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False Gunning Reports on Twitter, Is Social Media Reliable?

Posted on: September 5th, 2011 by Carrie Drisko No Comments

Twitter seems to be the fastest information sharing social network with its 140 character limit. Making it the most ideal venue for short posts that can be links, personal information and news. In fact, the use of #hashtags is prevalent in being utilized as breaking news search tags.

Last August 26, it was reported that 26 road accidents and panicked parents surged toward schools on the South-Eastern City of Veracruz due to false reports of gunmen attacking several schools and kidnapping children.

It was a certain private school teacher, Gilberto Martinez Vera, who tweeted, “Mу sister-іn-law јυѕt called mе аll upset, thеу јυѕt kidnapped five children frοm thе school.” This was retweeted by a radio presenter, Maria de Jesus Bravo Pagola. However, Pagola defended that she just retweeted Martinez. In fact in her statement she protested, “How can they possibly do this to me, for re-tweeting a message? I mean, it’s 140 characters. It’s not logical.”

Now these two, are facing 30 years in prison terms for using twitter in spreading false reports and inciting fear and panic.

This is not a new scenario as Twitter has been used for nefarious reasons such as the Riot in Manchester last month, which was incited by Jordan Blackshaw and Perry Sutcliffe, who were both sentenced a prison term of four years.

Is Social Media Reliable Source of Information?

My original concept of Twitter is, it is a social media platform where people share information, get more followers on twitter for marketing or popularity and basically get friendly, maybe get involved in a harmless argument or two. It has never crossed my mind that using social media like Twitter can cause all this chaos and can be used to mislead people.

With all these disturbing scenarious, questions arose like,is Twitter and other social networking sites reliable source of information? Should they be trusted or doubted?

Because of people’s dependence on these social sites, they are a fair target to scams, hoax, false and misleading informations and other dangerous ways people can think of to create trouble on the internet.

In which case, it is a matter of being scrutinizing on the primary source of the information. Don’t immediately believe what you see in social networking sites. Always verify with websites that have authority over legitimate news. Check on these people and find out where they got the news and ask for a link. Or if it is a breaking news on your local, ask what TV or radio station it was aired.

These are the drawbacks of social media, especially something like twitter, where information is passed on so fast and news are typical content. It pays to be wary and cautious of people, especially those you don’t personally know.

In addition, if you happen to want to get more followers on twitter, make sure that you chose people who are reputable. Who knows what information they might feed you. It is the same thing with following, select those who you think are a reliable and useful source of information. This would steer you away from circumstances such as mentioned above.

10 Super Magic Tips on How to Get more Followers on Twitter Quick

Posted on: August 5th, 2011 by Carrie Drisko No Comments

Why do Twitter users want to know how to get more followers on Twitter? There are several people who have their own reasons why they get more twitter followers. Like for people who want to be famous in twitter, they get more followers on twitter to show their talent to them and be appreciated. Some of those people use twitter to seek for online opportunities, some just want to have many friends on twitter and for social media marketers they need to get more followers on twitter these followers will be converted into their prospective customers. But the question is how to get them? Here are some magic to easily get more twitter followers very quick.

