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6 Must-Learn Twitter Tips For Newbies

Posted on: November 3rd, 2011 by Carrie Drisko No Comments

More and more people are enchanted to join Twitter. If you are a newbie, well congratulations! You will surely have fun in this network. Undoubtedly your first idea in mind is to get Twitter followers and be one of those most followed people. But prior in looking for ideas how to get Twitter followers here are some important things you need to know about the network.

1. Twitter is not Facebook

To dot get confuse, Twitter is a different world. Thought the nature is still the same, which is friending and engaging. Twitter is open to the public unless you make your account private. Everything you say is visible to anyone, so don’t be surprise if someone mention you or comment on your post. Twitter is about sharing information, so as much as possible refrain from hiding your tweets. If you can’t help yourself from hiding your post, I don’t think public network is the right thing for you.

2. Twitter has unfamiliar terms.

Twitter knows from the start that the network has strange jargon. If you are having trouble in learning the terms, you may refer to Twitter official glossary. There you will find lingo and vocabulary that people usually use on Twitter.

3. Twitter maximum length of a username is 15 characters.

Your username is your identifier on Twitter. The network only allows its users to have a username with 15 characters only or less. During the time when you create your account, Twitter will give you a suggestion of a username. However, if you wish to change it after, you are free to do it. The change you made is static, meaning it won’t affect any activity you’ve done as well as it won’t lose any followers you already have.

4. Shorten the link before you share it

On Twitter people are fond of sharing links, text and photos. If you wish to share a link, make sure to shorten it first. You can use a URL shortener site.

5. You are under no obligation to follow back

The common perception of people on Twitter is you have to follow back a person who is following you. But, there is no rule for such idea. You have your rights to choose the people you want to follow. Don’t be scared

6. In finding followers remember the 5Bs.

Remember these 5Bs for you to find lots of Twitter followers. Be polite, be useful, be interesting, be unique and be yourself and most of all be open to engage with others. Finding Twitter followers is not difficult as what you think. Be polite on Twitter, do not ask people to follow you or spam them to reply. Actually, at the beginning, it is normal that nobody will pay attention on you on Twitter, but just be patient and do not lose your energy. As you go on, people start to notice your activity and there is always a great chance that they will follow you.

5 Stages of Getting Twitter Account

Posted on: November 2nd, 2011 by Carrie Drisko No Comments

Before your get twitter followers or get addicted about Twitter you might probably one of those people who don’t care about the existence of Twitter. An article from says that most Twitter users undergone several stages prior in getting Twitter account. The study was based on a book by Elisabeth Kübler-Ross The Five Stages of Grief which professionally known as Kübler-Ross Model.

Most Twitter users particularly newbies played around the network for a few weeks and found themselves distracted elsewhere. Not all Twitter users join the network willingly. Some joined just because of curiosity. Usually during the first attempt, most Twitter users don’t find the meaningful capacity of Twitter that is why they come and go like lighting.

To give you more details about it, here are the stages most Twitter users go through before getting Twitter.


This is the first thing that most individuals feel about Twitter. Most people said that Twitter is a waste of time, and it isn’t for them simply because they are far too busy.


Facebook came before Twitter, today this two are considered rivals. For most social media users, Facebook is already enough and Twitter is such a copycat. Before Twitter become popular, people already fond of Facebook. Some even made the website as their diary. The thing that most Twitter users have in mind during this stage is “who cares what people are tweeting? They’re non-sense anyway.”


In this person a person will finally cave and curiously make an account. The most typical reasons are to appease friends, or maybe most people around him are mentioning too much about Twitter. During this period, a person will keep himself visible on Twitter; most likely, he’s online 24-hours, but after he will completely snub the network for the next few weeks.


For most Twitter users, this stage is the most critical of all. After they made an effort and signed up, and now all their doubts are confirmed. They were right that Twitter is not for them. They will find the website non-sense and for them, it feels like talking into a vacuum. Most Twitter users during this period feel bitter about the idea of following other people and sick of knowing that someone is following them. Some even curse the existence of unfamiliar Twitter features.


Unfortunately not all who have signed up made to this stage. There are lots of people abandoning their Twitter accounts during the bargaining or depression period. Good for those who have their curiosity to the highest level because for sure they will reach this stage.

The ideal of getting Twitter account is very important. Do not just simply ignore the network because you don’t know its protocol. Keep reading, keep learning, keep asking and keep it going. Actually, nobody can tell you what Twitter exactly is; remember Twitter is not a thing and a word to define. In order to find its meaning, you have to find out it yourself.

The Essential Role Of Social Media In The Society

Posted on: October 28th, 2011 by Carrie Drisko No Comments

People are using Twitter is so many ways. This site is not just used to connect with family and friends but as well as use in business and even in politics. In the report recently, aspiring politicians for the next U.S national elections are sprouting on Twitter like mushrooms in the jungle. All of them aim to get twitter followers as a part of their political campaign. These politicians believe that the more Twitter followers they earn the more they have a chance to win, well I hope their perception is right.

Since social media is very popular today, let’s talk about its role in the society.

Social media in business

Today, small to large-scale industries are considering social media as an integral business tool. Social networks made it easy for businesses to connect with customers, prospects, business partners everywhere in the world. Business owners today don’t have to travel from place to place to meet clients and conduct meetings. The advent of technology together made it easier for them.

A quote from anonymous says:

“The goal of social media is to turn customers into a volunteer marketing army”

Social platforms like Facebook and Twitter make branding so easy. Fliers and print-outs ads are obsolete nowadays, while fan pages and business social account are rising excessively.

As Bryan Weiner, CEO at Digital Agency 36oi said:

“Social marketing eliminates the middleman, providing brands the unique opportunity to have a direct relationship with their customers.”

