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New Feature Test – Twitter’s Search Highlighting Links

Posted on: November 15th, 2011 by Carrie Drisko No Comments

Twitter has rolled out some sort of new feature in their real time search results. This new feature is going to show direct links as the top news or a direct link from top profiles of people that are placed in search results. This seems to be different from a top tweet because the new search shows only the tweeter’s image and their link.  Since twitter is a one giant advertising platform anyway, I can see now how easy it will be to get more twitter followers and website traffic by purchasing search placement with the link in place. The new search feature is now available to all Twitter users and some of them are already feeling the advantage of these features.

When this feature was on test Twitter had been pretty much excited about how this new feature would leverage the most relevant finds. This will give the advertisers more options and decisions to improve on their strategies on marketing their products as well. Do they want to pay for search placement with the links or would they settle back to paid tweets?  How exactly does it roll?  If a user is looking for a specific person or group of people, their profile appears in a box with a link and shows up with the other top people in the search results.  In the case of a phrase, instead of showing tweets, they just show a link. Therefore, if the searched person is not on the top list, you will have to find him/her below all the linked results. In other words, Twitter rolled out a paid search placement wherein we don’t see the tweet but a bunch of top links instead.

This new function could help publishers generate more traffic to their websites highlighting their links.  So instead of highlighting an actual tweet, we are going to be infiltrated with top links before even seeing a tweet.  I know of one such company that implemented a similar campaign. Do you know where they are now?  I am talking about Digg that had pulled this same tactic and eventually lost an abundant amount of users, advertisers, as well as traffic. Now they are no where on the top lists of social sites. Hopefully, Twitter won’t end up like Digg.

It is not clear whether this new development is going to get more twitter followers for most tweeps or not, but one thing is for sure the spammers are jumping up and down in joy over this.  If their spammy tweets make it as a top tweet in searches, it will just be a direct link which only encourages them to spam more.  In my opinion with this kind of feature, it is like Twitter is not only opening more avenues to advertisers but spammers as well. In fact, this favors the two more than it does the real twitter community.  This whole thing is just to provide advertisers more choices in their ad campaign. That is fine. However, let us hope that Twitter has done a spam cleanup before this new feature was opened to the public.

Twitter Tips : Improving Online Visibility

Posted on: October 3rd, 2011 by Carrie Drisko No Comments

Popularity on twitter is hard to obtain when you do nothing. Most twitter followers are obsessed of having more followers on twitter for personal or business purposes. If you are a kind of a big deal like popular artist and musicians who will surely not find it hard to have twitter followers since for sure people will look after you.

Are you a simple twitter user who wants to get more twitter followers and become popular online? Read these simple yet effective strategies below.

1. Tweeting is the most common activity on twitter, when you tweet, post interesting topics like movie releases, current events and show business updates. These are the common topics that people love to read on twitter.

2. Use hashtags on your post to make your content searchable. This can be done by putting a “#” symbol before the keyword, for example “#twitter.”  When you include hashtags on your post, your content will appear in the search results when people will search on a relevant topic.

3. Spread your words around the network, by sharing content to another media services. If you have a youtube channel, you may include a link that directly calibrated to your twitter account. You don’t have to wait for people to follow you, make ways to reach them and guide them towards your account.

4. On twitter, you are limited to 140 characters only, if you want to say more you may set up a blog and link it to your twitter account. Post blog contents every day, to enhance the reliability of your blog site. Blog is a good platform to express your opinions in greater depth.

5. Add picture in your profile, if you really want to be popular on twitter and introduce yourself very well. Give people an idea how you look. People on twitter usually don’t want to follow strangers.

6. If you are following famous twitter users like celebrities or well-known man in the society, tweet something for him or her. Tweet something interesting that will ought him or her to respond, once they do the responds will appear on their page with your user name, and chances are that millions of people will see it and will be interesting about you.

7. Customize your profile, add a twitter background and fill your gallery with interesting photos. Today, twitter got more interesting and advance tools that you can used to customize your page.

8. Follow top users. One of the best ways to get notice and earn more followers on twitter is to follow those users with a great number of followers, when you do this; there is a greater chance that many people will notice you.

Actually, there are several ways you can do to become popular on twitter. Indeed, becoming popular is quite hard especially if you are just an ordinary user, but as long as you are determined to become one, everything can be possible.

Social Networking In The Workplace And Virus Attacks

Posted on: September 30th, 2011 by Carrie Drisko No Comments

You are probably among the employees you are using twitter and facebook during work hours for personal purpose only. A recent study shows that virus and malware attacks within the workplace increases because employees are using Twitter, Facebook and other social media platforms at work.

According to a researcher at San Diego-based Websense that most attacks are socially engineered driven.  Patrick Runald-the researcher says “users are often fooled into clicking on a link, which takes you to page off of Facebook, where they trick you into downloading something.”

Unfortunately not all users are aware of this fact; there are really online advertisers who will use the trick. Despite the issue on virus attacks, not all firms have social media policy in place.

Social networking in the workplace is good if it is highly related, but the common problem of companies is, their employees are using the website for plainly personal only. There are pros and cons of social networking in the workplace, take a look of the list below:


1. When employees receive positive messages, most likely they will have a great day in the office.

2. Social networks are good places to find information.

3. Useful as a divergence, when employees want to take some breaks.

4.  Employees can get lots of info in social networking in which they can’t get while working.

5. For industries (journalism, news business, and research center, etc.) social networks are useful tools to track news and events.


