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Top 10 Twitter Etiquette You Should Practice

Posted on: September 26th, 2011 by Carrie Drisko No Comments

What’s good about twitter is it is an open nature. Anyone can join and express feelings. However, some are not using it properly like spammers and other form of annoying twitter users.  Some people are using twitter for promote themselves excessively, which is not favorable to other twitter users.

It is always important to practice online etiquette to avoid annoying twitter followers attract interesting twitter followers. Here below are 10 twitter etiquette users like you should remember.

1. Keep personal conversations private

Indeed, you can post personal tweets and reply on post but remember to use your better judgment. In case you want to stress something personal just send it privately to prevent the crowd from seeing it.

2. Do not talk too much about yourself.

Twitter is definitely a good place for self-promotion but too much is not good anymore. Make sure that your tweets include both self-promotion, information and invite conversation. If you talk too much about yourself, people will think that don’t care about them, and you are not interesting in building relationship.

3. Give credit to your source

Don’t take credit for merely an opinion. Always acknowledge the source. Use the @reply feature to give credit.

4. Use a URL shortener

Take some seconds to use a URL shortener. Super long links are annoying to look at.

5. Avoid automated services

Automated services can be viewed as ‘spammy’ as much as possible try to avoid this idea if you want to build an intimate relationship among your followers.

6. Be watchful with your language

Think twice before you post on twitter, remember anyone can see it. Maintain a good image online by posting relevant and informative thoughts on twitter. Be careful with your words, this is the best way how to get followers twitter. People on twitter will appreciate your thoughts and will follow you to know you more.

7. Do not start the fire.

Debates are good when they are done in a healthy matter. Avoid arguments and indecent conversations, if you meet some escape as early as possible. Keep these kinds of thoughts out of your feeds.

8. Block spam followers

Once you notice that someone is following you illegally, do not wait for a long time to make action. Block spam followers, they are not worthy in your world. Make twitter a better place for you and for the rest of your worthy followers.

9. Don’t tweet too much.

Over-tweeting is not good. Only tweet those useful information you have. It is a great addition to your credibility.

10. Promote other people

Twitter is not all about you, the best way to build good relationship on twitter is to promote other people. Retweet interesting post and also share interesting links and articles.

Social networking is totally fun and exciting. The best way to enjoy this type of network is to consider not only yourself but also the people around you. Do not be self-centered, it won’t help you.

The Best Twitter Marketing Strategies

Posted on: July 25th, 2011 by Carrie Drisko No Comments

Information about twitter have been scattered in several of webpages and blogs. As of 2011, twitter is among the top 5 most popular social media sites. It is the reason why online marketers want to know the strategies in marketing their products and services in twitter. In twitter, they know that success in twitter is within reach because of its invincible rankings and reputation.

Experts have been sharing their strategies on how to make your twitter marketing successful. Here are some effective ways you can follow;

  • Build a great numbers of followers – First and foremost, in twitter it is important that you have several of targeted followers to begin the real business. Some ways you can use in building a great following includes the purchasing of twitter followers. This way, you can get thousands of twitter followers in just a little amount of money without spending so much time and effort. Every day 200 twitter followers will be delivered to you to avoid violating the TOS of twitter. But be careful in choosing a provider, it may not worth the price. Research about it first before making transactions.
  • Hash tag awareness – Be aware about the using of hash tags. Twitter Hash tag like #blahs help to spread out data on Twitter whilst helping to coordinate it. This is the tool wherein a certain topic is organized and if it’s very popular, it’s likely to appear in twitter’s trending topic. Use this method to get more exposure in twitter and make the most out of it.
  • Quality tweets – Giving your followers an information that are helpful in marketing is a big plus in building up a strong twitter followers and reaching out the success quicker. If you are to promote your products, don’t just promote a link to your website or a brand of your products only because this will be marked as spam. Make sure you tweet with the information they need to know or essential information to keep in mind.
  • NO SPAMMING – To effectively reach the success in twitter marketing, it is not necessary that you tweet every second to promote your products. I suggest you tweet every 15 – 20 minutes and above that, use the 140 characters to tweet about your products and the updates about it. Spamming is prohibited in twitter or else you get blocked or “unfollow”.
  • Reward Loyalty – If you find someone tweeting about your products or share their experience in your services, give them something for free. This way, they will be the one to expose you to others and they do that because they can get something from you which is very helpful in twitter marketing success.

If you are aiming for success, always do research about new updates on twitter marketing strategies. Research for targeted twitter users and aim for their followings. Earn their trust and reward them something for following you and “retweeting” your tweets.

I hope these guidelines can help you enough in growing your twitter marketing. At first, it is difficult to achieve but if you work hard for it then you sure achieve it. Just follow your instincts and be wise in using marketing strategies.

Super Effective Strategies on Twitter Marketing

Posted on: July 22nd, 2011 by Carrie Drisko No Comments

Twitter has been known to be one of the most successful social marketplaces for small and big social marketers. Now that it has been heard and seen to those newbies in social marketing, they want to know the ultimate guide on how to effectively market on twitter.

Here are some initial steps before you move on to twitter marketing. Twitter marketing will be effective if you have numerous of twitter followers. You can’t do marketing in any social networking sites if you don’t have audience, followers or subscribers. That’s the lame truth.

  1. You need to have a decent and noticeable profile – Once you have a catchy profile, people would most likely to follow you. You have to be specific with the description about you and why you join in twitter. This will help people know the basic information about you.
  2. Attractive Twitter Background – Work with your creative minds. Show the art of who you are. Create a striking background which describes your personality. This will attract them and probably get a following.
  3. High Quality Tweets – Tweet is the signature of twitter. If there’s no tweet, then there’s no twitter. Tweet is a message or a post status update on twitter which has 140 characters in which it is called as microblogging site. Posting a high quality tweets on twitter is usual reason why people follow you without asking them to. If you are too lazy to do the follow-you-follow-me procedure, then you must have a quality, informative, witty and motivating tweets to be followed with several twitter users.
  4. Retweet – If you frequently using this method of sharing other tweets to your followers, I advise you to not over-use it. You can retweet for at least once or twice daily. And if you retweet, make sure that it is really interesting so that people will like it and will of course follow you.
  5. Hospitable – duh? Does it really work in twitter marketing? LOL! Of course it will! If you have quite a lot of followers, you must be a friend to them. Message them via @mention or direct message “DM” to welcome them. Communicate with them frequently and update them always. In this way, you can earn their trust and once you get it, it will then be easy for you to market your products and services.

Now you have the primary steps to build a great following in twitter. Now let’s proceed to twitter marketing strategies. If you have already established a huge following, you can now market your products slowly but surely. In promoting your products and services, be sure to make it professional. Don’t promote over and over again so that they won’t be irritated. Tweet them with the new arrival of your products, updates of services and etc. but be friendly yet professional in doing that. Finally, learn more about hashtags. This will be very useful in your business to spread it out in the different trending subjects in twitter. This will scatter all over the twitter and you probably have the high chance to be exposed as well as your products. Keep that in mind and see the results.