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Cries of Protest: Heard Over Social Media

Posted on: December 1st, 2011 by Carrie Drisko No Comments

  We are in protest! That is the message that student protesters dresses as zombies were trying to deliver when videos of anti-government movement were aired on Twitter. In fact, owners of such evident protests increased their Twitter followers ten-folds as people poured their sympathies on the genuine quest for change. This advocacy would have been impossible to be made known were it not for social media that gave them the leverage to fight.

However, we have to question. Are the cries of protest from these people being heard? Or were they still ignored like puppies lost in the streets? Literally, these people fighting for social cause are on the streets carrying banners and placards. With social media backing them up, it is to be hoped that they will see a progress in achieving their goal.

Few years back, street protesters were brushed off as mere nuisance by the government and the corporate world.  But with the aid of people having knowledge of their plight through the wide reach of social media, these apathetic groups of people are now threatened. Perhaps Tumblr and Twitter followers even Face book fans have the power to help these people even when they are from different parts of the world.

Listed below are the following ways people, excluding Twitter followers, are protesting against some influential factions that are perceived to be oppressing or abusing the people.

1.    Running Naked on the Streets

As bizarre as this tactic may seem, it does have its own merit in proving a point and getting the higher ups to pay attention. In fact, PETA (People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals) is well known of this type of protest! Twitter followers had a fiesta with all the photos that came up, for sure!

2.     Hunger Strike

It is also categorized as a silent protest. Mahatma Gandhi made history with the hunger strike he performed while he was imprisoned. He wanted the British Government to be embarrassed by his death, if he should die of hunger in prison. There are some instances where people go into hunger strike just to let those people know that they are willing to sacrifice for the cause and that they seriously mean it.

3.     Boycott

Prohibits oneself of using or buying or getting connected to a place or an item, it means total abstinence from all the abovementioned categories. West Bank products by settlers were boycotted in totality. This brought havoc to the Israeli people and the West Bank settlers! This one is the type where Twitter followers can actually help. They can boycott particular products concerned.

4.     Noise Barrage

Creating as much noise as possible, trying to wake up the corporate world from a long time of slumber and apathy. This type of protest were being conducted with honking of cars horns, metallic objects banging. As have the Drivers and Operators in the Philippines of transport groups performed, to get the attention of the government because of oil price hikes.

5.     Petition

Often applicable for individuals to be petitioned to step down from power or a certain concern or ideal that wants to be heard or acknowledged. The Global Warming Protest that was initiated by Al Gore, to take action of crisis before it’s too late.

There are a lot more kinds of protest to date that are worth mentioning, but let us settle on this for now. So in case you have a unique way of getting your grievances heard, as Twitter followers would like to hear them as well, feel free to give it a run!

20 Followers From West Coast To Witness NASA’s Satellite Mission

Posted on: October 27th, 2011 by Carrie Drisko No Comments

This coming October 27, 2011 twenty fortunate @NASA Twitter followers will get an access of the behind-the-scenes launching of the next Earth-observing satellite mission. NASA joined Twitter in January 2009, and able to get Twitter followers rapidly. NASA’s National Polar-orbiting Operational Environmental Satellite System Preparatory Project (NPP) is scheduled to lift off United Launch Alliance Delta II rocket at exactly between 2:48 and 2.57 am. Posted last January 20, 2011 in NASA’s website that the glory mission will help to improve human understanding about how the sun and tiny atmospheric particles called aerosols affect the Earth’s climate. The said mission will also extend a legacy of long-term measurements to address uncertainties about climate change.

The twenty lucky NASA’s Twitter followers will participate in a Tweetup program at Vandenberg Air Force in California. The participants were selected from more than 625 people who registered online. The attendees are coming from California, Columbia, Illinois, Kansas, New York and Oregon.

The Tweetup program is hosted by the agency’s Twitter enthusiasts. These events offers guest with VIP access to their facilities. The participants will visit the Vandenberg’s launch facilities and the launch pad. Vandenberg is the place where space and missile testing for the Department of Defense is being done as well as the headquarters of the 30th Space Wing. It is not the first time the NASA invited its Twitter followers, they have already done it during the previous seven launches, and today’s invitation is the first for the West Coast.

Here are the Official Speakers during the Tweetup program on October 27, 2011.

