Top Twitter Updates You Shouldn’t Miss

Most people on twitter are obsessed of following lots of people even though it has nothing to do with them.  Most twitter users especially the new ones usually do mass following to get followers on twitter because they believe that once they follow people will follow them back. However, this reason works but not all the time.

Why people do mass follow?

Most people believe that mass following the easiest and effective way to get followers on twitter, simply because they believe the idea of “whenever you follow someone, he will follow you back.” This is the general thought of most twitter users. Those people who do mass follow are very confident those people they follo1w will follow them back and increase their followers count.

Why mass follow is not advisable?

Despite the intangible promise of reciprocals follows, mass following is usually a bad tactic. Why?

First, there is no such rule of “reciprocal follows” however; there is still a great percentage that people follow back.  One of the disadvantages of doing mass following is, your feeds will be filled with thousands of updates from random accounts with random topics that you don’t really care all that much.

Second, when you receive several updates from random accounts that you actually don’t care, you will likely lose interest in Twitter.

The thing is people won’t follow you, unless they will see some value in your account. When you follow thousands of twitter users and only a few who follow you back, it is a good sign that you either a bot or a spam account or simply people find you not interesting.

What to do?

Instead of doing mass following, the best thing you can do is to make yourself interesting to others and let them be the one to follow you. Post interesting tweets and make yourself visible. Market yourself in a better way to get more followers instead of thousands of accounts and receiving nothing from all of them.  Search interesting topics and tweet it on the right time.

Which City has the most twitter users?

Twitter is born in San Francisco, but this place is not considered as the home of twitter users. New York City tops the spot as the city with most twitter users. Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey himself said the New York City had the highest concentration of Twitter users than any other city in the world. Because of this fact, the company unveils its new office in the heart of Manhattan after opening its international office in Dublin.

These are just among the latest breakthrough on twitter and there will be more to come. Twitter continues to support its fast-growing community by providing facilities like data center, offices as well as tips for its users. This fast growing social media continues to prove that they are not just a merely social network. Currently, the website has already more than 100 million users and expected to grow for the years to come. Will twitter be the next social network king?

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