Social media in education

Because of online video and tutorials, it is now easy for both students and teachers to gain information which textbooks can’ provide. Not, just with social-networking sites it is easier for students to keep updated about school activities and other academic updates. The collaboration of social-networking sites and education make learning fun and engaging.

Social media in politics

The rising level of the next U.S national elections accounts on Twitter and in other social sites is among the hottest issues today. According to the latest survey, being active on Twitter and Facebook made a significant difference to a candidate to be elected.

Here’s is a quote from

“The interesting thing is that if you had a Facebook account, you were probably going to get more votes than the law of averages, and if you had a Twitter account, you were going to get more votes.,” said Dr. McMahon. “But if you had the two of them, there was no bounce – there was no interaction effect. Which kind of stands to reason – but there wasn’t really much point in having both.”

Well, for all the politicians who are using social networks as an integral tool for their campaign, may the best man win.

As technology continues to evolve, it is expected that social media will continue to reign. But in spite of its inviting aura, we should always practice moderation and proper online etiquette. We should take social media as a gift and not to be taken for granted.

Tried and Tested Twitter Tips For Newbies and Pros

Posted on: October 24th, 2011 by Carrie Drisko No Comments

Most probably when you join twitter the first thing you have in mind is how to get twitter followers for a better social-networking experience. Twitter is among the favorite social networks nowadays. It’s simple yet engaging platform makes the website excellent and unique. Twitter is considered by many not just a plain social network but also an excellent marketing tool.

Today, twitter community continues to grow rapidly. Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey said earlier that Twitter has already 100 million active users. With this fact, Twitter is more exciting than ever. Whether you are a newbie or a has been in Twitter for several years already, you still have lots of things to learn since Twitter introduced lots of new things to indulge every now and then.

To guide you with your twitter adventure consider these tried and tested tips below fresh from

Before you begin

Don’t be too excited. Before you start creating your account or posting your first tweet, you must know your intention why you join Twitter. Having a Twitter account is like having a commitment with someone. Twitter is not about competition, it’s about creating connection, sharing valuable information and riding information curve.

Your Profile

Do not be afraid to show the real you. Your Twitter profile must be a photo of you, not a celebrity, not a pet, not your baby or even your partner. Having a real photo shows that you are interested in making relationship with the people on Twitter, this shows your sincerity and credibility.

Do not forget to fill your bio. If you aim to get more twitter followers, create a catchy bio by writing some interesting stuff about you like your hobbies, professions and achievements. Remember these few tips in creating your profile.

-           be polite

-           be useful

-          be interesting

-           be unique

-          be honest

Posting tweets

The core of Twitter is tweeting. Twitter allows its users to post text in 140 characters, so make sure you count them. Make your tweet straight to the point as possible, utilize the 140 characters properly. There is lots of critics online take time in creating a perfect tweet do not just post for the sake of updates. In case you will post news make sure to acknowledge the source.

Finding followers

Since one of you aim in joining Twitter is to connect with thousands or millions of people by drawing more twitter followers you must learn how to engage effectively. To earn followers, post interesting tweets and join in several conversations but make sure it has something to do with your interest, or else you will look like a spammer. You have to earn other people’s sympathy and trust so that they will follow you, and once you gain follower make yourself available to them.

Twitter etiquette

-           Avoid text-speak as much as possible.

-           When a person start following you, take time to say, “thank you”

-          To make Twitter as a place of “Too much information,” write tweets with a sense.

3 Simple Tricks To Escape From Noise In Twitter

Posted on: October 21st, 2011 by Carrie Drisko No Comments

Twitter is considered not just a simple social networking site but a place where to find valuable information like news updates. When it is your first time to join twitter, the very first thing that will come into your mind is to get twitter followers for a better twitter experience. The more twitter followers you get the more information you will earn, especially when you are a marketer.

In spite of this fact, there is something most users hate about twitter, the noisiness. Some twitter users are making twitter as the place of “too much information (TMI)”, some people are not aware of what they are sharing, they are not conscious enough to evaluate that they were already sharing too much, making the place very noisy.

Do you want some silence? Here are few tricks how to make twitter less noisy. From

Filter the tweets by creating lists

You can free yourself from unwanted and irrelevant tweets by creating lists of your interest. Familiarize yourself with Twitter lists and create your own like a list of influencers in your market, your favorite celebrities, politicians, authors, musicians, and more.

When you create a list you only receive tweets, specifically from those people and nothing else, so you don’t have to suffer about unrelated topics that most users are fond of.

Turn off hashtags

Indeed, hashtags is an important feature in organizing conversation but remember it’s not all the time that you are a part of the talk, which is sometimes very annoying. If you find yourself frustrated in receiving updates about conferences you don’t care about, the best solution is to turn off the hashtags.

If you are having trouble in blocking hashtags you may use a third-party tool like Proxlet. This tool is capable of blocking apps, mute users, and filter tags on twitter temporarily. Proxlet supported clients like TweetDeck Desktop, Twitter for iPhone, Twidroyd, Seesmic for Android, Spaz. It is also capable in blocking overly-chatty apps from spamming your twitter timeline.

Create saved searches

Twitter always suggests its motto “follow your interests” to its users. Some users, especially newbies are fond of exploring and trying everything they found. They tend to follow everything that meets their eye, even though it has nothing to do with them and this cause noise in the long run.

The best way to run out from noise is to create saved searches. When you do this all the searches, you define will return in real-time with all the tweets, by doing this also you have a complete control over the tweets you want to see.

Visit Twitter’s advanced search page to input keywords that you want to “listen to.” You may also define whether you want that the result will include links, questions, and any other parameters.

These are among the effective tricks you can do on twitter to escape from the noisy crowd. The network gives you the full privilege to look over your profile and works what you think best for you.