20 Followers From West Coast To Witness NASA’s Satellite Mission

This coming October 27, 2011 twenty fortunate @NASA Twitter followers will get an access of the behind-the-scenes launching of the next Earth-observing satellite mission. NASA joined Twitter in January 2009, and able to get Twitter followers rapidly. NASA’s National Polar-orbiting Operational Environmental Satellite System Preparatory Project (NPP) is scheduled to lift off United Launch Alliance Delta II rocket at exactly between 2:48 and 2.57 am. Posted last January 20, 2011 in NASA’s website that the glory mission will help to improve human understanding about how the sun and tiny atmospheric particles called aerosols affect the Earth’s climate. The said mission will also extend a legacy of long-term measurements to address uncertainties about climate change. www.nasa.gov

The twenty lucky NASA’s Twitter followers will participate in a Tweetup program at Vandenberg Air Force in California. The participants were selected from more than 625 people who registered online. The attendees are coming from California, Columbia, Illinois, Kansas, New York and Oregon.

The Tweetup program is hosted by the agency’s Twitter enthusiasts. These events offers guest with VIP access to their facilities. The participants will visit the Vandenberg’s launch facilities and the launch pad. Vandenberg is the place where space and missile testing for the Department of Defense is being done as well as the headquarters of the 30th Space Wing. It is not the first time the NASA invited its Twitter followers, they have already done it during the previous seven launches, and today’s invitation is the first for the West Coast.

Here are the Official Speakers during the Tweetup program on October 27, 2011. www.wikipedia.com

1. NASA Astronaut Piers Sellers

The deputy director of the Sciences and Exploration Directorate at NASA’s Goddard Space Flight Center in Greenbelt, Maryland

2. NPP Project Scientist Jim Gleason

3. NPP Systems Manager Janice Smith

4. NASA Launch Director Tim Dunn

5. Scott Asbury

A senior program manager with Ball Aerospace & Technologies, Corp. in Boulder, Colorado

NASA is constantly looking for ways how to engage the public and spread the news about what they are doing. The agency found Twitter as a great place to communicate with people who are interested about them. The agency’s overall web strategy is to think how to do our jobs as communicators inversely.

NASA releases their information under certain rules and regulations. It is said that there is an agency-wide social Web policy that running in the Twitter system, in accordance to NASA’s communication policies.

Currently, NASA manages nearly 50 Twitter accounts which are created for NASA centers, programs and projects. Some of the accounts are.

- Ames Research Center

- Dryden Flight Research Center

- Kennedy Space Center

- Johnson Space Center

- Marshall Space Flight

- Langley Research Center

- NASA Shared Services Center


- AsteriodWatch

- Earth Observatory

- Earth Vital Signs

- Environmental Topics

- Hubble Telescope

- Ice and Snow

- ISS Research

- Juno

- Kepler and more.

To see all NASA’s twitter account you may visit their site and check the list.

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