Artist On Twitter Promises To Draw All His New Followers

Not to totally overload this guy, but he was the one that tweeted it. Greg Burney has promised all of us tweeps that he will hand draw or sketch every one of his new followers.  This is one way to add twitter followers and a big fat wrist ache at the same time.  @GregBurney has promised to do this but there are conditions set forth after it was retweeted by another famous internet artist.  First you have to start following him by the 14th of November (apparently, that is today).  Second, he has put a cap on how many he will sketch, and that is 3000.  So the man began with 70 followers but that quickly exploded into 700 with a couple of days later.  Not bad since he just started this project.

 I just checked Greg’s Twitter and he has busted out over 5,858 followers. Way to add twitter followers Greg! Unfortunately for people who want to add to the pack, you are already too late, his followers are way beyond the 3K.  Naturally when you are giving something away for free you will get a bunch of friends.  Let’s just hope this bunch of free loaders does more for the guy than turn him into a professional pencil sharpener. Why has Greg chosen to do this?  Simple, he needs a job.  He is hoping that by expanding on his following he will eventually be recognized.  He’s looking for work doing any kind of graphical arts.  You can get more details of his project at #drawmyfollowers.

What a creative way to “draw” a following.  The sketches are nothing special but it’s the thought that is appealing.  It screams dedication. Think about it, not only does he have to sketch out a photo real quick, but he has to go through the trouble of taking a pic and uploading it.  You can tell it’s all done VIA iPhone, but still, he’s doing it.  He is actually working to gain a fan base. He sketched out my Twitter photo but since I do not have one uploaded, I got the drawing of the default twitter profile pic.  Still cool though.

This should be a lesson to everyone.  If you want a fan base, you have to give them something.  Anything is better than nothing.  Just some good intellectual tweets are enough.  Greg’s creativity captured here is just one fine example of how easy it is to connect with people that will actually listen and follow you back.  I noticed that when I started following Greg, he followed me back.  You do not have to be some big time product pushing celebrity to have fans.  As well, these sketches only take about a minute or two to make, it’s not like he is a real Picasso here.  He’s just connecting with like minded individuals that respect what he is doing and that’s the kind of followers you want. If you want to add twitter followers, learn from Greg.

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