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Millions of people have gone crazy thinking how they could earn more followers on twitter. Oh c’mon… it’s not that hard to increase your twitter followers. Even in a day you can get thousands if you really want to. But hey, here are some easy tips for you! Follow these steps and you’ll not be asking how to get more followers on twitter anymore.

  1. Become a follower – Follow people who are very popular in televisions like celebrities, news anchor, politicians and hosts; follow people who are well-known in the online world and even in your local place. In that strategy, people who follow who they follow will be followed by them too thinking that they have the same interests when it comes to who they like or idolize.
  2. Attractive Profile - You must spend your time and effort making your profile attractive including your profile photo and profile description about yourself because profile can be seen in twitter search results and beyond. Not only that, be creative in transforming your background from default twitter background to a cool background that matches your personality.
  3. Keep Updated - Tweeting is one of the most important things to do in twitter. Why would you create twitter anyway if you don’t tweet, right? People who are already hooked in twitter always want to see new updates from the twitter users they followed. If they’ve detected that you are not tweeting everyday then it has a very big possible that you will be unfollow. Don’t make it happen!
  4. Link it up – Everywhere you go, forums, Facebook, MySpace, LinkedIn, Digg, or any other popular networking sites, don’t forget to include your twitter URL. In this way, you can gain more followers specially if link it up to websites or blogs with high page rank. This step has been done already in many different people in the world of web and they get satisfaction and even more from it.
  5. Contests/Giveaways – Everyone like to get freebies so start an online contests or giveaways. In your mechanics, don’t forget to say that ONLY followers can get a chance to get the freebie/s. So in this step, people who are not your follower will follow you to get the prize. But make sure your prizes are fab!
  6. Photo Sharing – People are using a tool like “Twitpic” to upload their photos and share it in twitter. Twitter users like to view photos of any kind so if you have funny, wild and interesting photos then feel free to share it on twitter to attract followers.
  7. Buying Followers – This step is sensitive because there are people who misinterpreted this way of getting more followers. People are asking how to get more followers on twitter but they could hardly get the answer. Well hey, if you want to get instant thousands of followers, why not follow this step? This is more casual than manually follow twitter users. By this, you could earn more twitter followers yet save more time and effort.

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