Free Tips on “How Do You Get More Followers on Twitter?”

The majority of website owners and bloggers were using twitter as their tool to connect with the twitter users to spread out the message about their site and content to all the users of twitter. Twitter is a powerful system which people can use to associate with people, get great information and share your thoughts.

Recently, Twitter added some features that users become more interested in using twitter. Live activity stream can now be seen in twitter. You will now know who your followers are following. Just this week, @Mention was replaced by @username. @Replies can still be seen here and some activities like someone is following or retweeted your tweets will also be shown here. In the new “Activity” page in Twitter, you and your follower’s activity will appear here in more detailed than the @username page.

Now that active users in Twitter have obviously grown, Twitter thanked all the users that supported them and helped them grow. Non-users of twitter and newbies were inspired in using Twitter and they asked, “How do you get more followers on twitter?” to get numerous of twitter users to connect with.

  • Use Third-party application

There are tools in Twitter that can help you find people you want to follow. By following lots of people in twitter, there’ll be a high possibility that the people you followed will follow you back especially if those people have same interest with you.

  • Ask bloggers to blog about your twitter profile

Bloggers and numerous site owners have twitter because they use it to integrate their blogs/sites with twitter. Bloggers use twitter buttons, widgets and other tools on twitter to get connected and to share their content with their followers and to get more followers.

  • Advertise

Advertising is one most effective way, the solution to, “how do you get more followers on twitter?” because once you’re featured in Google, millions of people in the entire world can see your twitter profile and if they find your twitter interesting then they’ll follow you directly.

  • Make use of your twitter friends

If you obtain quite a lot of friends on twitter, ask them to share with them your twitter profile to get following and vice versa. Joining forces with your followers is a great way on getting more twitter followers because other followers and theirs will follow each other’s profile and get a huge number of following.

  • Socialize with people from other social media sites

Having accounts from other sites like Facebook, Google +, Tagged and other popular social media sites is more advantage than those who doesn’t have because with these accounts, you have the power to share with your friends there your twitter profile. I’m sure those people have twitter. If they all do, then they will absolutely follow you to connect with you on twitter.

Twitter will soon become a gigantic and most popular social media. I am very positive for that because even now, they’ve grown very fast. Soon, they will rule the social media and you’ll be required to have more than a lot of followers on twitter to become a famous twitterer.

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