2012 Olympic Games Guidelines Include Tweeting?

Twitter followers will be delighted to hear the good news! The 2012 Olympic Games will include the social network Twitter for campaigning the upcoming big event. This means that avid fans of the Olympic Games will be able to keep track of the sports events while it is being held. Tweets from athletes participating will be highly anticipated by a lot of twitter followers.

However, there are certain rules and regulations that participants will have to follow if they don’t want to either be suspended or removed from the event altogether. They have to keep themselves together and not post or tweet offensive statements about any person, a competitor or otherwise. Included in the list of guidelines of the International Olympic Committee (lOC) are:

1. Tweets must be in a first-person diary type format and should not be journalist-like.

2. Tweets must not report on competition.

3. Tweets should not be a comment on the activities of other participants or accredited persons.

4. Tweets should not disclose any information that is confidential or private in relation to any other person or organization.

5. Tweets should be regarded as a short blog and must conform to the Olympic guidelines and should embody the Olympic spirit.

6. Tweets must (also) be dignified and in good taste and not contain vulgar or obscene words or images.

Even with the strict rules that must be minded and followed by the participants, still this is a great opportunity for twitter followers to have an insight of the goings on within the Olympic stadium, and village which will be in London, as UK will be hosting the event for 2012.

With respect for the Committee’s guidelines, it is to ensure that every update and news release will be controlled and that Olympics will be the sole source of official news which perhaps will be released after the games. The IOC acknowledges the power and influence of social media and is using it to the Olympic event’s advantage. Besides, who can say that if the IOC bans the use of social site during the event that anyone won’t try to violate it? It is better that they have allowed it, though within certain limitations that it won’t be extremely exploited. Furthermore, the profit to be gained by the IOC for the official release will be secured and will be utilized for the next Olympic event.

The important point here is that twitter followers won’t be left out of the loop, wondering what is going on during the Olympics, especially to those who have relatives participating on any of the sports event.

Getting connected with people from the inside to the outside world is very important in events just like this. But as the Olympics Organizational Committee, their issued guidelines must be followed to the letter. Postings and blogs and tweets alike must be socially acceptable, in order to avoid the punishment that will be forthcoming to the individual who has done the violations.

So much is at stake in the success of a player’s participation in the events. Honor of the individual as well as that of their respective countries is on the line. Twitter followers will not want to view blog posts about a certain athlete kicked- out of the Olympic Games, just because he chose to post some distasteful comments or statements on his blog now, would they?

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