New Payment App Launched From Twitter Co-Founder

Jack Dorsey, one of the founders of Twitter, has launched another tool to add to your collection of Twitter apps. This twitter application lets people purchase products without taking their wallets or their smart phone out of their pockets.  The new app is called Card Case and it simply opens up a tab for the store when you approach it. Then you just go up to the cashier and tell her/him your name, and identity is confirmed with a photo that the app has stored.

Jack Dorsey says it is a more personal approach to buying things because you have to give the cashier your name. This development among twitter apps was launches last November 4, 2011.  However, it is said that it has not been used yet to purchase food. This brings us to Square.  In case the term is foreign to your ears let me tell you, Square is actually mobile payment system.  Instead of traditional credit card scanners, it’s a little app and card reader that allows your smart phone to accept credit card payments.  It is cheaper than traditional credit card scanners and is free to anyone that wants to accept payments.  It costs about 2.75% of transaction fee.  You can also use Square without a scanner and just enter credit card numbers manually but that is 1% more expensive.

With Card Case-types twitter apps on your phone, you no longer need to give your credit card to anyone for it will just connect directly to Square for payment.  Naturally everyone is flocking to invest in this new laziness enabling technology.  It is predicted that smart phone payment systems will be as common place as a camera.  Just as well, this is perfect for people that are always on the go, such as truck drivers.

Google has already come out with their wallet system and it is rumored that PayPal is simultaneously developing their new mobile payment system right now.  To be honest, it really is exhausting having to pull out a credit card to pay for purchases every time.  With Card Case, you can avoid carpal tunnel by simply telling the merchant your name.  One of the advantages is you can just view your receipt right on your phone.  Also the app allows you to see what merchants are equipped with it at the same time it allows you to view their tweets.

Now for the absolute coolest, if Card Case is turned on and you hit a merchant that is equipped with mobile payments, it announces to them that you are in the building.  They know your name and you can potentially be greeted by someone you have never even met before.  Paying for a latte has never been lazier!  What do you think, would they be making more lazy twitter apps for us to use anytime soon or would Square Card Case be the only one?

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