Favorite Topic: Top 8 America’s Favorite CEOs

In this post, we will not be discussing about favorite celebrities on twitter or ways how to get followers on twitter, but instead we will be talking about America’s favorite senior officers.

Here are the Top 8:

Alan R. Mulally – Ford Motor CEO

- Mulally is an American engineer and businessman and the current Chief Executive Officer of Ford Motor Company.  Only at Ford were almost every employee approves to the decision of the boss. No surprise why Alan R. Mulally made it to the top.

Employee comment on his management style – “Great job on the turnaround”

Lloyd C. Blankfein – Goldman Sachs CEO

- Blankfein has been in the position since May 31, 2006.  He is one of the highest paid executives on Wall Street. Last 2009 he was named as one of “The Most Outrageous CEOs of 2009” by Forbes magazine.

Employee comment on his management style – “Keep doing a great job at keeping close relationship with clients and shareholders as well as keeping career interests of employees in mind”

Steve Jobs- Apple former CEO

- despite his temperamental style and aggressive personality, Steve Jobs is still considered as one of the America’s favorite bosses.

Employee comment on his management style: “Rock-star-like products & CEO. Top notch innovative people. Excellent product strategy.

Fred Smith – FedEx CEO

- Fred Smith is the President and founder of the first overnight express delivery company in the world and the largest in America.

Employee comment on his management style – “Management and H.R. have people first policy. Organization has teams with diverse ethic and professional background, which helps employees to develop strong conflict resolution, sportive spirit, relationship and team skills.”

Jim Sinegal- Costco CEO

- Costco is an international low-price membership retail chain in U.S. located in Issaquah, Washington, U.S. Aside from being the company CEO Jim Sinegal also co-founded the company.

Employee comment on his management style: “Costco is a great place to work because they show great respect towards their employees.”

Aart J. de Geus- Synopsys CEO

- Synopsys is one of the largest companies in the Electronics Design Automation industry. Their best and first known product is Design Compiler.

Employee comment on his management style- “Senior management is highly qualified and competent and has high level of integrity. They are very cautious in sailing thru current turmoil.”

Dominic Barton- McKinsey & Company CEO

- Barton is a longtime top senior partner and director at McKinsey & Company. He serves as a Chief executive since 2009. McKinsey & Company is a management consulting firm and being known globally. The firm focuses on helping and solving issues about senior management.

Employee comment on his management style: “McKinsey pays a lot of attention to the people they hire, once you get, it’s a great place to work.

Richard W. Edelman- Edelman CEO

- Edelman held the position as CEO since September 1996. Edelman is a public relations firm that deals with customer, finance, healthcare, technology and industrial. Edelman is a private company and the largest private PR firm today.

Employee comment on his management style- “Senior management is approachable and open to ideas from employees at all levels.

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