1. NASA Astronaut Piers Sellers

The deputy director of the Sciences and Exploration Directorate at NASA’s Goddard Space Flight Center in Greenbelt, Maryland

2. NPP Project Scientist Jim Gleason

3. NPP Systems Manager Janice Smith

4. NASA Launch Director Tim Dunn

5. Scott Asbury

A senior program manager with Ball Aerospace & Technologies, Corp. in Boulder, Colorado

NASA is constantly looking for ways how to engage the public and spread the news about what they are doing. The agency found Twitter as a great place to communicate with people who are interested about them. The agency’s overall web strategy is to think how to do our jobs as communicators inversely.

NASA releases their information under certain rules and regulations. It is said that there is an agency-wide social Web policy that running in the Twitter system, in accordance to NASA’s communication policies.

Currently, NASA manages nearly 50 Twitter accounts which are created for NASA centers, programs and projects. Some of the accounts are.

- Ames Research Center

- Dryden Flight Research Center

- Kennedy Space Center

- Johnson Space Center

- Marshall Space Flight

- Langley Research Center

- NASA Shared Services Center


- AsteriodWatch

- Earth Observatory

- Earth Vital Signs

- Environmental Topics

- Hubble Telescope

- Ice and Snow

- ISS Research

- Juno

- Kepler and more.

To see all NASA’s twitter account you may visit their site and check the list.

What Is The Impact Of Social Media To Job Seekers?

Posted on: October 26th, 2011 by Carrie Drisko No Comments

Twitter and other social media networks are not made just for fun. Twitter is not about finding twitter followers but also a good portal to find employment. In fact, in the recent study over 43% of Londoners are using social platform to hunt for job.

While more and more applicants are using social media to find a work, employers using social media to screen applicants are also increasing. To support this idea, here is a stat from about job screening with social networks:

- 91% of employers said that they are using social media like Twitter and Facebook to screen prospective employees.

- During the hiring process employers use the top three social networks

Facebook (76%)

Twitter (53%)

LinkedIn (48%)

- 47% of the employers said that they used the social networks after receiving an application.

- 39% of the employers said that they rejected a candidate because of what they saw online.

What type of candidate usually rejected?

The one who:

- Posted inappropriate photos

- Posted inappropriate comments

- Posted content about them using drugs

- Posted content about them drinking

- Posted negative comments about a previous employer

- Demon-stated poor communication skills

- Made discriminatory comments

- Lied about their qualifications

- Shared confidential information from a previous employer

What type of candidate usually passes the screening?

The one who:

- Gave a positive impression about their personality and organizational fit

- Have profile supported their professional qualifications

- Have profile showed candidate was creative

- Showed solid communication skills

- Received awards and accolades

This facts show that social media networks plays a critical role in the life of both applicants and employers. This type of media is not just considered as a place for fun but also in decision-making. The reign of social media brought a great impact to marketers in looking for customers and also to companies in looking for prospect employees.

As an applicant you should make sure to clean up your profile before you pass your resume on your target company, because you never know those photos you are fond of, will hunt you down.

 If you are aiming to get a position, consider following these simply tips:

- Be cautious on the content you shared like photos, links, and video.

- Check your whole profile if it contains unnecessary information that employers might don’t like.

- Post your achievements and awards in your profile.

- Share valuable content like tutorials, educational topics, and other worth-reading stuff.

- When sharing photos, make sure to check it before uploading. Avoid sharing party pictures, nude photos, and other inappropriate images.

- When commenting on post, watch your words. Do not use indecent languages.

- Make sure that your application form matches the information you have online like your profession and work experience.

- Watch your tweets.

- Avoid joining conversation with a sensitive topic. Save your time and words for worthy post.

- Have a good profile photo, this shows your credibility.

The First Five Social Media All Stars Of 2011

Posted on: October 25th, 2011 by Carrie Drisko No Comments

In this modern world, we can’t really deny the popularity of social media like Twitter, Facebook and Google plus just to name a few. People today are fond of looking fans, twitter followers, how to get twitter followers tips, how to get more views and everything they could play around the web.

