How To Earn Money On Twitter? –Find Out The Answers!

There’s no person in the world that doesn’t want to earn money. That is the reason why people use the internet because easy money now can be searched online. People who are good at writing articles can earn money from articles, and people who are hooked in Facebook can earn money from it too. Even videos in Youtube, and everything in the net that you love to do may give you benefits. How about Twitter, can we make money from it?

We all know that Twitter is one of the most popular social media today. It is a tool where people can connect with other individuals in different part of the world. But how could we really earn money from it? Together let’s find out.


It is a site where you can join and earn money every completed opportunity. The more followers you have in your twitter account, the more opportunity you can get. So before joining, earn at least a thousand of twitter followers then sign up Sponsoredtweets.

John Chow, one of the most followed blogger, has $117.65 price for having 46,629 Twitter followers. But that was year 2009. How much more when the number of his followers on Twitter will increase? How much income would he get per tweet?


Unlike sponsoredtweets, Revtwt will get paid per click. But there are other options to get paid. You will also get paid by CPT or Cost per Thousand followers ads into your Twitter timeline. In CPT, you need to have minimum number of specific fans on Twitter so that you may post the particular ad tweet.


It is a network where advertisers and twitterers join for their advantages. Advertisers will join the site, add a campaign and select twitterers to tweet about their campaign. The twitterers are those who tweet magpie tweets from advertisers. It’s an opportunity not only for twitterers but also for advertisers, so whether you’re a marketer or just a plain twitter user, join this site now and make the most out of it.

Paid Review

This is a method that can help you earn money. It’s like a direct advertising system. You’ll get paid for tweeting about products, services or even people’s talent or skills. The fee for every tweet depends on the deal you agreed upon.

Sponsored Contest

There are some advertisers that host a contest to get feedback from millions of users on Twitter. So if you got hundreds of thousands of followers, these advertisers might pick you to run the contest for them. For example, the advertise sells deodorant named “Flowlessly”, advertiser will instruct the chosen twitter user to tweet, “How do you define “Flowlessly” deodorant and why you like it? The best answer will get the price.” Sounds good, eh? Before you tweet the contest, the advertiser will pay you first.

There are actually lots of ways to earn money online especially on Twitter. Since advertisers pick a twitter that has a lot of twitter followers, before you join the 3 sites that I mentioned above, you must learn how get more followers on twitter to obtain a lot of income.

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