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12 Tried and Tested Methods On How To Get Twitter Followers

Posted on: December 16th, 2011 by Carrie Drisko No Comments

Perhaps one of the most common questions for Twitter users is “How to get Twitter followers?” Whether you are a business person, hobbyist, celebrity or an online marketer, having followers is very crucial in establishing a strong and credible presence in Twitter.  However, you must also take consideration if you want quantity of followers or the quality of followers.  Whatever the case, it is very important that you have high number of followers that have the same interest in topics with yours.  Moreover, you also need to set your activities balanced thus gaining certain followers to be your target market.

By the time you identify your target followers, here are some methods that you can implement on how to get Twitter followers:

1. Reel in Twitter Followers with interesting and relevant contents. If your tweets talk about topics that other people are interested at, then they will definitely find interest in following you.

2. Create a profile that attracts followers. Proper personalization with the right and appropriate picture, name, location, website and most especially the Bio that will contain certain keywords that will be the basis in searching for relevant followers.

3. Follow people that you want to follow you back. Following those who have the same interest as yours will eventually lead for the person to follow you back.

4. Interact with people you want to follow you. Those whom you had interacted with will somehow give them a reason to follow you and share information that is a common interest.

5. Interact with people that have influence on people you want to follow you. By interacting with influential people with common interest as yours, they will have the authority to recommend others to follow you.

6. Be active on Twitter to gain more followers. To be online when your followers are online and have regular posts give signs of real time interaction.  With this, it can entice your followers to keep them interested and not give them reason to unfollow you.

7. Keep followers interested. Post useful and interesting contents rather than exclusive offer. By doing so, your followers will keep on following you with or without special offers.

8. Organize Twitter contests to attract new followers. To add more interaction, holding a Twitter contest will help attract more followers to join and interact as well.

9. Live Tweet about events and TV shows. Taking part in Live Tweets gives you a chance to interact with other people and may find people of the same interest later on.

10. Use #HASHTAGS, if relevant and commonly used for your topics. This help people find your tweets in searches but overusing may end up causing the content of the tweet nonsense and unreadable.

11. Use Twitter apps and directories. They are actually 3rd party tools to help get followers.

12. Buy Twitter followers. It may sound silly but there are professionals that know how to get Twitter followers for you.

With these techniques on how to get Twitter followers, one can have real followers of high quantity and quality.

Why People Unfollow You On Twitter?

Posted on: November 4th, 2011 by Carrie Drisko No Comments

Most people on Twitter are obsessed with getting Twitter followers. Every now and then, you know someone on Twitter, who is busy looking for ideas how to get Twitter followers in a great number to be popular. How about thinking about those people who didn’t follow you or unfollow you on Twitter, do you think it is worthy to talk about them or not? Well, the answer is it depends on how you treasure your Twitter experience.

Paying attention to those people who unfollow you or shall we called unfollowers should be a part of any smart Twitter user. Indeed, no need to obsess over them but by simply studying their character you will know what works and what doesn’t and you can be able to pick up clues that will help you to gain more Twitter followers.

Here are more thoughts you need to know about your unfollowers

People on Twitter unfollow you all the time

Every you tweet on Twitter you remind the people of your existence. People on Twitter judge the people they follow through their post and once when they found it uninteresting they will unfollow you. That is why it is very important to be judicious in your posts and think through what you are saying on Twitter.

Inactivity and irrelevant Tweets

Some other reasons why people leave your account are being inactive and posting irrelevant tweets. People on Twitter are looking for interesting and fresh information. If you are just a one-timer user, well Twitter will surely not work for you. When you decide to use Twitter you have to commit yourself to it.

Tracking unfollowers can be frustrating.

It is truly depressing knowing someone stopped reading your stuff. If you can’t handle to see those people who are flying away from your account, just leave it there unseen. Because it can be a cause of your frustration and worst, you will decide to leave Twitter as well. Only loser do that.

