Easy Guide To Achieve The Ideal Twitter Design

The Twitter profile page is one of the most important parts of a Twitter account.  This is where users can check out who you are and what you are all about.  For brands, the Twitter design of the profile page is very essential in establishing their identity.  Therefore, it should not be taken for granted. Furthermore, careful planning of its appearance should be considered.

Twitter design

Here are some helpful tips on how to better create an ideal Twitter design of a profile page:

1.  Maintain brand consistency

Whatever identity you have established outside Twitter, your background design should also follow its theme.  In this way, people who knew about your brand can easily recognize you.  If they have been your supporters outside Twitter, they are most likely to follow you.

2.  Avoid retaining the default design

For most Twitter users, seeing a profile that still retains its default design can either give an impression that the account is owned by a newbie of perhaps it may be a dummy account.  To avoid leaving this impression, it is best to at least change a bit of its design with some pre-existing designs hence the modification indicates that it is owned by real person.

3.  Know the recommended size of the background image

It is best that you upload the recommended size of the background image.  As the designs may include certain details, brands should ensure that they will fit perfectly to the profile page.

4.  Design should give relevant information of your brand

It is best to add content and information that is related to your brand.  Furthermore, you can also state the URLs of your other social media account as well as other information that can no longer fit in the required basic information of a profile’s Twitter design.  It is best that they are in bullet form hence, giving a more presentable layout.

5.  Choose a background format

Whatever the design may be, brands must also take into consideration the format of the image.  It should at least have a small file size for faster loading.

6.  Texts should be readable

If texts are included in the background design, it is important that they are readable.  Failure to do this will only make the design less neat.

7.  It should not look chaotic

Organization is very important in the background layout design.  If you put too much elements on the page, then it might appear a clutter background that could only cause headache to those who see it.

8.  Personalize the style

The overall Twitter design of the profile page should be customized to best reflect what the brand is all about.  Therefore, having a logo as a profile picture, additional contact details as well as images of main products or services must present in the background.

With these tips, brands will be able to create the ideal Twitter design of profile pages that can best establish ones presence and reach out to consumers.

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