5 Ways To Be Followed Back And Get More Followers On Twitter

If you are new and you want to get more followers on Twitter, then you might as well first know who your target audiences are. Once you are done with this, the next thing to do is to follow people who belong to a category of those people you want to be followed.  But the biggest question now, is how to get these people to follow you back?

To be followed means you have gained their trust or perhaps you have something in common that is worth connecting. Therefore, if you want to be followed back, here are the things that you can do during interaction that could help establish trust and confidence that will lead to get more followers on Twitter:

1.       Use Hash tags (#) to your Tweets

Basically, the use of event hash tags can help you get more followers on Twitter.  Words that have hash tags are usually the core keywords of the tweet.  So whenever people search for their desired Tweets of their interest, they will most likely find tweets of users that have hash tags with the words they provided on the search box.  Therefore, if you hash tag the core keywords within your tweet, people will definitely find them hence they may follow you.

2.       Retweet other people’s tweet

It is one way of expressing compliment to a fellow Twitter user for their valuable Tweets.  Indeed this can help build a connection. However, this must not be overdone to prevent the impression that it is a spam and lose its credibility.

3.       Add humor to your tweets

Once in a while, it is best to give people a good laugh on the Tweets that you make.  If they find it really funny and original, people may want to retweet them hence, adding more exposure.

4.       Be a resource person

People who are really in to twitter find the site more resourceful than searching on search engines for the information that they want to have.  If you have certain specialization that you want to share, you might want to use this resource to your advantage and tweet about them. One way or another, people who are searching for answers related to your specialization may want to know more of what you can share.  In this way, you can get more followers on Twitter.

5.       Never user tweets for selling

Twitter is created to be a social network and not a marketplace.  Hence, it is highly discourage to post tweets that sound like you are doing hard selling.  Once people find tweets like that, they may even lose interest and unfollow you.  It will really be hard for people who use twitter as a marketing tool.  But it is even better to use Twitter as a means to reach out to one’s potential market through customer service and get to keep in touch with them in a personalized manner.  Hence, they can still do marketing but in a subtle way.

Try these tips out. This might be your ticket to get more followers on Twitter and achieve the goals you have on this advertising platform.

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