C.I.A. Has Special Headquarters Following Twitter

This topic is making the headlines and all the major news outlets are covering it and bringing paranoia among the twitter people.  It’s making the Twitter news.

The twitter news making the rounds is that apparently the CIA is following around 5 million tweets per day in order to map out and predict major events.  The center’s director, Doug Naquin, claimed that they knew that the uprising in Egypt was going to happen, but they could not predict the exact date and time.  After Osama Bin Laden was murdered in Pakistan, Naquin disclosed that the CIA had followed Twitter so that they could brief the White House on global opinions. He also said that intelligence gathered from following Twitter is analyzed everyday and ends up in Obama’s briefs in one form or another.  The CIA also focused on the Twitto-sphere during the protests that took place in 2009 when Mahmoud Ahmadinejad was put back into power in Iran.  The secret service is also comparing data and results gathered from all of the social media sites they track in order to see just how accurate polling organizations are.  Social sites like Twitter have become a major tool for the CIA in following global crisis such as natural disasters and riots that are raging across the world right now.

Take your tin foil hats off, this is not twitter news.  Everyone uses Twitter and naturally that would include government in different countries of the world.  This is hardly a sensitive issue, since it is used more like an informational tool.  However, they would be crossing the line to impropriety if they ask for confidential user data from these social sites. That is a pretty underhanded way of gathering information. It is not surprising to know that government agencies were met with complaints and violent reactions when people learned about how they get their information. On the other hand, people should really take into consideration that when they publicly share their thoughts, it is no different than being in a public place. So those people who always share their thoughts have no right to complain if their information is used for other purposes.  The point of these social media sites is that they serve the public domain.  That’s what makes them attractive to users in the first place isn’t it?  Social media sites are public channels and I’d be more worried if the CIA wasn’t monitoring them.

In the past, spies would have to use bulky interceptors and code deciphers to see the exact same things they are seeing now.  The only difference is today they just look on their smart phones and the information is voluntarily handed over.  It should not be a big surprise that the feds take this information and analyze it.  After all, everyone should know the history of the CIA by now.  There is no reason to panic and close down your accounts unless you are tweeting to extraterrestrial beings from the planet Zion.  If that is the case, chances are the men in black will be at your door shortly.  That would be all for the twitter news. Hope you learned something from this post.

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