How To Handle When You Send Message By Mistake On Twitter?

As social networking is getting popular, most people almost spend their whole life facing their computer. On twitter the most common activities people are doing are posting updates, commenting on tweets, following people, marketing and even seeking for ideas how to get twitter followers to have more.

As human, we are prone to make mistakes. Most probably, you are fun of sending messages on Twitter openly or direct, and maybe you‘ve been so clumsy lately that you send a message to a wrong person or you’ve been a wrong recipient perhaps. Actually, you can take control of such an awkward moment by deleting incoming and outgoing messages as fast as enough before it will be scattered into the network.

Our inbox is truly a sacred place for us, yet it is also a place where we get frustrated because of flooding spam messages, massive marketing details and other things we are not sometimes interested in. If this happens to you, here’s the best way to do:

1. Log in to Twitter

2. Click on Messages

3. Select on Conversation

4. Lastly, choose the message/s you want to choose.

By doing this command outgoing messages and incoming messages will be permanently deleted.

There are really times that we are carried away by our emotions that we tend to send the message to the wrong person. This is very embarrassing, especially when you are talking about some personal things, and you accidentally send it to your business partner or worst to your boss.

Why deleting them is important?

Simply, to save you from embarrassment, if you don’t want to be the topping of every story online or in your workplace that will possibly ruin your reputation or worst you can be the cause of trouble delete the message as fast as you could. Whatever you do online, there is always a possibility that some people will see and take it seriously or retweet on it even though you didn’t mean it to happen. Deleting wrong messages is very important, especially when you send it openly on Twitter.

What to do when you send the message to the wrong recipient?

The moment you realize that he or she is not the right person to receive the message make a move right away before it will be scattered like wildfire in the network particularly if it is an open message, in the case you are sending a wrong direct message or private message good for you because once you delete it there is always a chance that other people won’t see it, specifically when you act fast enough.  Once you delete the outgoing message in the conversation section of your account it will automatically be deleted from the recipient inbox.

How to avoid such an awkward moment?

It is truly inevitable to make a mistake, for you to avoid such an awkward moment just make sure you are not emotional high or low when you are sending messages. Sometimes our emotions can truly drive our mind, and we tend to be unconscious sometimes of what we are doing. Do not forget that once you are online, lots of eyes are watching on you. Just be conscious all the time, it will help you maintain your online reputation.


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