The Secret to Getting More Twitter Followers

Why is getting more Twitter followers so important? What good does it do me to have thousands of Twitter followers, besides giving me tons of comments, and information from people I don’t know? These are the questions I asked myself when I really didn’t understand the marketing possibilities of Twitter.
The first thing you need to understand about Twitter is that it’s not really important how you tweet, or what you say, but it is “Who you are” on Twitter that makes a difference. This means you need to pay attention to your Twitter profile and give it just as much importance as your website or blog. So just as with your blog, and website, being successful with your Twitter account means you have to: Drive traffic to your Twitter profile. The more Twitter followers you have the better your Twitter account will work and ultimately the more traffic your website will have, and the more sales you will make.
Although this idea is obvious, people still don’t understand that the most important factor of Twitter use is the number of users an account has, meaning users must first focus on how to get more Twitter followers, instead of the topics they tweet about. If you ask a fisherman how to catch fish, he will tell you to catch as many fish (followers) as possible, you have to use a large net and spread that net as far as you can. When you buy Twitter followers at a nominal price it’s like buying that large fishing net.
Sure there are other methods to get Twitter followers and these can be just as effective, but they take longer to implement. Some of these techniques involve the following:
• Create a tool that promotes your Twitter profile
• Buy a banner to target your audience and link the banner to your profile
• Offer customer support through your Twitter account
• Offer a giveaway or start a contest
• Connect your blog, website, or other social media profile to your Twitter account
• Ask other Twitter users to recommend your profile
Still all of these techniques involve more work and more money than simply purchasing your Twitter followers. When you buy twitter followers from businesses that specialize in obtaining Twitter followers you get followers that are targeted to your area, your industry or interest group. They offer fast delivery, which doesn’t involve a lot of work, effort or wait period.
Of all the methods available to grow your Twitter account, the best and easiest way is by buying targeted followers for a relatively small fee, compared to the time and money invested in other methods of getting those Twitter followers.


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