Do not email someone who unfollow you

Please, keep yourself away from trouble and hurting words. Never email or phone someone and ask why they stopped following you. It is totally a dead moment, and beside it is awkward and embarrassing. Respect other people’s decision, who knows they will come back in time. Not all people who unfollow you have the same reasons why they do it.

Tips on how to decrease unfollowers

Everyone understands how much you treasure your followers, well to keep them within your reach, here are some few tips.

- Figure out the things you want to tweet, it is helpful for them or not?

- Be controversial all the time, but it doesn’t mean you will post rated links and photos on Twitter.

- Engage with your followers most of the time, show to them that you are willing to make connections with them.

- And lastly, be generous with your actions and words. Always practice social-networking etiquette.

6 Ways To View Old Tweets

Posted on: October 13th, 2011 by Carrie Drisko No Comments

Do you a remarkable tweet last six months about how to get twitter followers? Or a memorable tweet for your special someone perhaps? Do you want to read them at this moment? In user are not allowed to view tweets older than ten days, unless you are a creative tweeter. Good to know that there are other sites that not just provide how to get twitter followers tips but also way how to view old tweets. In fact, you can even download their services to search beyond twitter history.

Here are some of them:

1.       TwimeMachine

This is one of the simpler ways to read your old tweets once you are signed in on twitter, TwimeMachine will pull your old tweets in a single page. The tweets are arranged in a revers chronological order, meaning from the most recent to the older entries. More than this, TwimeMachine can’t do anything; in fact, it is only allowed displaying 3,200 tweets.

2.       Snap Bird

Snap bird is considered as a powerful tool to search tweet history. With snap bird, it is possible for you to view your older tweets since from the day you start using twitter. To view old tweets, you only have to enter your twitter username and leave the search term blank to get Snap Bird to pull up all the tweets. At first, you will get 200 tweets, and you can continue 200 more at a time.

Snap bird not just tracked old tweets, but it is also capable in searching people favorites, your friend’s tweets, the tweets that you mention, the messages you sent and received.

3.       Tweet Scan

Tweet scan is capable of tracking your tweets back in December 2007. You can also choose to view just your old tweets or include @replies, friend’s tweets, your follower’s tweets, direct messages and your favorite tweets.

4.       BackTweets

If you want to search tweets with links on how to get more followers on twitter BackTweets can do it for you. For free account, you don’t need to register. You can search tweets with links even back in two years.

5.       FriendFeed

Lots of people synced their tweets to FriendFeed so it is possible to search and find some old tweets. With FriendFeed, you can use an advanced search to specify the search terms; however you are not given an authority to filter the results by Twitter.

6.       Topsy

Using Topsy you can search tweets back in two years. Using the advanced research you can search tweets in a particular time, with or without keywords. You can also filter them by hour, past day, past 5 days etc. Topsy is also capable in searching tweets with links, photos, and any items that mention your tweets.

Aside from these services, the most accessible place to search old items is the search engine like Google, Yahoo and Bing, provided that you know a certain and the most specific keyword about your tweets months ago for a more specific results.

How To Handle When You Send Message By Mistake On Twitter?

Posted on: September 21st, 2011 by Carrie Drisko No Comments

As social networking is getting popular, most people almost spend their whole life facing their computer. On twitter the most common activities people are doing are posting updates, commenting on tweets, following people, marketing and even seeking for ideas how to get twitter followers to have more.

As human, we are prone to make mistakes. Most probably, you are fun of sending messages on Twitter openly or direct, and maybe you‘ve been so clumsy lately that you send a message to a wrong person or you’ve been a wrong recipient perhaps. Actually, you can take control of such an awkward moment by deleting incoming and outgoing messages as fast as enough before it will be scattered into the network.

Our inbox is truly a sacred place for us, yet it is also a place where we get frustrated because of flooding spam messages, massive marketing details and other things we are not sometimes interested in. If this happens to you, here’s the best way to do:

1. Log in to Twitter

2. Click on Messages

3. Select on Conversation

4. Lastly, choose the message/s you want to choose.

By doing this command outgoing messages and incoming messages will be permanently deleted.

