How Do I Get Followers on Twitter Easily? – 6 Simple Steps to Follow

Twitter is a great source to make new friends and to connect with your old friends, relatives from different part of the world, and love ones who were far from you. I know there are lots of people asking questions like me, how do I get followers on twitter? The answers are all over the internet and right on this blog, you can find valuable tips on getting many followers in a very easy to follow steps.

Optimize your twitter profile information

You need optimize your twitter profile by putting exact information about you. If you have business online, include your plans within twitter and introduce them your basic business plans so that they could get into you. You should also be friendly in introducing your products and services to them because they might think that you are just using them as your purely customers.

Improve your twitter account page

If you say improve twitter account page, it means that you edit twitter background, your profile information, and everything that you can see on your twitter account. At least you change the default to customized one that points your personality. Not really necessary that you buy pictures for your background just to impress your followers but at least you effort to get something that can please the eyes of your followers than the default one.

Make friends with your followers and non-followers

Being friendly in Twitter can gain a lot of followers because twitter is about connecting with other people. If people like the way you treat others then they’ll follow you. Also, be a leader to your followers and provide them with inspiring, motivating and educational advice. This is helpful for both of you and your followers because they gain knowledge from you, and you gain huge following from them.

Turn your twitter into a discussion board

This is somewhat important answer to “how do I get followers on twitter” because if you tweet a very interesting question to your twitter, many of your followers will answer it and give their opinion about their answer. People like discussion and they like sharing their opinion so if you do this step, people will be interested to join and follow you to share their thoughts too.

Have a conversation with your followers and the followers of your followers

Spend some time to your followers. Get to know them and tell them how great they are as a follower. It helps a lot when you admire people and appreciate the things they do. If you want to lead your followers then be a deserving leader because if you don’t know how to handle them, they might unfollow you or block in no time.

For every question, “how do I get followers on twitter?” there are thousands of answers everywhere. I know it sometimes confusing because they are “A LOT” of it. But one thing is for sure, these information teach you how to earn many followers in a short period of time.


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