5 Stages of Getting Twitter Account

Before your get twitter followers or get addicted about Twitter you might probably one of those people who don’t care about the existence of Twitter. An article from www.mediabistro.com says that most Twitter users undergone several stages prior in getting Twitter account. The study was based on a book by Elisabeth Kübler-Ross The Five Stages of Grief which professionally known as Kübler-Ross Model.

Most Twitter users particularly newbies played around the network for a few weeks and found themselves distracted elsewhere. Not all Twitter users join the network willingly. Some joined just because of curiosity. Usually during the first attempt, most Twitter users don’t find the meaningful capacity of Twitter that is why they come and go like lighting.

To give you more details about it, here are the stages most Twitter users go through before getting Twitter.


This is the first thing that most individuals feel about Twitter. Most people said that Twitter is a waste of time, and it isn’t for them simply because they are far too busy.


Facebook came before Twitter, today this two are considered rivals. For most social media users, Facebook is already enough and Twitter is such a copycat. Before Twitter become popular, people already fond of Facebook. Some even made the website as their diary. The thing that most Twitter users have in mind during this stage is “who cares what people are tweeting? They’re non-sense anyway.”


In this person a person will finally cave and curiously make an account. The most typical reasons are to appease friends, or maybe most people around him are mentioning too much about Twitter. During this period, a person will keep himself visible on Twitter; most likely, he’s online 24-hours, but after he will completely snub the network for the next few weeks.


For most Twitter users, this stage is the most critical of all. After they made an effort and signed up, and now all their doubts are confirmed. They were right that Twitter is not for them. They will find the website non-sense and for them, it feels like talking into a vacuum. Most Twitter users during this period feel bitter about the idea of following other people and sick of knowing that someone is following them. Some even curse the existence of unfamiliar Twitter features.


Unfortunately not all who have signed up made to this stage. There are lots of people abandoning their Twitter accounts during the bargaining or depression period. Good for those who have their curiosity to the highest level because for sure they will reach this stage.

The ideal of getting Twitter account is very important. Do not just simply ignore the network because you don’t know its protocol. Keep reading, keep learning, keep asking and keep it going. Actually, nobody can tell you what Twitter exactly is; remember Twitter is not a thing and a word to define. In order to find its meaning, you have to find out it yourself.

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