6 Outrageous Strategies To Get Twitter Followers Fast

Over the years, there had been many ways that people have made just to get Twitter followers fast.  As people test out these strategies, some succeeded and some failed.  Others used technical fundamentals to back up their methods but others are just too unaware of the right ways in getting followers.

If you would like, here are some outrageous methods to get Twitter followers fast:

1.       Have an established popularity

If you are already a famous celebrity and you just started setting up your Twitter account, all you need to do is to get yourself verified for being the real deal and inform your fan-base that you are on Twitter.  Perhaps this is one of the best ways to get Twitter Followers fast.

2.       Create a fake celebrity account

This may not be an ethical idea but people who create a fake celebrity account usually attract a lot of followers especially that celebrity’s fans.  Once you have all the followers you need, you can just change the details of the account but retain the number of followers.  Unfortunately this may just be short lived especially when your account may be suspended or banned if the real one finds out.

3.       Get endorsements from celebrities

The influence of celebrities can really have a great impact on their existing followers.  If you personally know a celebrity, then you might as well ask them to tell their followers to follow you as well.This can be a legitimate way to get Twitter followers fast but it’s quite rare to personally know a celebrity and have them endorse you.

4.       Follow as many as you can and hope that they will follow back

This is perhaps one of the most time-wasting strategies in getting followers.  Not only is it too random, but also has no direction.  Though there is still a possibility of gaining followers but managing your account may not be that easy.

5.       Be in the middle of a catastrophe and Tweet the tale as it happens

Imagine yourself going to the area where there is a tsunami or hurricanes then you take pictures and tweet about it as it happens.  Such case rarely happens but being at the right place at the right time can really attract followers.  As you post picture and tell bits of information about it, people are most likely to look forward to your next Tweet.  However, it is too risky and extremely rare to be in such situation.

6.       Offer freebies to attract followers.

Some people offer freebies such as laptop or anything that can lure people to just follow you.  Perhaps in the early days of Twitter, this can be effective especially those who are just unknowing enough hence you might get Twitter followers fast.

It is up to you if you still want try them or not.  If you want to avoid resorting to these methods, you might as well buy Twitter followers hence legitimately get Twitter followers fast.

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