and there will be more to come. Twitter continues to support its fast-growing community by providing facilities like data center, offices as well as tips for its users. This fast growing social media continues to prove that they are not just a merely social network. Currently, the website has already more than 100 million users and expected to grow for the years to come. Will twitter be the next social network king?

Favorite Topic: Top 8 America’s Favorite CEOs

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In this post, we will not be discussing about favorite celebrities on twitter or ways how to get followers on twitter, but instead we will be talking about America’s favorite senior officers.

Here are the Top 8:

Alan R. Mulally – Ford Motor CEO

- Mulally is an American engineer and businessman and the current Chief Executive Officer of Ford Motor Company.  Only at Ford were almost every employee approves to the decision of the boss. No surprise why Alan R. Mulally made it to the top.

Employee comment on his management style – “Great job on the turnaround”

Lloyd C. Blankfein – Goldman Sachs CEO

- Blankfein has been in the position since May 31, 2006.  He is one of the highest paid executives on Wall Street. Last 2009 he was named as one of “The Most Outrageous CEOs of 2009” by Forbes magazine.

Employee comment on his management style – “Keep doing a great job at keeping close relationship with clients and shareholders as well as keeping career interests of employees in mind”

Steve Jobs- Apple former CEO

- despite his temperamental style and aggressive personality, Steve Jobs is still considered as one of the America’s favorite bosses.

Employee comment on his management style: “Rock-star-like products & CEO. Top notch innovative people. Excellent product strategy.

Fred Smith – FedEx CEO

- Fred Smith is the President and founder of the first overnight express delivery company in the world and the largest in America.

Employee comment on his management style – “Management and H.R. have people first policy. Organization has teams with diverse ethic and professional background, which helps employees to develop strong conflict resolution, sportive spirit, relationship and team skills.”

Jim Sinegal- Costco CEO

- Costco is an international low-price membership retail chain in U.S. located in Issaquah, Washington, U.S. Aside from being the company CEO Jim Sinegal also co-founded the company.

Employee comment on his management style: “Costco is a great place to work because they show great respect towards their employees.”

Aart J. de Geus- Synopsys CEO

- Synopsys is one of the largest companies in the Electronics Design Automation industry. Their best and first known product is Design Compiler.

Employee comment on his management style- “Senior management is highly qualified and competent and has high level of integrity. They are very cautious in sailing thru current turmoil.”

Dominic Barton- McKinsey & Company CEO

- Barton is a longtime top senior partner and director at McKinsey & Company. He serves as a Chief executive since 2009. McKinsey & Company is a management consulting firm and being known globally. The firm focuses on helping and solving issues about senior management.

Employee comment on his management style: “McKinsey pays a lot of attention to the people they hire, once you get, it’s a great place to work.

Richard W. Edelman- Edelman CEO

- Edelman held the position as CEO since September 1996. Edelman is a public relations firm that deals with customer, finance, healthcare, technology and industrial. Edelman is a private company and the largest private PR firm today.

Employee comment on his management style- “Senior management is approachable and open to ideas from employees at all levels.

Twitter Updates : Making Twitter A Better Place

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Think before you post.

On twitter, most often users are using the website abusively. In fact, most of the people say that twitter can be a place of TMI or too much information.  Most people can’t stand the thought of reading post about what people are reading, watching or eating. This type of people is not worthy to follow. Twitter is not about posting all your activities, which are less significant. Before you post, think twice, is it valuable enough? If not never mind. Do not let people upset because if you do it will be hard for you to get followers on twitter. It is very important to maintain a good image online, especially when you are aiming for a higher goal. Be watchful with your actions as well as your words.

Sending photos through SMS

The original concept of twitter is simply a platform that allows individual to send a text message to a group of people. Twttr is the project name for twitter it was based on the five-character length of American SMS short codes.

As time pass by, in 2006 twitter became a full-pledged social platform. It is now considered as the fastest-growing network, in fact, just recently twitter proudly announced that their registered users reach 100 million already. In spite of their great achievement, twitter remains true to its roots in which it continues to support text messaging. Messaging using twitter is very popular in countries where the internet is less available. This twitter thing is a pretty much good, study shows that there are nearly 4 billion SMS messages are sent and received via twitter.

According to their official blog, it is now possible for twitter users to send photos on Twitter using SMS. Want to know? Here’s how.

1. Enter the text of your tweet on a normal basis

2. Attach the photo you want to send.

3. Send this to twitter

Messages are sent to twitter through codes, depending on the country. This feature is not yet available to all mobile carriers. It is only available to:

AT&T, Verizon Wireless and Cellular South In the US, Vodafone, O2 and Orange in the UK; Vodafone in Italy; Rogers Communications in Canada; VIVA Bahrain; and TIM Brazil

Where to find a resource when you meet an outage on Twitter?

Most people are encountering interruption in service on twitter and get panic right away. Now, you don’t have to worry anymore. The most advisable thing to do when you experience an outage on twitter is to go to Twitter Status Blog. In this place, you will find lots of major issues about twitter. You don’t have to go to other social networks just to confirm what’s going on or look for people who experience an interruption.

Another resource you can do to help you whenever you encounter problems on twitter is to check the Twitter’s API Status. This resource is designed for developers, but it is also useful to regular users like us.