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How to Get Followers on Twitter Real Fast

Posted on: July 18th, 2011 by Carrie Drisko No Comments

I’ve been seeing a question about ‘how to get followers on twitter’ everywhere in the World Wide Web; mostly in forums and sites where several questions have been asked. It’s just a fact that there are thousands of people who seriously want to know about getting followers on twitter.

Actually, there are already thousands of guides you can see on the internet how to get followers on twitter. But in case you have not read yet, I want to write and explain here more clear and specific. Let’s read it here again.

  • Buying of Twitter Followers – Lately, people have been buying twitter followers to get followers of twitter in a faster way than following the manual methods. It became more popular these days because of its effectiveness in increasing sales in social marketing. Some people are thinking that this method is a cheat. But I have to make it clear for you that if a company who provides twitter followers abide the terms of conditions of, it will not be called as cheating.
  • Following Targeted Twitter Users – Find people who will be interested in you and your products and services. Be choosy to your followings because there are limits in following in twitter. If you choose people who aren’t interested in your products and services, then you are just spending your followings to waste. Like for example, you are a manufacturer of mobile phones, you might need a gadget reseller or an individual who have an online shop of mobile phones.
  • Twitter Updates – If you choose twitter to market your productions, you must tweet every now and then to let them know that you are a still there. People who followed you want to get updates about you and your products. They don’t follow you if you are just a trash on their lists, right? So gives them some information and updates at least every 20 minutes.
  • Friendly and Professional – Your twitter followers serve as your clients so treat them well. Be their friend and mentor. Being a friend, it makes them feel that you are not hard to approach. Being a mentor, it makes them feel that there are someone out there like you who will be trusted to tell their problems about your productions and services. Let them feel that they are not alone and you are always there to assist and guide them.
  • Retweet – If you know someone who posted informative tweets or tweets that can grab the interest of your followers and their friends, don’t hesitate to retweet it.
  • Mention – Using”@ “at replying at mentions’ is a great way to get twitter followers.  Don’t ever forget to reply on mentions via mentions too. This will be seen to yours and their dashboard on twitter and by this, your visibility will be increase. If people click on your @username and have seen your profile, there is a high chance that they’ll follow you.

These are only few of those advices I can contribute. If I find an alternative ways of getting followers on twitter more fast and efficient, I will surely publish it here. Just keep posted.

Topmost Guides on How to Get Followers on Twitter as Your Potential Clients

Posted on: July 14th, 2011 by Carrie Drisko No Comments

Before you precede to your plans in marketing your products in one of the most high-ranked social media today, the twitter, you must have to understand more about your business and manage it well to avoid missing the target when it comes to market connections.

As what most of us know, twitter is one of the best tools to market our businesses. There are millions of people have joined twitter for personal purposes and thousands more each day. 80 out of 100 populations in twitter will probably be your clients. This article is made to give you some tips on how you handle your twitter followers as your valuable customers.

1)    Earn their trust. It is so unfriendly if you rush into introducing your products without even knowing what they want. The best thing to do first is treat your followers your friend. Have a nice conversation with them as you were just an ordinary person. In terms of problems, ask them how they could handle it and give a little advice to earn their trust and so that soon, you will be comfortable in presenting your productions.

2)    Reduce Advertisements. Reducing your advertisements and focus in building a friendly relationship with your followers. Giving them advice, guidance and educational thoughts can help you gain their trust and also in getting more twitter followers.

3)    Show off your Intelligence in Marketing. Sharing up the best of you is a great way of gaining more targeted twitter followers because in this way, they can also gain knowledge from you in terms of business and online marketing.

4)    Let them know what you’re up to. After you follow the 3 steps, they probably trust you and know who you really are. So it is the time you let them know about your business and how it could give them advantage in very little investments.

5)    Video Marketing Strategy. How to get followers on twitter using live streaming video? Is that effective and possible? Using, you can now have a live streaming video for your clients or partners. If you want to have a live demonstration about your products via live streaming video to all your followers, this is a perfect tool to use. Three things to do for you to be able to make it is first, connect your webcam, login to your twitter account, and click on the broadcast button. More instructions can be seen in the official site of twitcam.

6)    Buy Twitter Followers. Using this final step is the most efficient way of them all. This is so fast that you couldn’t imagine how your twitter followers increase in a very short periods of time. How to get followers on twitter by buying twitter followers anyway? Simple, purchase an initial of 1,000 twitter followers and within a week or earlier, it could be delivered to you. Too good to be true right? Starting believing it now because if you just try it, it would definitely amaze you because of its effectiveness in increasing your market sales.