Best Holiday Party Foods For Your Twitter Followers

December is the time of the year wherein celebration includes family reunions and Christmas parties. For sure your Twitter followers are tweeting their plans for the Holiday seasons. However, what are other things other than gifts that most people are looking forward to? Tons of holiday party foods.

Cravings for food and desserts which are only served during Christmas and New Year often blind us from keeping in mind the state of our health and of course the shape of our body that we have tried to achieve for 11 months. Isn’t that right?

Keeping watch for the amount of calories a single spoonful of delectable treat may ruin the holiday spirit. This is a common occurrence and often is the dilemma of most people as what you might see on your Twitter followers’ tweets come Christmas.

So how do you become a hero in the eyes of these body and health conscious Twitter followers? Simple, provide them tips on what food to prepare that won’t hurt their figures.

Here are recommended healthy food that your and their menus must have.

1. Mushrooms (Sautéed Mushrooms)

- They are flavorful but with less calorie content

-Think of some ingredients that will blend right in

2. Fruits in season ( Fruit Sorbet/ All Fruit Salad)

- Fruit salads with light cream would do, or just simply cut them in bite pieces and sprinkle a twist of lemon over it.

- Since its springtime lots of fruit varieties will be in season such as cranberries, avocados and many more. Fruits are rather in abundance during the cold season rather than the hot season.

3.  Fresh vegetables ( All- Vegetable Salad)

- Vegetable salads are always a hit when it comes to healthy consumption. Make sure to prepare lots of them. There were a lot of ways to make a simple salad and turn them into the most delectable and appealing food on the table. Surely Twitter followers can cook up their own ideas as well.

4. White or red meat ( Boneless Stuffed- Fish, Boneless Stuffed-Chicken, Marinated Beef Loins)

-There are endless of recipes on the internet when it comes to meat food groups. You can broil it, barbecue it or mix it with delectable sauces.

-Do you know that it is okay to consume meat as long as the amount is within your boundary? The body needs the vitamins and minerals that meat can provide. Not unless you are a vegetarian.

5. Cakes or pastries or pies (Carrot Cake, Apple Pie, All-Berries Tart)

-There is no need for negative reactions people! You can make use of natural ingredients with these recipes.

-Since fruits were naturally sweet you don’t have to add any sugar in it. Or if you have to you can substitute sugar with honey. Sounds delicious, right?

Being creative and resourceful will be of a great help in pulling off delicious and healthy diet. Of course people will come across some more food appropriate for the holidays without compromising their health. If you give your Twitter followers these type of tips, they will surely love you. Believe it or not, keeping in shape during these times is very worrisome.

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