7 Engaging Ways To Get Real Followers On Twitter

Socialization is an important element in social networking sites such as Twitter.  Therefore, if one wants to get more followers, they need to build interest, engage with other users and eventually get real followers.  With this concern at hand, one must know the right approaches in order to become worthy of having followers who are the main audience of one’s tweets.

Here are some helpful engaging ways that draw interest from more Twitter users thus one can get real followers on Twitter:

1. Teach people how to use Twitter

Perhaps this could be a general resource but becoming a source of information for teaching people how to use Twitter can help in attracting more followers to follow you especially the newbies.

2. Follow relevant and interesting people

There are already established Twitter users who have excelled in their niche.  As long as their tweets and newsfeeds are relevant to one’s niche, it is best to follow and learn from them.  Not only can you have more resources for future tweets but also learn the best ways of using Twitter thus get real followers.

3. Display the Follow Me button on non-Twitter sites

Since some tweets have links that lead to more traffic to non-Twitter sites, it can also do the same in favor of Twitter.  Through one’s website and blogs, one can also gain followers through these sites by displaying the Follow Me button or the twitter plug-into potentially get real followers.

4. Join other social networks

Twitter is not the only social network that one could have.One could also take this opportunity to create their presence to other social networking sites.  As they build their network of friends and fans, one can also promote their Twitter name and entice people to become followers as well.

5. Know the right tweets

Make sure that one’s tweets should be something that is worth following.  Whether they are updates, resource materials of a certain niche or trending topics, what matters is that they are user to people thus potentially getting more followers in the process.

6. Hold contests

Contest can potentially gain the interest of Twitter users to become followers.  By creating a condition that they can only be eligible to join and win in certain contest if they are followers, people will surely become followers just to have the opportunity to win.

7. Follow back relevant followers

One way of knowing one’s followers is to follow back.  By doing so, they can find ways to address their concerns especially when they affect one’s presence on Twitter.  But one must make sure that these followers are real people relevant to one’s niche.  As one’s tweets improve especially when existing followers would retweet them, one can gain more followers especially when their follower’s followers know that you are the source.

With the right implementation of these helpful ways, one can get real followersfrom people who are interested to engage on people with common interests.At this rate, one will have more followers thus achieving one’s goal.

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