Tried and Tested Twitter Tips For Newbies and Pros

Most probably when you join twitter the first thing you have in mind is how to get twitter followers for a better social-networking experience. Twitter is among the favorite social networks nowadays. It’s simple yet engaging platform makes the website excellent and unique. Twitter is considered by many not just a plain social network but also an excellent marketing tool.

Today, twitter community continues to grow rapidly. Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey said earlier that Twitter has already 100 million active users. With this fact, Twitter is more exciting than ever. Whether you are a newbie or a has been in Twitter for several years already, you still have lots of things to learn since Twitter introduced lots of new things to indulge every now and then.

To guide you with your twitter adventure consider these tried and tested tips below fresh from

Before you begin

Don’t be too excited. Before you start creating your account or posting your first tweet, you must know your intention why you join Twitter. Having a Twitter account is like having a commitment with someone. Twitter is not about competition, it’s about creating connection, sharing valuable information and riding information curve.

Your Profile

Do not be afraid to show the real you. Your Twitter profile must be a photo of you, not a celebrity, not a pet, not your baby or even your partner. Having a real photo shows that you are interested in making relationship with the people on Twitter, this shows your sincerity and credibility.

Do not forget to fill your bio. If you aim to get more twitter followers, create a catchy bio by writing some interesting stuff about you like your hobbies, professions and achievements. Remember these few tips in creating your profile.

-           be polite

-           be useful

-          be interesting

-           be unique

-          be honest

Posting tweets

The core of Twitter is tweeting. Twitter allows its users to post text in 140 characters, so make sure you count them. Make your tweet straight to the point as possible, utilize the 140 characters properly. There is lots of critics online take time in creating a perfect tweet do not just post for the sake of updates. In case you will post news make sure to acknowledge the source.

Finding followers

Since one of you aim in joining Twitter is to connect with thousands or millions of people by drawing more twitter followers you must learn how to engage effectively. To earn followers, post interesting tweets and join in several conversations but make sure it has something to do with your interest, or else you will look like a spammer. You have to earn other people’s sympathy and trust so that they will follow you, and once you gain follower make yourself available to them.

Twitter etiquette

-           Avoid text-speak as much as possible.

-           When a person start following you, take time to say, “thank you”

-          To make Twitter as a place of “Too much information,” write tweets with a sense.

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