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5 Quickest Ways on How to Get More Twitter Followers for Free

Posted on: August 8th, 2011 by Carrie Drisko 1 Comment

Some entrepreneurs are having problem in getting more twitter followers fast. I know it’s a bit hard especially to those who are new in twitter. I am sharing this article now so that I can help those people who need this information. Actually it’s just 5 steps on how to get more twitter followers but these are effective and free of costs.

  1. Create a well-described Twitter Profile – It very important that you put accurate information about you so that people will know who they are following and if you are a person worth to follow. If you don’t know what to write on the bio area, try answering these questions: who are you? Why do you join Twitter? How long have you been using Twitter? Where do you live? These questions will give you ideas on what to write on bio area.
  2. Follow Widely-Known Twitter User – Following a leader or a person with great influence to many is a great way on how to get more twitter followers because if you follow a person who have lots of believers, those who follow them will also be followed by their members. This is really an effective one.
  3. Find Targeted User and Follow – In twitter dashboard you can see a page titled “Who to follow” If you know people using twitter and you want to follow them you are free to search them on a search box. You can also find a page view switcher under “Who to follow” page entitled “View Suggestions” and “Browse by Interests”. In the “View Suggestions”, you can find people that are highly recommended to follow and in “Browse by Interests”, you can choose people by their interests and follow them.
  4. Post Unique and Intriguing Tweets – The main reason why twitter exists is because of tweets. If you don’t have tweets, people have no reasons to follow you but if you tweet the most trending news or topics, you’ll be followed by many because they know they can get interesting tweets from you. Also if you tweet, make it more interesting and intriguing that people can’t resist on reading or retweeting it.
  5. Add Twitter URL to your Email/Forum Signature – I bet all the people who are engaged in using internet have email accounts. So if you want your email contacts to see your twitter profile, you must link it up as your signature. And if you have numerous of contacts, people who have twitter accounts will surely add you.

If you are a member of several forums, you can also add your twitter profile in the signature area so that members can visit it and if they like you, they definitely follow you.

Now that you have these helpful tips, you are free to apply it or share with your buddies. Try following these basic tips and get the most out of your twitter followers. And if you want to have thousands of followers within a week, try buying twitter followers. That’s the no.1 tips on how to get more twitter followers. Most of the people that use that method really gain success.


How to get more Twitter followers

Posted on: June 21st, 2011 by Carrie Drisko No Comments

Getting a huge number of followers on Twitter can be very hard. This is because it takes hard work and the implementation of certain techniques. However, it is very possible to get more Twitter followers. These are ten tips on how to get more Twitter followers:


  1. Get Verified- Well known personalities and celebrities can get more Twitter followers fast. This is because once Twitter has verified you, your fans will definitely follow you. They will be more than happy because they will know it is the real you and not someone else imitating you.
  2. Buy Twitter Followers- This is a very simple way that you can use when you don’t know how to get more Twitter followers. In addition to this, you will also get them faster than the other ways which usually take weeks, months or years. When you buy Twitter followers, the number reflects in a matter of hours.
  3. Design your Profile Page professionally- It is always wise to put your real picture on your page because this will have a positive effect. You should also customize your profile creatively so that it can stand out from the rest and represent your personality well too.
  4. Advertise your Page-When wondering how to get more Twitter followers, it is best to consider advertising. This is very effective because advertising is vital for any company to create the necessary awareness.
  5. Hash Tag the Tweets you Post- this is a very important technique that will get you very many Twitter followers when implemented properly. When you post a tweet, you tag a substantial number of people who are related to it. This will increase your popularity and as a result you will most definitely get more followers for your Twitter page.
  6. Re-tweet- When you come across other interesting tweets from your followers and people that you follow, re-tweet. This will make you look active and hence you will get more responses as a result. Sooner or later, you are bound to have plenty followers too.
  7. Be Resourceful- You should always be tweeting humorous and informative stuff. Many people on the internet are looking for answers to their problems and they will definitely follow you if you can provide them. It is also important that you maintain consistency.
  8. 8. Follow to be Followed- It is good to follow many people (who are in the same niche market as yours) because you will get followers this way too. This is a basic technique on how to get more Twitter followers.
  9. Promote yourself- Social marketing is all about connecting the various social media marketing tools and promoting yourself well. You should get your friends from face book and the other sites to follow you on Twitter.
  10. Get on Most Popular lists- When you get into this lists, your popularity is boosted hence you get more Twitter followers. You should ensure that you appear on lists such as the Forbes list in order to make use of this technique efficiently