Social Networking In The Workplace And Virus Attacks

You are probably among the employees you are using twitter and facebook during work hours for personal purpose only. A recent study shows that virus and malware attacks within the workplace increases because employees are using Twitter, Facebook and other social media platforms at work.

According to a researcher at San Diego-based Websense that most attacks are socially engineered driven.  Patrick Runald-the researcher says “users are often fooled into clicking on a link, which takes you to page off of Facebook, where they trick you into downloading something.”

Unfortunately not all users are aware of this fact; there are really online advertisers who will use the trick. Despite the issue on virus attacks, not all firms have social media policy in place.

Social networking in the workplace is good if it is highly related, but the common problem of companies is, their employees are using the website for plainly personal only. There are pros and cons of social networking in the workplace, take a look of the list below:


1. When employees receive positive messages, most likely they will have a great day in the office.

2. Social networks are good places to find information.

3. Useful as a divergence, when employees want to take some breaks.

4.  Employees can get lots of info in social networking in which they can’t get while working.

5. For industries (journalism, news business, and research center, etc.) social networks are useful tools to track news and events.


1. It kills productivity and a certified time waster.

2. It can distract employees in their day to day task.

3. When employees receive devastating news and updates, it will totally ruin their day.

4.  Virus and Malware attack increases.

5. It can cause delays and unfinished task and reports.

How companies should deal with it?

Actually, it is a case to case basis because there are businesses in which social media one of their main tools. For companies that restrict the use of social media, here are ways how to manage it.

1. Ban the network

This might be a heavy approach, but this will surely work to increase focus in work. In these times where most employees are less motivated and easily get distracted this policy is highly recommended. This is not to offend them but to ensure their productivity.

2. 30 Minutes policy

To be fair, with the employees, as an employer you can still let your workers visit their favorite, update status on facebook or get more twitter followers for a half an hour. This is one way of motivating them to finish their task; after all they deserve to be compensated.

Social networks are made not to ruin workers’ productivity and the ability to manage his or her task in the office. These types of networks are made for an easier communication wherever we are. Self-discipline, limitation and moderation should be considered in doing social networking, too much of everything is dangerous.

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