6 Guaranteed Ways Bloggers Can Please Twitter Followers

Twitter is definitely a heaven sent to bloggers as it gives them a platform to conveniently share their blog posts. Other social networking sites like Facebook are good for sharing personal and even intimate details of a user’s life but not Twitter. Twitter is like your discreet promotional tool where information whether focused on sales or plain content are most welcome by twitter followers. As a blogger though, you have unspoken responsibilities towards your twitter followers the same with your readers.

1. Write tweets that helps

People usually follow someone on twitter who they think can be useful to them in a way. If twitter followers know that you are fond of helping out your followers they will appreciate you and bring more interaction to your feeds. In the end, this will bring more exposure to you and your blog.

2.  Make use of twitter apps and online tools

Don’t rely on the 140 character tweet, that won’t do much to hold the loyalty of your readers and followers especially the aesthetic and fastidious types. There are people who judge you through appearances while there are some who judge your expertise in choosing the right functionality. In order to please both, you need to get a twitter design that suits you and a twitter tool that enhances followers experience in your page.

3. Tweet amusing and informative content

Among the types of content that revels in twitter, amusing and informative are two that never fades into the background and never fails to attract twitter followers. As a blogger you must have the ability of perceiving what your readers want to see. It is the same way with posting tweets for your followers. So never miss out on giving them something to laugh about or to learn.

4. Have fun with your twitter followers

Despite its established reputation of connecting people via information, news and gossips, the core of twitter is social connection. So have fun while on twitter and don’t focus too much on getting twitter followers. People in twitter are intuitive; they know when a person is having fun or just forcing it.

5. Post tweets related to your blog and then some that is unrelated

Most probably, the majority of your twitter followers are your readers. In that case, better post updates about your blog or ask your followers what they want to read on your blog next. That will get their attention and they will surely look forward for your next blog post. However, don’t forget the likelihood that a percentage of your followers are non-readers so vary your tweets from time to time.

6. Follow fellow bloggers

Follow other bloggers whether in your niche or outside of it. They will help you color your feeds which can entertain your followers as well as theirs. Think of a group of bloggers sharing updates on each other’s blogs. Twitter followers can get much information from it and in return you and the other bloggers will gain much exposure.

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