Celebrities On Twitter: Reasons Why Celebrities Use Twitter

celebrities on twitterAs people are now more connected online through social media, celebrities are also making their presence felt.  This is the reason why Twitter has become one of the most popular communication medium for actors, musicians, athletes and other celebrities to keep in touch with their fans.  After all, twitter gives them a way to tell their fans what they are up to with just simple tweets.  Hence, celebrities on Twitter take the opportunity that this social networking site gives them.

Here are some of the reasons why celebrities on twitter use the social media:

1. Connect with fans

It is a fact that without fans, there won’t be any celebrities.  Therefore, celebrities on Twitter will use this social medium to interact with their fans.  This is also one of the ways that they can tell their fans that they are real people.  In this way, they can share a connection with their fans and let them feel how important they are to them.

2. Publicity

Creating a buzz is one thing that celebrities on Twitter can use to be talked about.  As people talk about them, their names can be known by fans and haters alike.  It doesn’t matter if it is positive or negative.  What matters is that more and more people will get to know them and this can make them even more popular.

3. Update

Celebrities can use Twitter as a way to update their fans.  They could Tweet about certain projects like guest appearances as well as upcoming movies or concerts that they are working on.  As fans get such updates, they are most likely to look forward to it.

4. Promotion and Advertisement

With the network of fans that they can acquire on Twitter, they can use this social media as a way to promote whatever they want.  Celebrity athletes can promote their upcoming games that they will compete on.  Actors can use this to promote their upcoming shows or movies.  Musicians can also promote their concerts, albums and singles. Furthermore, these celebrities on Twitter can also advertise the products that they are endorsing.

5. Charity

One productive activity for celebrities is to use their popularity to support do some charity works.  Whenever there are certain calamities, celebrities can use Twitter as a way to knock into the hearts of their fans to show their support to their cause and help them help people.

There is no doubt that celebrities on Twitter can really take advantage of what social media has to offer.  The only thing they need to make sure is to have their Twitter accounts verified by Twitter to be authenticated as official accounts.  Hence, fans can find their real account apart from the fake ones and ensure that they will be followed.

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