Common Factors Why People Don’t Get Twitter Followers

In Twitter, having followers is very important.  After all, they are the primary audience of your tweets.  Furthermore, they are the people whom you interact in this social platform. But for some Twitter accounts, owners might notice that they barely have any followers.  And for people who utilize Twitter for their online marketing, this is no doubt one of the failing scenarios that need to be avoided. If this happens, it is advisable to have a thorough assessment on possible reasons why you failed to get Twitter followers.

Unfortunately, there are Twitter users who are not really aware of the correct ways of using Twitter as well as how to attract others follow their account.  To give a clear idea of the potential reason why one can’t get Twitter followers, here are the common mistakes that might contribute to this lapse.

1. Profile Picture Bloopers

To better establish an identity, it is important that you should have a profile pictures.  Failing to upload an appropriate profile picture will give an impression that your account is a dummy.

2. Blank or Inappropriate biography

In spite of just having 160 characters for this information, this is very essential because this will be the location where you can introduce yourself to your potential followers.

3. No Website

Not having a link to a website outside Twitter is a contributing factor that drives away potential followers for perceiving yours as a dummy account.

4. Followings are greater than followers

Indeed following the accounts of your desired followers could be one of the ways to get Twitter followers.  But if they don’t follow back after several days, then it is best to unfollow them before it gives a wrong impression to your potential followers.

5. Too much broadcast messages

Indeed Twitter is a good place to tell people about your blog and other news but not to a point that these are your only Tweets.  You also need to do other forms of interaction hence enticing more interest not just to your tweets but also to your blogs and news.

6. No Interaction with other Twitter users

If your usage for Twitter is similar to a bot and not have any form of interaction with your followers and other Twitter users, then this will definitely lose your potential and existing followers.

7. Excessive Sales Tweets

Of course, you can use Twitter to market your products and services.  But if your Tweets start to become an all-out sales pitch or an advertisement with no creativity to make it subtle, then you are likely to lose any potential followers.

8. Imbalanced Updates

The frequency of tweets should not be excessive if not too few.  Having a moderate frequency of tweets will sure attract followers.

Now that you know the common reasons why you don’t get Twitter followers, avoiding these will really help you.  But if you want to have more follower in a very short span of time, then you might as well buy Twitter Followers.

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