Get More Twitter Followers – 5 Obstacles To Beat

Much has been said about the power of Twitter. It is one of the most popular tools in the Internet when you want your voice to be heard.  However, this is not as easy as you perceived it to be.  There are thousands of online articles espousing principles and methods on how to get more Twitter followers.  However, they do not declare that it is really difficult and there are obstacles to overcome.  What are these hindrances?

1.      You do not have enough time.

There are only 24 hours in a day, and you have to allocate time to do other things like sleep, eat, work, and others.  You have to give up portions of time allocated to these to add more time in getting more Twitter followers.  Adding and maintaining followers requires you to be active in following their messages and replying to them.  And the problem with time management with Twitter gets more difficult as you continuously add more followers.

2.     Pricking their heart and sensibilities.

You know very well that people have differences.  With this in mind, you will realize that finding the right messages to convey in order to get more Twitter followers can be a daunting process.  You have to identify what topics, causes, or advocacies huge numbers of Twitter users are really passionate about. For example, Charlie Sheen tweeted his phone number for a private message with a fellow celebrity.  Instead, he got 5 million tweets as response.  He got responses and not followers, which bring us to idea number three to continue dealing with the example.

3.     Identifying Tweeting objectives.

Most tweeters do not have clear ideas with what they really want to do with tweeting.  Some of the million users are tweeting not to get more Twitter followers, but rather to keep abreast with what’s the latest around the world.  Others are just using the platform to express their sentiments and relieve some pressures and stress.  You have to know why you are on Twitter so that everything else will place accordingly with your plan.

4.     Competition is fierce. 

You are alone in getting more Twitter followers.  There are millions of users competing for the same millions of users waiting to be invited as followers or looking for persons, topics, advocacies, and issues to follow. Getting more Twitter followers takes time to develop.  If you are not competitive by nature, then you will surely be left  behind to those who are most aggressive and assertive in finding and promoting to get more Twitter followers.

5.     There are no professional guarantees.

Even though there are thousands of experts peddling their wares to get you more Twitter followers, there are no guarantees that you will have it.  One of the concerns with these buy followers sites is determining if the accounts are real.

The best thing about knowing these obstacles is that you will definitely have focus on how to get more Twitter followers.  You can formulate an action plan to battle obstacles and succeed with your Twitter objectives.

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