Infographic: How Human Live In The Digital World?

The world is getting digital every day, and everything we do it has something to do with technology. Today, it looks like social media is what makes the world goes round Do you want a proof? Here’s an infographic that shows how social networks become a part of every human’s life from the sun rise to sunset:

1. 35% of Smartphone users boot up apps before getting out of bed.

2. 10% of people get news updates in the morning from their computer than newspapers.

3. 51% of working people do research online as part of their job.

Research is very common, especially online marketers and people who work on the field where it truly requires researching. The internet plays a great role in several industries nowadays. Not just working people are making online research but as well as typical people. If you frequently asking yourself how do you get twitter followers, for instance, the internet is the best place to locate your answer.

4. 3 out of 4 people are talking on the phone while on the road driving and 64% are texting on car.

5. 70% of students are using computers as class notes.

Laptops are very common to students nowadays, instead of bringing notebooks and pens in school. However, using gadgets as class notes are also the source of distraction, because instead of listening to the discussion some are updating their status and commenting on photos.

6. About, 56% of workers watch online videos during work hours, including news clips, viral videos, sports news, movies and pornography.

7. 40 % of people are using their phones even in the bathroom.

This is not new and probably you are one of this 40% who can’t get their phones out of their hands even in the toilet. Updating status, tweeting and blog commenting are the common things people are doing.

8. 50% of American people prefer to communicate digitally rather than face to face conversation.

This infographic is like telling that soon people will not talk anymore and just let a gadget do all the things, quite weird but not impossible to happen.

9. 60% of people watch TV at the same time they are using the computer.

It sounds very power consuming, though the computer is very popular, TV is still a great place to watch several stuff, making it people to do turn the computer and TV at the same time.

10. Keeping ourselves in touch with our online friends and countless things online doesn’t stop even when the sun set. Study shows that 83% of young people sleep with their cell phones next to them.

The internet, social network like Facebook and Twitter is somewhat what makes our life complete. In fact, there are lots of people who feel upset every time they can’t access their online accounts; missing any notification is truly a crime for them.

Too much obsession is not good, especially when it comes to the point that you can’t breathe without the internet. In life, moderation is always important.

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