The reign of social media brought both positive and negative impact to users. Some users are confused what social platform to choice. To aid such confusion, let us get to know up-close the Five Social Media All Stars of 2011, Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, LinkedIn and Google plus. Source:

The First Five


- Twitter has really grown into a seasoned veteran. Fans all over the country are familiar with Twitter and its signature retweet and direct message plays. Twitter has been able to avoid the injured fail whale list this year and continue to share well with other players around the web.

- Currently Twitter has 100 million active users, 50 million active users, every day and 250 million tweets per day.

- The company is extending their service by putting a data center in the east coast, specifically in Atlanta and lengthening their promoted products in Japan recently.


- Facebook continues to be the biggest star in the social media league. The numbers don’t lie as Facebook continues to put up monster statistics. Some people are concerned that the mega-star is changing its delivery, but Facebook is confident that fans will enjoy the career timeline.

- Facebook has currently 800 million active users.

Google plus

- The new team member and the youngest social platform. Many fans have high hopes for this apprentice. Learning from its cousin Google Buzz that was the touted rookie last year that quickly fizzled out of the game. Google plus looks to bring home to trophy to the city of Google, which still anxiously waits for their first Social Media Championship

- Currently, the newbie network has 40 million active users and continues to produce exceptional features to offer its users a more exciting social media experiences.


- More and more people continue to be amazed by the highlights Youtube is now known for. Day in and day out billions of people are in awe at the both humorous confusing plays Youtube makes. This media still can’t stay away from dancing cats, but we know Youtube will be an All Star for years to come.

- There are billions of videos that are being uploaded on Youtube every day.

- Youtube now is functioning as a subsidiary company of Google.


- LinkedIn is the consummate professional and the ideal role model. No wonder parents love him. While keeping the team connected on and off the court, LinkedIn along well with all the groups and clichés in the clubhouse. LinkedIn can tell you, every teammate’s story and always gives great recommendation.

- The professional networking site has currently more than 100 million actives users.

8 Twitter Accounts Investors Should Follow

Posted on: October 20th, 2011 by Carrie Drisko No Comments

Are you having trouble getting twitter followers, for the reason that you are new to business? Worry no more for here is for your solution.

Twitter is not just a place for obsessed fans who want to get connected with their favorite stars. It is also a place where prominent businessmen and investors dwell and even world famous politicians. If you are new on Twitter for sure you will find it hard to get more twitter followers since people on this site only follow viral individual. In connection to this, you will find it hard to find opinions for your business especially that you are just starting. Well, that not a problem anymore, here are few twitter accounts for investor like you.


1. @sacca

Looking for insights to invest? Chris Sacca will surely help you. He doesn’t own a blog, but he retweet on information in connection to investment and sometimes he post funny content.  Sacca was previously investing in Twitter and just recently his new investment is Most often, @sacca tweet about the use of Turntable. Chris will surely help you point out what’s hot in the market today, and investor like him can absolutely lighten up your mind.

2. @danprimack

Dan is a reporter; he is a writer in Fortune specifically on topics like private equity and venture capital. He tweets lots of interesting content and post pre-marketing links.

3. @msuster

Mark Suster is an entrepreneur. His posts are very well-thought, well-written and very detailed. He usually posts topics related to investment, which are very helpful for new investors. Suster is also active in joining conversation; his comment is full of delightful insights. Though, he doesn’t own a blog, he is very active in tweeting every day.

4. @bfeld

If you are looking for insights about current topics, follow Brad Fred on twitter. Brad Fred is a blogger for a long time; his website is full of great content. Write topics are more on marketing, which is very helpful for bot investor and entrepreneur.

5. @cdixon

Chris is a co-founder of Hunch. Unlike any other investor, he doesn’t blog but all his posts are truly reliable. When he post, he really mean it and makes sure it is readable. He organize his posts into sections like raising money, marketing, operations, etc. For startups who want to learn from him. His post is truly worth reading.

6. @robgo

Rob writes occasionally writes a blog about investing. He tweets lots of interesting topics, which are very useful for investors.

7. @bryce

Bryce Roberts writes lots of thoughtful ideas. Lots of follow recommend him, including @sacca.

8. @bussgang

Jeff Bussgang only blogs 3-4 times a month, but he is very active in tweeting. He is an author of a book name Mastering the VC Game.

If you need guidance as go along your business, these given twitter accounts will surely help you. Follow them on twitter and learn from their words.