There are really times that we are carried away by our emotions that we tend to send the message to the wrong person. This is very embarrassing, especially when you are talking about some personal things, and you accidentally send it to your business partner or worst to your boss.

Why deleting them is important?

Simply, to save you from embarrassment, if you don’t want to be the topping of every story online or in your workplace that will possibly ruin your reputation or worst you can be the cause of trouble delete the message as fast as you could. Whatever you do online, there is always a possibility that some people will see and take it seriously or retweet on it even though you didn’t mean it to happen. Deleting wrong messages is very important, especially when you send it openly on Twitter.

What to do when you send the message to the wrong recipient?

The moment you realize that he or she is not the right person to receive the message make a move right away before it will be scattered like wildfire in the network particularly if it is an open message, in the case you are sending a wrong direct message or private message good for you because once you delete it there is always a chance that other people won’t see it, specifically when you act fast enough.  Once you delete the outgoing message in the conversation section of your account it will automatically be deleted from the recipient inbox.

How to avoid such an awkward moment?

It is truly inevitable to make a mistake, for you to avoid such an awkward moment just make sure you are not emotional high or low when you are sending messages. Sometimes our emotions can truly drive our mind, and we tend to be unconscious sometimes of what we are doing. Do not forget that once you are online, lots of eyes are watching on you. Just be conscious all the time, it will help you maintain your online reputation.


5 Vital Techniques on How to Get Twitter Followers

Posted on: August 19th, 2011 by Carrie Drisko No Comments

As we go on our lives, twitter has growing more to a great social networking site. People are getting into it and explore how twitter can give ‘em benefits. Well for some people, it is a tool for sharing updates about their lives and makes it as their online diary where they write things that they do in every minute, hours and every while of their lives. The only difference is that, the old-style diary is writing down the important things that happened in your on a sheet of paper or a diary notebook while the innovative way of writing a diary now is to type it on a software or a tool and publish it. The advantage is, it is easier for you to post it and you have the control to share it with your friends and love ones.

One of the reasons why people need followers is because they want others to know more about them, their talents, and their abilities. For short, they want to be famous with twitter. Marketing industry has a lot to do with twitter. It is a powerful tool where they can introduce, promote and advertise their products and services. Numbers of small entrepreneurs have gain reputation because of twitter together with their strong strategies. And until now, lot more small businesspersons want to achieve their goal of success within twitter.

Dynamic Techniques on How to Get Twitter Followers

  1. Find a reputable provider of twitter followers and buy. Many have known about this method and it has been widely-spread because of its unbelievable effective in making your marketing sales arise. It has been a must-use strategy to be able to reach on top instantly. Though you have to pay for it, but the benefits it can give will triple the investments you spent. So what else would you use if you know the perfect answer on how to get twitter followers?
  2. Provide your followers and non-followers interesting information. Don’t fail to give your followers an inspiring updates because it is one of the reasons why they follow you. And for you prospect followers, keep them coming back to you and still provide them with irresistible message so that sooner, they’ll follow you and stick with you.
  3. Post your twitter profile to sites, forums, and groups but don’t spam. There are forums, community sites and groups where you can post your twitter profile after your discussion posts. Insert your twitter URL so that if members of those particular sites have twitter account, they too can add you and increase the number of your new followers.
  4. Find people that have similar interests with you and follow them. This is a neutral way of getting more followers on twitter but I say, it’s effective when you are just persistent on doing it.
  5. Be friendly and interact with your followers and non-followers. Having a good relationship with your followers and non-followers. Spend some time to welcome your new followers and know them well. It is the best way to make your followers stick with you and your non-followers to follow you immediately.

There are people that are not aware of what twitter can benefit you. But once they know how important it is to people especially those who own businesses, you’ll realize that twitter is a thing which should not be missed to have.