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Twitter News: Durex Joke Promoting Violence

Posted on: December 2nd, 2011 by Carrie Drisko No Comments

We are living in an age of modern technology, where almost the better part of our lives is spent online. Today, social networking websites like Facebook, Twitter, and the like have grown tremendously both in terms of number and popularity. They provide a platform for people from all over the world to come together and exchange ideas, information and what not through Twitter news or Facebook updates.

Twitter is known to be the SMS of the Internet and allows everything that happens anywhere around the world to reach you within seconds. You can interact, communicate and share the latest news with millions of other people around the world on a lightning-speed basis. Twitter news has made it easier for millions of twitter users all over the globe to learn about the freshest and the newest happenings with the most talked about showing under the ‘Trending Now’ section.

A very interesting yet serious controversy issue that sprang up recently on Twitter news and was immediately hyped about was the bad joke tweeted by the company Durex through their Twitter account. It is the public responsibility of the company to post in jokes with credibility. However, a huge controversy arose when Durex tweeted an offensive joke that caused a stir amongst active feminist groups in the social media world and was seen as the company’s promotion of rape and sex amongst the masses.

Responsible Representation on Twitter

Personally representing yourself over social media sites or through a PR agency, in case of companies, organizations or celebrities, you need to know the weight of responsibility you are carrying or putting onto the shoulders of your managers to represent you in front of the public. A single offensive word can damage the entire reputation that might have taken years to build. The simple offensive joke slip from the Durex Company and their delayed apology caused the credibility of the company to drop drastically and their image became one of those who promoted violence against women and rape.

This might not have been the intention of the company and just a menial slip by the PR agency managing their Twitter account but it did result in huge losses for the company. The company’s delayed apology showing up in Twitter news was too late. Their image was simply regarded as one having a lighthearted stance towards rape, which was unacceptable to a number of people. Even though nobody over the web knows you are a dog, but the way you represent yourself intentionally or unintentionally might just be enough to label you as one. Therefore, it is extremely necessary to see where you step and where your step will land you over the Internet, most specially in social network sites.

Twitter News: the Most Effective Medium of Information?

Posted on: November 22nd, 2011 by Carrie Drisko No Comments

Twitter has been on the forefront of almost all news. Sometimes, twitter news is even a few hours ahead of spreading the word compared to legitimate and official news organizations. Being on Twitter is a great thing, especially to those that seek the latest updates on various topics. All they need to do is put a hashtag before the topic (e.g. #Japanearthquake) and then they will be provided by a stream of tweets laden with news regarding the event or the topic. Not to mention, that the stream is a live feed that constantly rolls down to make room for the new or fresh ones. Isn’t that one requirement of a news report? Fast and Fresh?

 Twitter news helps you get involved in the events as well. The great thing about this is that it’s not a passive news or information feed. You can actually interact with the people on the feed, whether you post your own hashtag about anything you know about the event or ask some more in depth inquiries. Thus, Twitter News can become the most effective medium of information dissemination. Receiving the news as fresh as it can be, within seconds of being tweeted by the twitter community, is a great thing to experience. This will make you feel you belong, not to mention the thought that you are a notch more intelligent and well-informed compared to a few seconds ago.

The dark side of this is the fact that Twitter is not isolated to relevant news at all. There are intrigues, controversies and twitter spats that more or less has no solid basis at all. A few months back, a series of wrong information were spread all through the twitter platform. All because a few twitter accounts of news organizations were hacked. One such event of misinformation has created havoc to the lives of people, when the tweet of an individual says that there is a shooting on a certain school. These caused a number of vehicular accidents as the tweet evoked terror and panic to frightened parents.

Annoying as it seems, there is no stopping celebrities on twitter engaging on an online feud. Exchanging harsh and foul words to each other is bad enough, but with millions of audience makes it ten times worse. The worst part is that, it does become the buzz and is part of the Twitter news. You will be subjected to it, since you won’t help but be curious as to what celebrities on twitter are fighting about.

In my opinion, Twitter should be used rationally and should be sought out for a significant purpose, other than making eyeballs at what people on the site are arguing about. It should be utilized for more noteworthy activity like helping a cause or spreading global news on some parts of the internet. In that way, you become the extension of the information medium. Thus, you have influenced some people’s lives by simply delivering the news.

C.I.A. Has Special Headquarters Following Twitter

Posted on: November 16th, 2011 by Carrie Drisko No Comments

This topic is making the headlines and all the major news outlets are covering it and bringing paranoia among the twitter people.  It’s making the Twitter news.

The twitter news making the rounds is that apparently the CIA is following around 5 million tweets per day in order to map out and predict major events.  The center’s director, Doug Naquin, claimed that they knew that the uprising in Egypt was going to happen, but they could not predict the exact date and time.  After Osama Bin Laden was murdered in Pakistan, Naquin disclosed that the CIA had followed Twitter so that they could brief the White House on global opinions. He also said that intelligence gathered from following Twitter is analyzed everyday and ends up in Obama’s briefs in one form or another.  The CIA also focused on the Twitto-sphere during the protests that took place in 2009 when Mahmoud Ahmadinejad was put back into power in Iran.  The secret service is also comparing data and results gathered from all of the social media sites they track in order to see just how accurate polling organizations are.  Social sites like Twitter have become a major tool for the CIA in following global crisis such as natural disasters and riots that are raging across the world right now.

Take your tin foil hats off, this is not twitter news.  Everyone uses Twitter and naturally that would include government in different countries of the world.  This is hardly a sensitive issue, since it is used more like an informational tool.  However, they would be crossing the line to impropriety if they ask for confidential user data from these social sites. That is a pretty underhanded way of gathering information. It is not surprising to know that government agencies were met with complaints and violent reactions when people learned about how they get their information. On the other hand, people should really take into consideration that when they publicly share their thoughts, it is no different than being in a public place. So those people who always share their thoughts have no right to complain if their information is used for other purposes.  The point of these social media sites is that they serve the public domain.  That’s what makes them attractive to users in the first place isn’t it?  Social media sites are public channels and I’d be more worried if the CIA wasn’t monitoring them.

In the past, spies would have to use bulky interceptors and code deciphers to see the exact same things they are seeing now.  The only difference is today they just look on their smart phones and the information is voluntarily handed over.  It should not be a big surprise that the feds take this information and analyze it.  After all, everyone should know the history of the CIA by now.  There is no reason to panic and close down your accounts unless you are tweeting to extraterrestrial beings from the planet Zion.  If that is the case, chances are the men in black will be at your door shortly.  That would be all for the twitter news. Hope you learned something from this post.