7 Conspiracy Theories That Will Increase Twitter Followers

Each one of us has different theories about the things that matters to us.  You might not believe in conspiracy theories but tweeting about some of these might increase twitter followers for you.   Conspiracy theories are very popular that the word itself was made into a movie which stars Mel Gibson and Julia Roberts. 

Here are seven popular conspiracy theories that you can tweet to increase followers:

1.Announce to the world that the Bible is not the holy book we perceived it to be but is actually only a guide book.  A number of books have dealt with this subject and has become hugely popular like The Da Vinci Code.  Tweeting about the Bible may not save your soul but it can probably save your Twitter account.

 2.You can tweet in order to increase Twitter followers that the royals of England are a whole bunch of shape shifters.  They have the ability to turn into reptiles. Some people will think that you are not serious but definitely the thought is a curious matter to fans of conspiracy theories.

3.Insist in your tweet that Area 51 does exist and ET did not phone home, instead the alien is languishing inside one of the high tech laboratories being dissected. During its entire theatrical run, the movie ET grossed more than $300 million.  You can just imagine potential numbers of followers you can get from those who have seen the movie.

4.How about declaring that you have evidence that Princess Diana was actually pregnant with Dodi Al Fayed’s child?  The former Princess of Wales still has lots of supporters.  You can target them when you want to increase twitter followers to your account.

5.It happened in 1969, forty years after, there are still people who believed that the Apollo 11 momentous event was actually an epic cinematic event.  Conspiracy theorists dubbed it as the most expensive movie ever made.

6.JFK was one of the most charismatic U.S. presidents ever.  You might tap those people who believe that he was not killed by a lone assassin but rather there was a conspiracy to eliminate him.  His assassination is one of the most celebrated cases in history of US politics.  Several books on this topic landed on bestseller lists, your tweet on this can increase your Twitter followers.

7.Elvis is dead, Elvis is not dead might be the magic tweet you need to increase twitter followers.  Since his death in the seventies, thousands of presumed Elvis sightings were recorded in tabloid and junk magazines.  The King of Rock and Roll is still revered even by younger generations.

If you are not convinced with the conspiracy ideas listed above, there is no law that prevents you from creating one.  One of the basic elements needed to increase Twitter followers is to have interesting and thought provoking messages.  Conspiracy theories are perfect in delivering the punches that everyone needs.

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