Reasons: Why People Ask “How Can I Get More Followers on Twitter” in Google

A lot of huge happenings around the world were stamped in twitter history just like the Earthquake in Haiti. After the horrible disaster, thousands of retweets were spread out per minute from Haiti to different part of the world. Now, the Libyan civil war 2011 (#Libya, #civilwar, #Libyan and #Gadaffi) is on twitter and often times become one of the most trending topic. This just shows that twitter is a good source of information about great events in the world such as sports, disasters, politics and other events that people are interested in, that even a single phrase about it can make their eyeballs fall.

While searching in Google Adwords Keyword Tool about “How can I Get More Followers on Twitter” keyword, there are total of 60,500 Global Monthly Searches. Meaning, people want to know the guidelines on how they could get more followers on twitter. This is the reason why this article is created to share with them some valuable tips.

Why People Ask “How Can I Get More Followers on Twitter?”

  • To get updates about interested things from random followers – Regular people want to follow various people from different part of the world to get updates from themselves and the happenings around them. People love to know new things about different kind of cultures and traditions as well as their ways of living.


  • For business purposes to end up getting high market sales – small, medium and huge business people are trying to get the max numbers of followers as possible so that they can begin the real business in twitter marketing.

In business, they need to collect a lot of potential customers for them to achieve the target income for their market. It will be difficult for them to attain if the aimed followers on twitter are only few or not enough so this is the reason why they spend full time searching for accurate strategies to get more followers on twitter.


  • To meet new people and made them their friends – Some of these people seek for an answer on “How can I get more followers on twitter” because they want to make new friends out of twitter and even in other social networking sites. There are actually men and women who became couples because of Twitter and that’s a good thing. Thanks to the high technology today, they’re able to connect with new people.


  • To be able to connect with their love ones – Twitter is a tool where they can connect with people that are close to them. Like for the students, they use twitter to get updates from their classmates, schoolmates, teachers or even their crushes. For some other users, Twitter has become their portal to connect with their love ones, relatives and close friends from other countries.


Until now, people who are interested to know the techniques on how to get more followers on twitter are getting higher each month. And people who become more and more expert are trying to share with those people their intelligence about it. I’m very positive that twitter has potential to become greater than what it is today.


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