Fan’s Dream Job With 76ers Came True Because Of Twitter

Talk about grazing elbows with big celebrities such as the team Philadelphia 76ers of the NBA (National Basketball Association). Jerry Rizzo an avid fan landed a job that will allow him to work as closely as possible with his favorite NBA team. If you follow the full story in Mashable, you will realize the overall importance of a fan’s social media endeavors such as a campaign to get more Twitter followers to support his idolized NBA team.

The good fortune began to take shape as Jerry Rizzo, a communications graduate and self-proclaimed “social media sponge” and Hunter Coleman, a 22-year old teacher, have shown exemplary display of loyalty to Philadelphia team. They have successfully carried out what the management of the said NBA team has failed to do with regards to promoting their fan voting contest for a new team mascot on social media. What did they do? They registered new accounts for two of the finalists: B. Franklin Dogg (@BFranklinDogg) and Phil E. Moose (@PhilEMoose).

Curious of what these two mascots look like? See picture and description below.

B. Franklin Dogg

What does this mascot looks like? Seemed obvious hence the name. This mascot appears friendly but vicious when attacked, an apt description befitting the 76ers team.

Phil E. Moose

This mascot emphasizes the height of the character embodying the team meeting the competitors head-on.

The voting contest was launched last December 5th through social media by the Team’s Management. The contest that was set out to get more Twitter followers to respond unfortunately didn’t make any noise. Leading the drive for fan engagement to fail, which will have left Philadelphia 76ers NBA team mascot-less.

Rizzo and Coleman came up with an idea to engage their Twitter followers as well as the 76ers fans in the voting process through the above mentioned Twitter accounts. The idea would be to get more Twitter followers engaged and involved in spreading the news of the contest of selecting the team’s would-be mascot. The tweets about the mascot selection campaign have attracted somebody from the management which proceeded to their accounts being handed over to be handled by professionals. In return, they were then offered box seat tickets on the upcoming events and the probability to work for the team from time to time.

However, Rizzo was quite surprised when a voicemail was sent to him by Adam Aron, the Philadelphia 76ers CEO. He sat down to a series of interviews before Rizzo got the final nod from the 76ers CEO. Thus, he was offered the Social Media Coordinator position of the team. Since the position is his field of expertise as well as a dream come true to get as close as possible with his favorite NBA team, he accepted the job without any hesitation.

Landing a job with the team has never crossed Rizzo’s mind when he extended a helping hand for the team to finally have a mascot. But the act of selflessness has led him to this dream path of his. The initiative he has practically put into action should be set as an example for all other job seekers out there. As this news will definitely get more Twitter followers attention, might as well follow the footsteps of Jerry Rizzo.

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