5 Enhancing Benefits Of Customized Twitter Backgrounds

People may take it for granted but having a personalized Twitter profile can be one of the factors of establishing your presence and identity on Twitter.  You can upload your profile picture and fill out your important details to help identify who you are.  Apart from the usual customization options, one may not realize that uploading personalized Twitter backgrounds are one of the factors that can help you attract more followers.

Having a personalized Twitter backgrounds design is one of the subtle yet effective way to presenting yourself on Twitter.  To elaborate more of what it can do, here are the benefits:

1. Improves branding

Most of the Twitter users have no idea of how Twitter background can establish one’s brand.  If the Twitter account belongs to a company, you can have a background that has the same color scheme as the company as well as the logo.  You can also include the company motto or taglines as well as images that people can recognize from which brand your profile is from.

2. Coherence

If you have existing online presence from your website, blogs and other social networking sites, it is important that the design of your Twitter backgrounds should be coherent to them.  Establishing consistency will help you be identified for your brand hence; it could attract existing followers to follow you on Twitter.

3. Identifier for your other online branding

If backgrounds can help you being identified for your brand while on Twitter, it also functions as an identifier to non-Twitter sites that is affiliated to your brand.  Also you can use the background design to show other important details and URLs of your website, blogs, social network profiles and other non-Twitter pages.

4. Personalize

When you personalize your Twitter backgrounds, you can help build up your profile to stand out from the rest.  Since you will have a customized design that is similar to your established brand, people can easily tell who you are from our profile.

5. Emphasize specialization

Having a custom background design can also be your opportunity to tell your target audience what you can offer them.  From the design of the background image, you can add up certain catchy designs that are related to what you represent or what your specialization is.  When you incorporate it to your background design, it can give them the impression of what they expect from you.

Having to establish your identity on Twitter through your Twitter backgrounds can really help build your presence.  With the benefits stated, you will are most likely to attract more followers based on how you present yourself through your profile design.

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