  1. Buy Account on Twitter – Business people do this to save their time and effort in getting twitter followers quickly. Some people make some money by selling their accounts to people like business people who want to have instant thousands of twitter followers.
  2. Buy Followers on Twitter – If you don’t like to buy the account itself then you could try this method. Buying twitter followers to some trusted providers is a common thing for some entrepreneurs because this way of getting more twitter followers is super effective and secured.
  3. Follow Influential People – Search for people who have 50k + followers and try to follow them. The most likely to happen is that the followers of the popular person you follow will follow you immediately. Or the best thing to do is to follow the leader’s follower then you’ll be followed by 20% – 50% back.
  4. Share Twitter Profile to Social Media Sites – Facebook, LinkedIn, and other huge population networking sites will be the way to get more twitter exposure. If you have a lot of friends to other sites and you post your profile link there, your twitter page will be exposed to your friends and their friends and will click on it probably. And if they too have twitter accounts, they’ll immediately follow you. You’ll gain many numbers of followers of you do it consistently.
  5. Provide Valuable Tweets – If you have gain a lot of twitter followers already, make sure to share with them valuable tweets that they expect. Keep in mind that they follow you because of your tweets and because you are you. Meaning be yourself when it comes to tweeting.
  6. Retweet Interesting Tweets – Sometimes you need to share something from your followers that are interesting. You could also join force together like, if you retweet one of his/her tweets, they’ll retweet one of yours too. It’s a friends and fun way of exposing both your twitter pages and gain lots of visitors and followings.
  7. Pick Good Avatar for your Profile – Got a wacky photo? It could be your avatar but some people like to see attractive faces so as much as possible, put a photo that is pleasing to the eyes of many and get the most of followings from people who like it.
  8. Tweet Regularly – If you tweet once in a blue moon then no one like to follow you but if you tweet regularly, you’ll be notified with new followers daily. But strictly “NO SPAMMING” to avoid being blocked or “unfollow”.
  9. Join Discussion – It’s a great thing to join in a discussion also.  You can share what’s in your thoughts or some of your ideas to others and they share what they’ve got too. By doing this, you’ll earning their trust, friendship and following as well.
  10. Search for Targeted Twitter Users – There are many APP’s in twitter now which you can choose to help you search for targeted twitter followers category by category. This way, it will be easy for you to find them and follow.

These are valuable strategies to help you get more followers on twitter magically fast so keep these things in mind and apply. If you like you can share this with your friends too.




Things We Should Keep in Mind to Get More Followers on Twitter

Posted on: August 4th, 2011 by Carrie Drisko No Comments

Having hundreds of thousands of followers in twitter is a great advantage for gaining great income in online marketing. This is already proven by thousands of great social media marketers and is still very effective. Getting more followers on twitter is not as hard as you think. There are techniques on how you can get more followers on twitter smoothly. Here are some of the techniques.

  1. Twitter Follower’s Exchange – If you do this method make sure to follow people who are influential twitter users who have a huge number of followers already. Try to follow at least 500 twitter users a day and you’ll see within the few days that 60% or lesser will follow you back. For easier follower’s exchange, find a site where twitter users join to follow and be followed back. This way, you’ll earn great following from people who have same interest with you.
  2. Get Suggested – If you’re one of the people in the twitter suggested users list, you don’t need to find people anymore because if you’re listed, thousands of people will be following you in just a day. But the unanswered question until now is, how to get suggested? Well, maybe the answer is still on its way. Let’s wait for it, ok?
  3. Share Exclusive Promos – Sharing something useful in twitter is a great way to get more followers on twitter. Like if you have the coupon codes and exclusive discounts, sharing them with your followers will be so rewarding to them and for those who retweets it, they’ll probably follow you and get the deal too. This method is strongly effective.
  4. Offer Free Giveaways – Giving away free gifts to your new twitter followers as a sign of accepting them is very sweet. Hosting a contest within twitter is an interesting way to get more followers on twitter. Everybody loves to join online contest especially if the prizes are fabulous. Following this strategy is so perfectly effective!
  5. Buy Twitter Followers – Buying twitter followers is a strategy most used by people who want to be famous and to entrepreneurs. Sometimes, people with talent rely on the internet to show what they have. If they sing so well, they use some social tools to reach people and share their talent. So to do that, they need to have numbers of followers immediately. Buying twitter followers is the fastest way to get thousands of followers within a week or less compare to other methods. Businesses don’t waste their time to get more twitter followers because they are more focus with
  6. Get Authenticity in Twitter – If you are a celebrity or an influential people in politics, you need to be verified to let everyone know that you are the real one that should be followed and not just some impostors in social media.

To increase your popularity and income, buying of twitter followers is a great suggestion to get more followers on twitter quickly. For a very little amount of money, you can get many benefits from it and get the highest profit for your company.