Top 10 Twitter Etiquette You Should Practice

What’s good about twitter is it is an open nature. Anyone can join and express feelings. However, some are not using it properly like spammers and other form of annoying twitter users.  Some people are using twitter for promote themselves excessively, which is not favorable to other twitter users.

It is always important to practice online etiquette to avoid annoying twitter followers attract interesting twitter followers. Here below are 10 twitter etiquette users like you should remember.

1. Keep personal conversations private

Indeed, you can post personal tweets and reply on post but remember to use your better judgment. In case you want to stress something personal just send it privately to prevent the crowd from seeing it.

2. Do not talk too much about yourself.

Twitter is definitely a good place for self-promotion but too much is not good anymore. Make sure that your tweets include both self-promotion, information and invite conversation. If you talk too much about yourself, people will think that don’t care about them, and you are not interesting in building relationship.

3. Give credit to your source

Don’t take credit for merely an opinion. Always acknowledge the source. Use the @reply feature to give credit.

4. Use a URL shortener

Take some seconds to use a URL shortener. Super long links are annoying to look at.

5. Avoid automated services

Automated services can be viewed as ‘spammy’ as much as possible try to avoid this idea if you want to build an intimate relationship among your followers.

6. Be watchful with your language

Think twice before you post on twitter, remember anyone can see it. Maintain a good image online by posting relevant and informative thoughts on twitter. Be careful with your words, this is the best way how to get followers twitter. People on twitter will appreciate your thoughts and will follow you to know you more.

7. Do not start the fire.

Debates are good when they are done in a healthy matter. Avoid arguments and indecent conversations, if you meet some escape as early as possible. Keep these kinds of thoughts out of your feeds.

8. Block spam followers

Once you notice that someone is following you illegally, do not wait for a long time to make action. Block spam followers, they are not worthy in your world. Make twitter a better place for you and for the rest of your worthy followers.

9. Don’t tweet too much.

Over-tweeting is not good. Only tweet those useful information you have. It is a great addition to your credibility.

10. Promote other people

Twitter is not all about you, the best way to build good relationship on twitter is to promote other people. Retweet interesting post and also share interesting links and articles.

Social networking is totally fun and exciting. The best way to enjoy this type of network is to consider not only yourself but also the people around you. Do not be self-centered, it won’t help you.

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