8 Twitter Accounts Investors Should Follow

Are you having trouble getting twitter followers, for the reason that you are new to business? Worry no more for here is for your solution.

Twitter is not just a place for obsessed fans who want to get connected with their favorite stars. It is also a place where prominent businessmen and investors dwell and even world famous politicians. If you are new on Twitter for sure you will find it hard to get more twitter followers since people on this site only follow viral individual. In connection to this, you will find it hard to find opinions for your business especially that you are just starting. Well, that not a problem anymore, here are few twitter accounts for investor like you.

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1. @sacca

Looking for insights to invest? Chris Sacca will surely help you. He doesn’t own a blog, but he retweet on information in connection to investment and sometimes he post funny content.  Sacca was previously investing in Twitter and just recently his new investment is Turntable.fm. Most often, @sacca tweet about the use of Turntable. Chris will surely help you point out what’s hot in the market today, and investor like him can absolutely lighten up your mind.

2. @danprimack

Dan is a reporter; he is a writer in Fortune specifically on topics like private equity and venture capital. He tweets lots of interesting content and post pre-marketing links.

3. @msuster

Mark Suster is an entrepreneur. His posts are very well-thought, well-written and very detailed. He usually posts topics related to investment, which are very helpful for new investors. Suster is also active in joining conversation; his comment is full of delightful insights. Though, he doesn’t own a blog, he is very active in tweeting every day.

4. @bfeld

If you are looking for insights about current topics, follow Brad Fred on twitter. Brad Fred is a blogger for a long time; his website is full of great content. Write topics are more on marketing, which is very helpful for bot investor and entrepreneur.

5. @cdixon

Chris is a co-founder of Hunch. Unlike any other investor, he doesn’t blog but all his posts are truly reliable. When he post, he really mean it and makes sure it is readable. He organize his posts into sections like raising money, marketing, operations, etc. For startups who want to learn from him. His post is truly worth reading.

6. @robgo

Rob writes occasionally writes a blog about investing. He tweets lots of interesting topics, which are very useful for investors.

7. @bryce

Bryce Roberts writes lots of thoughtful ideas. Lots of follow recommend him, including @sacca.

8. @bussgang

Jeff Bussgang only blogs 3-4 times a month, but he is very active in tweeting. He is an author of a book name Mastering the VC Game.

If you need guidance as go along your business, these given twitter accounts will surely help you. Follow them on twitter and learn from their words.

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