6 Must-Learn Twitter Tips For Newbies

More and more people are enchanted to join Twitter. If you are a newbie, well congratulations! You will surely have fun in this network. Undoubtedly your first idea in mind is to get Twitter followers and be one of those most followed people. But prior in looking for ideas how to get Twitter followers here are some important things you need to know about the network.

1. Twitter is not Facebook

To dot get confuse, Twitter is a different world. Thought the nature is still the same, which is friending and engaging. Twitter is open to the public unless you make your account private. Everything you say is visible to anyone, so don’t be surprise if someone mention you or comment on your post. Twitter is about sharing information, so as much as possible refrain from hiding your tweets. If you can’t help yourself from hiding your post, I don’t think public network is the right thing for you.

2. Twitter has unfamiliar terms.

Twitter knows from the start that the network has strange jargon. If you are having trouble in learning the terms, you may refer to Twitter official glossary. There you will find lingo and vocabulary that people usually use on Twitter.

3. Twitter maximum length of a username is 15 characters.

Your username is your identifier on Twitter. The network only allows its users to have a username with 15 characters only or less. During the time when you create your account, Twitter will give you a suggestion of a username. However, if you wish to change it after, you are free to do it. The change you made is static, meaning it won’t affect any activity you’ve done as well as it won’t lose any followers you already have.

4. Shorten the link before you share it

On Twitter people are fond of sharing links, text and photos. If you wish to share a link, make sure to shorten it first. You can use bit.ly a URL shortener site.

5. You are under no obligation to follow back

The common perception of people on Twitter is you have to follow back a person who is following you. But, there is no rule for such idea. You have your rights to choose the people you want to follow. Don’t be scared

6. In finding followers remember the 5Bs.

Remember these 5Bs for you to find lots of Twitter followers. Be polite, be useful, be interesting, be unique and be yourself and most of all be open to engage with others. Finding Twitter followers is not difficult as what you think. Be polite on Twitter, do not ask people to follow you or spam them to reply. Actually, at the beginning, it is normal that nobody will pay attention on you on Twitter, but just be patient and do not lose your energy. As you go on, people start to notice your activity and there is always a great chance that they will follow you.

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