1. It kills productivity and a certified time waster.

2. It can distract employees in their day to day task.

3. When employees receive devastating news and updates, it will totally ruin their day.

4.  Virus and Malware attack increases.

5. It can cause delays and unfinished task and reports.

How companies should deal with it?

Actually, it is a case to case basis because there are businesses in which social media one of their main tools. For companies that restrict the use of social media, here are ways how to manage it.

1. Ban the network

This might be a heavy approach, but this will surely work to increase focus in work. In these times where most employees are less motivated and easily get distracted this policy is highly recommended. This is not to offend them but to ensure their productivity.

2. 30 Minutes policy

To be fair, with the employees, as an employer you can still let your workers visit their favorite, update status on facebook or get more twitter followers for a half an hour. This is one way of motivating them to finish their task; after all they deserve to be compensated.

Social networks are made not to ruin workers’ productivity and the ability to manage his or her task in the office. These types of networks are made for an easier communication wherever we are. Self-discipline, limitation and moderation should be considered in doing social networking, too much of everything is dangerous.

5 Ways to Get More Twitter Followers Swiftly and Increase Market Sales

Posted on: August 31st, 2011 by Carrie Drisko No Comments

Twitter is a network where-in business people and customers connect in real-time. Customers can choose what businesses to follow and find out about the products they manufacture and the services they offer.

Because of the intensive growth of Twitter in social media, people are starting to find a way to get more twitter followers fast. Regular users and business people have different reasons why they want to have a lot of followers but they only have one aim, to share their tweets to their followers.

For those who want to know how to get more twitter followers the speediest way, read the tips below which can help you in growing you twitter followers as well as your businesses.

1. Order followers from Twitter providers

There are lots of twitter follower suppliers now where you can order various twitter follower packages. Each package contains thousand/s of twitter followers in exchange for a little amount of your money. The very first thing you need to do before ordering is to find the best twitter supplier that are trustworthy and then you purchase the desired numbers of twitter followers for your account.

2. Socialize with other social networking sites

Google plus, Facebook, LinkedIn, and Youtube are part of social media sites and if you have the accounts of these sites, you can take advantage of the friends of those particular sites to get more twitter followers on your twitter account.

3. Ask non-followers to follow you and convince them that you are worth to be followed

I bet there are still lots of non-followers who are not yet following you. You can browse the followers of your existing followers and ask them to follow you and tell them about you and what you’re up to in Twitter community so that they may understand your purpose on Twitter.

4. Update twitter account regularly

Twitterers won’t follow you if you don’t update your twitter regularly so to convince them that you are worth to be followed, you must tweet frequently and make sure that your tweets are related to the products you are marketing and/or related to the twitter theme.

5. Follow people with the same interests

One of the most efficient ways on getting more followers on twitter is to search for people with similar interests as you then follow them. Later on, you’ll notice that your followers are growing every day. Be persistent in doing the method and you will surely achieve the number of twitter followers you aim for you twitter account.

If you are eager to get more twitter followers in a very short period of time, why waste for other methods if buying of twitter followers is the most effective way? There are lots of entrepreneurs have grown already and there are lots of people became famous because of that very technique. If you want to be like them then don’t think twice in using that procedure and become 1 of the millionaires.

Excellent Tips to Get More Twitter Followers and Grow Your Market Sales Effectively

Posted on: July 21st, 2011 by Carrie Drisko No Comments

We all want to boost our traffic and as well as our sales in business industries. But there are still people who don’t know how to earn traffic without spending too much time and effort. In business, time is valuable. Every second and every minute counts so if you want to give your company a name, you must not waste every single seconds of the time.

People in business choose to market their products in twitter because they know how powerful twitter can be. Population in twitter has become gigantic and this population can also be their potential clients which is the reason why they must have them as a follower in twitter.

Getting more twitter followers can be hard if they don’t know how they could do it right. Learning how to get more twitter followers can help you get targeted twitter followers without wasting your valuable time.

First Step – Buy Twitter Followers

Buying twitter followers is one super effective tip I can give. But there are people who doubt this step because they think it’s a scam. In the online world, scammers are everywhere and you have to be careful with that.

Tips on how to find a right company

-         A legit company should have their own telephone numbers or toll free number

-         They have 24/7 customer services where you can contact them anytime of the day when you have problems regarding their products and services.

-         They must have an updated blog

-         They must have testimonials with real buyers

-         And finally they must be rewarded already

Second Step – Follow twitter users who follow you back

When you are still trying to familiarize all about twitter and its function, first thing that puts in your mind and the most common thing you should do in twitter is to follow twitter users. But people tend to follow everyone to gain followers. That couldn’t be right but it’s not wrong as well. You just have to be focus on people who will be interested in you and your services. You can figure it out by searching people in twitter search box. After few days, if they still don’t follow you, you could delete them or “unfollow” them cause there’s a limitation in twitter’s followings.

Third Step – Quality Content

To get more twitter followers without asking them to follow you is very easy. Tweeting quality content can be a perfect thing to do. By giving them educational advice, basic marketing strategies and motivating tweets, people would follow you instantly without spending so much time following people or asking them to follow you back.

Fourth Step – Items for free

FREE!! Everybody loves free stuff. By giving your new and existing twitter followers freebies, they will feel that they are valuable people. Treat them as friends and your VIP clients. For sure they will stick to you forever. Note: forever!

These guidelines are super easy that even a newbie can follow. Put these in your mind and heart and apply it then you’ll definitely see what you are aiming for your business!